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Part 1
Parental Permission Letter

Small Group Contract

Norton Family Online Norton Online Family

Creation Photos

“Puffer Fish Circles”

“Mystery Deep-Sea Crop Circles.” YouTube. Sept. 20, 2012.

“Equal But Different”
Lies Young Women Believe Blog
by Bethany Baird

Crown of Thorns, Nails Replica
[Healing Hearts only recommends this website for ease of purchase and gains no benefit from these recommendations.]

“God’s Holiness/Man’s Sinfulness”

by David Platt

“Can God Be Both Just and Gracious?”

by David Platt

“The Unrepenting Repenter”
by Jim Elliff

Part 3
“What the Gospel Demands”

by David Platt


by Brad Bigney

“Snakes Alive” presentation

The Creation Museum (Petersburg, KY)
with Rick Teepen

Certificate of Completion


VIDEO: “Should Christian women wear bikinis?”
by Jason Evert