Training Information

Healing Hearts Leadership

Healing Hearts Certified Counselors are made up of individuals who have first completed one or more of the Healing Hearts Bible studies as a client, either online or in a small group. These individuals were prayerfully evaluated upon completing their Bible study and were then recommended for training by their certified counselor. Once recommended for training, they go through an application and discovery process that includes interviews with an assigned trainer and affiliation with their church leadership. Once the application and affiliation process is complete, they enter into a 6-9 month discipleship training program to prepare them for certification. Once a trainee has graduated, they will be considered a Healing Hearts Certified Counselor, free to minister under the guidance and direction of their local Church Overseer and Healing Hearts Mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You must start by first enrolling either online or in a small group to go through one of the Healing Hearts Bible Studies.  Please refer to the Get Help Now! tab on this website to either sign up online or find out if there is a live group in your area.
A: You start by seeking out individuals who need the ministry that Healing Hearts offers and referring them to either the online study or a local group. Many churches will take the first step of inviting a Healing Hearts representative to come and speak at a church service, women’s retreat, or women’s ministry meeting to educate the congregation about the ministry with the hope that individuals will step forward with the desire to enroll in one of the Healing Hearts studies. If we have a trained leader in your area and that leader is available, we can also come to your church and facilitate a group if there is a need. To contact a Healing Hearts Representative in your area, please refer to the Ministry Directors-Meet Our Leadership Team page on this website and contact the Regional Director over your area for more information.
A: Healing Hearts Bible Studies are only sold to trained Healing Hearts leaders. However, we do sell our youth materials to individuals who have a burden to disciple youth. In order to be able to purchase women’s or men’s Healing Hearts Bible Study materials, you must first go through one of our Bible studies and then be recommended for and complete our leadership training and certification.