2023 Healing Hearts National Conference   (Sept. 21-24, 2022 Dallas, TX)

Yet I Will Rejoice

It is natural to have full hearts toward God when everything in life appears right and good and just. But what about the days when evil seemingly has its way and peace is hard to find? How is it possible to still "rejoice in the Lord" as Habakkuk did when facing Judah’s impending Babylonian captivity? It is vital that we train ourselves to be steadfast in our hope and confident in the goodness of our Lord… in every circumstance.

Includes a continuation of advanced training workshops on Domestic Abuse with Rev. Chris Moles.

Conference Speakers:

Rev. Chris Moles

"What is Domestic Abuse?", "Domestic Violence: Helping the Church Respond"

Ed Maloney

TEACHING #1, #2, #3
The Book of Habakkuk

Julie Zimmerman

Workshop #1
"Ministry Challenges & Solutions"

Lue Feathers

Workshop #2
"E-Counseling Overview & Policies"

Cathy Mulvey

"Completing Evaluations / Recommending for Leadership", "Counseling the Chemical Abortion"

Teresa Rinker

"Starting (or Jumpstarting) Your Ministry"
Required Reading:
"Consider Your Counsel" (book by Bob Kellemen)