About Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts International Ministries was formed to provide counseling to individuals who suffer emotionally and spiritually from the pain, trauma, and afflictions of their past. We live in a desperate, dying world that needs the hope and healing that only Jesus can provide.

Did you know that in the U. S. each year:

  • Over 4 million women are victims of severe assaults by boyfriends and husbands
  • Approximately 41.7% of Americans over 11 report use of an illicit drug at least once
  • There are approximately 1.5 million abortions performed
  • Child Protective Service agencies receive more than 6 million reports of suspected child abuse or neglect
  • Eating disorders affect 5-10 million people
  • Among all adults 18 and older, more than one out of every three marriages ends in divorce

These statistics only begin to cover the endless list of human pain and suffering in our country alone. No one organization can solve all of the world’s problems, but we can make a difference “one heart at a time.” All of the individuals who minister in Healing Hearts have personally experienced many of these hurts. When their lives were falling apart, it was through the love and compassion of a Healing Hearts volunteer ministering God’s Word through our Bible studies that they were able to once again find hope and healing in their lives.

Our ministry currently supports 190 Healing Hearts Certified Counselors in 29 states and 10 foreign countries. Due to the success of our current program, we are expanding our services. All money raised will be used to support Healing Hearts International Ministries, as we expand our ministry to compassionately reach out to non-post-abortive individuals who are hurting from physical, emotional and sexual abuse, the catastrophic loss of a loved one, adoption and many other issues.

Your contributions will help us:

  • Train counselors all over the world.
  • Expand our current ministry in the former USSR.
  • Further develop our Prison Ministry.
  • Help us expand our ministry in Women’s Shelters.
  • Establish our ministry in other foreign countries.
  • Translate our materials into other languages.
  • Develop and publish other counseling resources.

Would you like more information? You can read the history behind Healing Hearts on our About Us page.

Please support us in our important work by sponsoring the walker of your choice.