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Mother & Teen Daughter Conferences

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Walking Together - Moms & Daughters

Moms and teen daughters (ages 13+): Restore your relationship as you learn together how to overcome the fear, anger & perfection that often keeps you from walking in faith, peace & grace.

Healing Hearts National Conference 2019

CO-LABORERS: National Conference 2019

September 19-22 | Williamstown, KY

We need each other in the body of Christ and in ministry as counselors. We'll explore the benefits of working alongside one another for the cause of Christ - with our differences in style and personality - because we labor better...together!

*NOTE: This year's National Conference is a private event for our counselors and invited guests only.

Presenting / Exhibiting Events

Answers For Women 2019 - "SACRED"
...embracing God's design for sexuality...

April 5th – 6th, 2019 | Williamstown, KY

Ladies, moms & daughters, get equipped to embrace God's wonderful design for sexuality at the Answers for Women conference.

Healing Hearts will be there. Will you?