First Love Testimonies

What students, parents, & leaders are saying about First Love:

[hr] From one of our students:
“The Lord has shown me what real love looks like and how to not only receive it, but to give it in a pure way. Love shouldn’t be a selfish thing, but a selfless action.”

One young lady who lives in a group home for girls said:
“My dad called this week and I read the part in the Bible study to him about what Jesus went through for our sins. He cried and said, ‘I didn’t realize how much Jesus went through for us.’ I didn’t realize how much Jesus did for us either!”

From one of our leaders:
“The girls all agreed that they were told not to have premarital sex, but never the WHY behind it. Since they didn’t have a “good” reason from their parents, they went ahead and did it anyway. I think this also shows that there is a need to minister to parents in this area of speaking with their children about sex. I know that particular lesson in the Bible study has helped me prepare for ‘the talk’ we will have with our sons someday.”

From a mom:
“This study has been so timely because this is my daughter’s first year in high school and first year in public school. God has timed the chapters to coincide with the issues she is facing at school. I am grateful beyond words. God is so great and you are so appreciated.”

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