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Anyone can walk for Healing Hearts. Simply register your name, date and location below.  A Walk Page will be generated for you so that you can easily gather pledges by emailing friends a link to your Walk Page.  We would love to hear about your experience on your walk day!

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If you are a Healing Hearts Leader, please Click Here to register (you will need to log in using your leadership username and password).

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(set this to be anywhere from 150.00 to 10,000.00 and up!)This is simply a goal to make your pledge page fun, it doesn’t matter if you do not reach it. Simply use it to challenge yourself.*Collect at least $150 in pledges to be eligible to receive a prize. *See the Prize page for details and eligibility requirements.

*My Walk Page greeting:Example greeting – Thank you for visiting my Walk Page. I look forward to a beautiful day of walking and praying for my community. Please sponsor me, it’s easy and secure. Thank You in advance!

*When sponsors donate toward my goal, I would like an email notification:
  • Yes! notify me by email when someone pledges.
  • No, do not notify me by email. I will simply occasionally check my Walk Page.

*My Walk Page background design: You can change this selection later.
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Walk Brochures
You can invite people to sponsor you by emailing them the URL address to your special Walk Sponsorship Page. You can also have Healing Hearts mail you Walk Brochures, so that you can hand them out to friends and family who may not use email. They make it easy for you to share what you are doing, and how they can help!
Download a printable ‘Walk for Freedom’ brochure here
  • Yes! Please send me 100 walk brochures in the mail.
  • Yes! Please send me 50 walk brochures in the mail.
  • No thanks, I’ll invite sponsors via email only.

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Send your photo to: Our webservant will take care of cropping it, lightening it, etc.
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*Any Questions/Comments

Are you already a Leader in HH? Please do not use this form, but use the Leadership portion of the website to register your walk. Thank you!