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Pointing People to the Emergency Exit of the Abortion Clinic

Twenty-four years ago, I walked into an abortion clinic. While I could describe all of the gruesome details of my abortion procedure (I’m not going to), I don’t know that I could describe a single detail of the clinic itself. I remember a seemingly dark waiting room with some low, soft lighting, but no specifics of the place. I can’t describe the chairs. I can’t recall any artwork on the walls. I can’t recount the facial features of anyone else in the clinic besides myself and my parents who were with me. I can’t tell you where the entrance was located, or how we entered the clinic in the first place, so I certainly couldn’t point you to where the emergency exit door was located in the clinic.

But that is the reason you are reading this article. You have a desire to be able to point people to the exit door of an abortion decision, perhaps a deep longing to do so, because you or someone you love was once involved in an abortion ...Read full article

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Men, Abortion and Trauma

Restoring a Father's Heart (cover)

It is a difficult and heated subject, but abortion is real. Millions of people make the decision to have an abortion each year, and in most cases it is a choice that ultimately rests in the hands of the women who are unexpectedly pregnant. The issue of men’s emotional responses to abortion can be lost by all of the dialogues about it, and because it is something physically done to a woman.

Does this mean that men do not have any reactions or responses to it? In the fascinating book “Restoring a Father’s Heart: Help for Men Suffering from Post-Abortion Trauma” (formerly “Wounded Warrior”), author Sue Liljenberg points out a number of startling truths about men, abortion and the trauma that follows.

“Something very basic is violated in a man when his baby is aborted. While women were designed to give life to their children, men were designated to protect their young. Abortion thwarts this instinct. The feelings men deal with are often similar to those felt by women who have had abortions: guilt, grief, regret, anger, and so on,” says Liljenberg.

Going on to explain that men’s feelings in the aftermath of abortion can be equally as intense, reminding reader’s that they were more than simply men who made a woman pregnant…they were fathers …Read full article