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Testimonies of Hope and Healing

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Matt-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
11-Mar. 2021
restored estranged relationships, brought freedom and joy

During and since the completion of this study, I have recommended it to several other men struggling with faith and issues of the past. I had no experience with abortion. However, I found myself consistently blowing up in anger at my wife, and sometimes turning to sexual sin to salve my hurt and calm my anger. As I walked through the study, I was reminded afresh of the sacrifice of Christ on my behalf. I had forgotten. On page 61 the study states, “We forget that flesh and bone hung by nails on a cross. We forget that every nerve in Jesus` body was excruciatingly aware of every move He made against the rough bark of the cross He hung on. We forget the beatings and the scourging by Roman soldiers that marred Him, leaving Him unrecognizable as a human being. We forget that the only One who could again breathe life into man, could breathe only as He pushed against the spike piercing His feet. Most importantly, we forget the incomprehensible horror and the shame He endured as He bore the sins of mankind, past, present, and future.” As the One who bore my sin, guilt, and shame, Jesus was the only One who could set me free. He brought me through many places of pain in my soul to set me free through the process of forgiveness and repentance. He has restored estranged relationships, brought freedom and joy, and a new desire that He be glorified in my life. There is still a battle with my flesh every day, but He is at work, and I am grateful. As the words of a worship song by Cody Carnes say, “My heart found a surgeon, my soul found a friend. So I run to the Father, again and again and again and again.”

Tom-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
21-Oct. 2020
God`s grace and mercy freed me from guilt and shame

I had been struggling with guilt and shame for ten years over an abortion. After another uncomfortable sermon in church that discussed abortion, I prayed for help. I needed comfort, I knew that I was forgiven. I confessed and I turned from my sin, but I could not get rid of the guilt and shame. In this bible study, I learned so much about God and his love. I now understand Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s grace. I have been encouraged and finally freed from my sins. Through the study, God showed me how I was sinning against Him by not feeling worthy of His sacrifice and all the symptoms that came from my sin affected other areas of my life with anger and bitterness. I am so thankful for the prayers and encouragement I received from my counselor along the way. I will be seeking God daily from now on and learning more about God’s love, His grace and how sufficient God is in my life. Thank you and I pray that more bible studies will come along, that God uses me to help others and not to be ashamed to give Him all the praise and glory.

TL-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
20-Oct. 2020
Finally free from the shackles of abortion

This study is a Christ centered, biblically sound teaching of God’s grace to those who have been pillaged by the sin of abortion. By His Spirit and through the truth of His Word I found rest, peace and freedom from a heart that was shackled by the guilt and shame I have carried since that fateful decision to abort my child. Please come and drink from the well that will never go dry, and experience joy that is everlasting and peace with God.

matt-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
30-Sep. 2020
uplifting, helped me heal

Healing Hearts was presented to me when my wife wouldn`t join me at her church for marriage counseling. The councilors asked if an abortion was part of my history and recommended Healing Hearts. The program was uplifting and quite amazing the way it took the verses I had heard so many times and provided me a much deeper understanding. The program helped me heal, and realize my pride is an issue. It helped me reconnect with God and find God in a deeper way than I have in years. This is an amazing program and I`m so thankful for all who created it and curate it and God for allowing me to find healing Hearts.

John-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
19-Feb. 2020
abortion was over 40 years ago

This study confronted me with the reality of my sin of abortion from over 40 years ago. It helped me see that I had not adequately dealt with it. Through the study I was also confronted with the overwhelming reality of God`s grace, forgiveness, and love. It has been life-changing.

Jon -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
30-Dec. 2019
can`t recommend study enough

I want to express my thanks to Healing Hearts Ministry for creating a study for post abortive men. It has long been on my mind that I needed somethings like this to help me come to terms with the sin and shame of the abortion I caused, and this study has done that and much more for me. Alan has been a wonderful counselor and friend to me, allowing me the time and flexibility to work my way through not only the issues related to the abortion, but in my spiritual understanding in general and in specific challenges I faced in the past year. These challenges have been significant, and I am thankful that Alan and this study have provided stability and direction as I have attempted with God`s help to face them well. I can`t recommend this program highly enough, and thank all of you for a job well done!

Anonymous-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
24-Jun. 2019

This study is a full walk through of God`s redemptive grace.

