Online Ministry (25 rack cards)


A pack of 25 “Online Ministry” rack cards that encourage men & women to consider getting help through an online Bible study.


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Product Description

These rack cards can be used to reach out to your friends, your church body, or your community. When a person begins to face the reality of their pain and hurt, they often suffer silently, too ashamed to confide in their pastor, family or friends for fear of having their anxieties trivialized, or of being judged. These materials are written to reach out to the “walking wounded,” to tell them that they are not alone, and that there is lasting healing available for them. Whether you are thinking of making them available in your office, your church, or some other establishment, these rack cards are ideally suited to be placed in restrooms. Due to the aftermath of regret, guilt, shame and torment that surrounds these traumatic issues, a restroom is one place a person can pick up a brochure with privacy. If the location is not private, they may never take one. You can buy literature holders and affix the holder to a wall or door. Then, regularly check to see how many are missing, and replenish as needed. With any of our studies, once a person completes a Bible study, as a result of his or her own healing, they may sense God’s leading to minister to others in their own church, leading small-group Bible studies. You could be starting a new ministry in your church by simply making these brochures available to your congregation. If you need personal ministry, you can get help now through one of our specialized Bible studies.


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