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Thank you for your interest in having our ministry speak at your next event.

To help us best process your request, please read through the following guidelines and fill out the Speaker’s Request form.

  • Advance Notice – Please request a speaker at least 60 days in advance. This will allow us to check if your requested date is available and to provide you with the appropriate speaker for your event.
  • Ministry Team – If there are Healing Hearts counselors in the local area where the speaking engagement/conference is being held, we always invite them to attend for ministry purposes. We will let you know in advance how many counselors will be present and ask that they not be charged a registration or conference fee. We also humbly request that all meals be provided or be reimbursed during the length of stay.
  • Display Table – If it is at all possible we would like to request a table where we can display our literature and samples of our counseling materials.
  • Accommodations – We ask that adequate accommodations be made for all speakers (and speaking teams). We would prefer that our speaker or speaking team be housed in a hotel if possible and that transportation be provided if needed for the event. Housing our speaker or speaking team in a private home is acceptable as long as the speaker has a private room that is quiet to allow for prayer and study time.
  • Honorariums – Healing Hearts is a faith ministry. We depend on the Lord to meet our needs. We do not have set honorarium fees, we merely ask that you pray and ask God what amount should be given or take a free will offering. All honorarium checks should be made out to Healing Hearts Ministries International.
In order for us to better meet your needs please fill out the Speakers Request Form. We will contact you within seven days of receiving your request to let you know if we have the date open and who the assigned speaker will be.

Speakers Request Form
Thank you once again for contacting Healing Hearts Ministries.

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Sue Liljenberg
Founder & Board Chair