FD-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
10-Apr. 2019
forgiven man of God

This Ministry has been a blessing to me in more ways than I can articulate. I started off thinking the program did not apply to me as I`ve never been directly affected by abortion, until I remembered that my wife had one when she was a teenager. As I took on the challenge of going through this study, I was confronted with the many ways in which I also needed help from above. Going through the word and coming face to face with what is said about me as a sinner, was tough. Having the opportunities to work through the issues in real time, as the Lord brought them out, was VERY tough. On the other side however, is true freedom, forgiveness of sins, and the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. That is the message I received, and I now confidently live my life as a forgiven man of God, no longer condemned to the wrath of His judgement. I can attest that if you take this program seriously, and submit yourself to the will of God, with the power of the Holy Spirit to work with you, you will be freed of the chains of the enemy, and stand tall in your convictions of the truth of God!

CMC -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
3-Mar. 2019
God is able

Thank you Alan for your kindness, patience, wisdom, love, and for praying for me. It has meant a lot to me to have someone to talk with about the real issues in life and not just the surface stuff that people seem to be more comfortable talking about. I`ve come to understand the saying ``God`s Word is alive``. God is able to take His Word that He gave so long ago and apply it today to our very thoughts, and daily lives. This will never cease to amaze me. I know the Lord is not finished with me yet, but I`m thankful how he is continually teaching me the value of being completely honest with myself in the process of healing. It can be scary and even hurt in the process... but it`s always worth it. I will miss our conversations my friend, but I look forward to meeting you in heaven, if not sooner. Bless you Alan.

Phil -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
26-Jan. 2019

Every morning, I would wake up early and find a nook somewhere. I would meditate on the verses, pray and answer the questions; tough questions, deep probing questions and questions with verses from God`s word that breathed life into me! I`ve been changed by this study. With Alan`s help my heart has turned away from the worthless, defeating thoughts and things of this world to Him and His word. ``Whatsoever things are noble and good`` the things of our loving God are mine to be renewed in every day. I`m on a path of forbearing and forgiving others instead of being trapped in a cycle of anger and bitterness. I can see myself ministering to others so much more clearly now with the same comfort and charge that I have received. I`m very thankful for this study and Alan`s counsel and leadership throughout. I would wholeheartedly recommend this study to any man out there. You need it! You will be richly blessed!

TD-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
5-Nov. 2018
from deluded to a better person

This study helped show me who I really was before I started giving myself to the Lord and how I was so deluded in this life about what ``I``, a human on this earth, thought he could do without knowing the true glory of the Lord`s grace and love, and mercy and most of all, forgiveness. I feel so much closer to the Lord and feel so much love inside that comes from trusting in Him and knowing how He carries me in my times of weakness and darkness. This study has firmly strengthened my beliefs in the Lord and how, thorough His teachings and love, can come out the other side a better person.

Greg-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
23-Sep. 2018

This study was a good reminder of the grace and mercy of God and how He works in sinners to redeem them from all of their sins.

PTM-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
30-Nov. 2017
never dealt with abortions

I have thought I was forgiven and had forgiven others. The beauty of this study is in the depth it takes us men to our hearts. I had never dealt with the abortions in my past other than to hide from them. This study has shown how in doing so, my entire life was affected. I strongly recommend this study to any man that has been a part of an abortion. You will be amazed by the grace of Jesus that comes over you if you honestly submit to the teachings.

DRS-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
21-Sep. 2017
biblical study

I believe that this study is very Biblical, good, and helpful.

Dennis-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
21-Feb. 2017
deep denial

I am grateful that Healing Hearts has helped me to shed light on sin that I have kept in the dark for decades. It is amazing how deep my denial was, and how deep the deception of the devil was in having me forget significant areas of my life. I am confident that I am now able to step into my destiny, and feel freedom in Christ as He wants for me.

John -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
10-Feb. 2017

This study has been an amazing journey to discover what God intends for me. I learned what forgiveness is, what grace and mercy are, what righteous anger is and how God views me; That He did it all, He sent His son, Jesus, to pay the price for my sins, He died for me. This study has opened my eyes to the true love of Jesus. The guidance, support and encouragement I received from Alan helped me to stick with the study and complete it. There were times when I did not think I would finish. But through the Holy Spirit, I completed it. Thank you for an amazing walk through the bible.

John-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
16-May. 2016
37 years since the abortion

It has been 37 years since the abortion and although I found ways to repeal responsibility, it has always been there. That guilt and shame were there lingering in the background for all these years. I wasn`t sure what to expect when I heard about the [Restoring a Father's Heart] Bible Study, but knew I would benefit. It is a great program and was a great help in dealing with the emotional and spiritual sides of being part of an abortion. I highly recommend this program for all post-abortive men.

