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Thank you for your interest in purchasing our men's studies for use in your church. Pastors, elders, or similarly qualified ministry leaders are invited to use this form to request authorization to purchase one or more copies of our men's study, The Good Fight, to use in their church's counseling ministry. You may also use this form to request more information about our post-abortive study, Restoring a Father's Heart.

Our prayer is that, from the participants of these studies, we might see God raise up men who would be called to enter our training program to become Healing Hearts Certified Counselors to minister within their home churches. Should you be approved to purchase these studies, we ask that you prayerfully seek to identify if any of the study participants might be a candidate for the training program and recommend/refer them to us.

Healing Hearts will review and approve each form request on a case-by-case basis within 3-5 business days. If you are approved, you will be emailed an invoice to pay before we ship the product to you.

To learn more about our men's studies, please visit

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This church should either be the location that the studies are being used or the church over an outreach ministry conducted outside their building.
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Authorized Representative

This person should be an authorized representative of the church along the lines of a Pastor, Elder, Ministry Leader who will be responsible for the use of the requested study materials either directly, or in a direct supervisory capacity.

Studies Requested

Please complete the following to build an order request for The Good Fight study and/or to request more information regarding the post-abortive Restoring a Father's Heart study.
(Group or one-on-one counseling? Are there certain target dates?)
(for men of all backgrounds)
Price: $20.00
(PDF file. Recommended for the counselor/leader)
Price: $35.00
Restoring a Father's Heart (Study)
(for post-abortive men)
(For post-abortive men)
Price: $20.00
(PDF file. Recommended for the counselor/leader)
Price: $35.00
USPS Media Mail (5-10 business days)
Price: $0.00


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