“I am so thankful for the ministry of Healing Hearts. In the midst of a culture defined by darkness and death, they are a bright light pointing to life and light in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Heath Lambert

Executive Director, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors
“The gospel leaves no one behind. There is no pain, no sin, no sadness, and no desperation deeper or wider than the atoning love of God through Jesus Christ. Healing Hearts is a balm for the soul for women who have had an abortion, and I warmly and humbly stand with Healing Hearts, thanking God that through the blood of Jesus, all wounds are healed.”

Dr. Rosaria Butterfield

Pastor’s Wife, Homeschool Mom, Speaker & Author
“Being involved in Christian women’s ministry, I have seen a great need for solid, biblically based teaching and counseling on issues that affect women deeply. I am thrilled that Healing Hearts International fulfills that need. It’s a resource that I can confidently recommend because I know women will be led to find answers based in God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only One that can bring true hope and healing to the brokenhearted.”

Dr. Georgia Purdom

Director, Answers for Women (Answers in Genesis / Creation Museum)
“It is not often that I am able to whole-heartedly and without reservation recommend a ministry to others but Healing Hearts Ministries International is one of the few organizations that is theologically sound and accessible to anyone in the struggle. I appreciate this ministry because it reaches out to the hurting with biblical hope while offering the truth in love. The compassion of this organization for hurting and hardened souls is evident and I commend it to women in all walks of life.”

Dr. Mark Shaw

Exec. Director, Vision of Hope; Founder, Truth in Love Ministries
“Thank God for Healing Hearts ministry. If you’re looking for a loving, gracious, and biblically based ministry to guide you through the hurt of post-abortion pain and confusion this is the place to turn. Healing Hearts brings not only biblical solutions but biblical compassion and mercy to those who’ve been wounded and are looking for hope and help. I can highly recommend them to you.”

Pastor Brad Bigney

Sr. Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church (Florence, KY) and author of “Gospel Treason”
“I love that the [First Love] study is so focused on the truth of God’s Word. I trust God will use it to help many women and girls!”

Lisa Chan

Speaker/teacher, wife of Francis Chan (“Crazy Love”)
“As a pastor, I’m continually looking for biblical resources that will deal with real life issues like forgiveness, beauty, anger, sexuality. Titus chapter 2 provides us with the model of older, wiser women being examples to train the younger women to live pure and wise lives. This is what Healing Hearts does through it’s discipleship model of ministry. I highly recommend it for your church.”

Pastor Tony Neal

Sr. Pastor of Calvary Creekside (Lynden, WA)
“As the pastor of a small church, it is such a blessing to partner with Healing Hearts. They have helped our counseling ministry by providing trained women, equipped with the Gosepl and grace, to come alongside of us and minister to the women of our church. They have been able to speak into their lives in a way that I don’t think I ever could.”

Pastor Ryan Wood

Sr. Pastor of Redemption Bible Church (Bonney Lake, WA)