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From the E-Ministry Coordinator: We encourage you to do a little bit of the Bible study each day. Don't try to do a whole chapter in one sitting. In order for you to think through your responses and for the study to minister to you, you need to set some time aside each day to do your work. We cannot promise that this will be an easy journey, but your counselor will be available to help you through it all. The counselor will answer questions, listen to your concerns and pray for you specifically as you work through each chapter. We hope your online experience goes smoothly for you. If you experience any technical problems at all, please do not hesitate to contact us using your Study's "Ask for Help" link. God bless you as you take this step toward healing. — E-Ministry Coordinator


Getting Started:
  • The "Start Bible Study" button below will take you to your Bible Study Index page.
  • On your first visit, view the "See Help Tutorial Videos" (link located on right-hand menu) for a helpful, self-guided overview of your interface features. Most beginner's questions can be answered by watching these resources.
  • Save your study answers properly by selecting one of the page's three "Save" options and clicking "Go" to apply (this is a 2 step process). If you navigate away from the page or close your browser without applying your "Save" option first any changes you may have made to that page’s answers will be lost. Please take care.
  • Keep your study data secure by remembering to log out at the end of each session (especially if you are using a shared computer). This is crucial. A red "Log Out" link is located on your Study Index page.
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