Anonymous-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
27-Apr. 2016
mercy and grace

This study was instrumental in looking back more than 20 years to my abortion experience and the role I played in that event. I`m thankful for this ministry and what it was provided countless others. God is full of mercy and grace and I`ve been able to look back and thank God for saving me from my own sin and the forgiveness that occurs from entering into a relationship with Jesus.

Mark A. -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
5-Feb. 2016
rewards of an intimate relationship with God

We must become broken and submit ourselves to God the Father before He can put us back together and make us whole again. This study had impacted my walk with God in many ways but most important it has helped me understand the rewards of an intimate relationship with God.

Chad -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
15-Sep. 2015
life changing

This study has been life changing for my wife and me. We have been able to move past the horrible sin that we committed decades ago which Satan has held over our heads to our shame. The bonds have been broken! The chains fell off! Thank you for pointing us to Christ every day in this study. Without Him, we would all perish.

Ron B.-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
15-Sep. 2015
amazing grace

This study of God`s Word and godly truths of deeper transition has proved to be a Capstone in my walk with my Lord Jesus! For every man who is willing to gut out every page with inner honesty and obedience to Him, there should be for God to bring life-changing sanctification and purification as a man (whether abortion is an issue or not). My desire to go deeper with the Lord has up to now been delayed by my fear of failure. But now I know that when I truly wanted `deeper` and stepped up as I was, I learned that He will supply what I need to go every step of `deeper`. More Grace, indeed. Amazing Grace.

Olaf-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
21-Jul. 2015
free to live in God`s grace

This study has shown me that I don`t need to be such a defensive person, protecting myself from others opinions or accusations. I am free to live in God`s grace and therefore free to love others and extend His grace as He loves me the way I am.

Daniel -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
27-Jul. 2014
struggling and failed to renewed and refreshed

I am so thankful to have found this bible study. It has changed my heart in many areas of my life and how I view life daily. I had no history of abortion related struggles, rather I was encouraged by a friend to do the study. I came into it filled with anger and frustration, but left renewed and refreshed. I have also been blessed in meeting Alan, my online counselor and friend through this process. He understood, related and cared for where I was as a struggling and failed man. At the same time, he held me accountable and would not "let me off the hook" in wrong-thinking and destructive strongholds I had. It was such a blessing! He did this through scripture not just his opinion (although I'm thankful for the many times he did offer his opinion). Several times through our ten weeks together he would ask me to pause in my progress and to pray and absorb specific scripture that I was ignoring or unclear on. I would highly recommend this study to any man struggling with anger, failure, unforgiveness, current or past hurts...it will change your life! Thank you Jesus.

Terry-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
15-Jul. 2014
Loved and Encouraged

If you are considering The [Restoring a Father's Heart] study, I would like to encourage you to do it. I have learned a lot in this study about myself. I have had misconceptions revealed. I have been loved, challenged, encouraged and prayed for. I am sad to have it end. Grace and peace to you! Terry

Sean-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
15-Mar. 2014
sound and biblically based

Going into this study, I did not know what to expect. My wife has been through the woman's study and recommended it. By going through the study and seeing how it revolves around scripture and puts practicality at work, it made me see some of the challenges I have been dealing with. When our abortion took place, I was unchurched and thought that abortion was the option necessary at that time. I did not know how it could or would affect me later in life. All I knew was that present moment and didn't care about the future. In reality, it caused a wall to go up around me that took a long time to start to come down! When I found Christ, my whole life changed and I stopped seeing the world as it was, but how it is. There are many mills that prey on women and society backs them up. Through the scripture, it is shown that life is sacred and should be cherished. This study gives concrete ways to reach out to Christ and battle the darkness in the world. Having done other Bible studies before, I believe this is one of the most sound and Biblically based studies available.

J.G.-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
14-Mar. 2014
no past abortions, study helped with forgiveness

Although I have not been affected by abortion, I am a sinner. Healing Hearts has given me study and scripture to grow as a born again Christian. Acknowledging sin and asking for forgiveness is priority between Christians and non-Christians. [Restoring a Father's Heart] showed me how to ask for forgiveness and to truly forgive others. I feel like I have a closer relationship with Him and understand God's grace and love personally.

Maybin-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
10-Mar. 2014

I would like thank God for the connection that I had through Pastor & Pia Ecton, who introduced me to this wonderful and powerful course. I wish to thank God for what He has done in my life through this course. It has impacted my life greatly and my life will never be the same. The time has been memorable, refreshing, inspirational and enjoyable which has drawn me near to my forgiving God. He has healed my life from the past. Here in Zambia, many people are committing the sins of abortion and they are still living in condemnation, as I was for many years. But I thank God He has healed my life from the past and He has forgiven me from the sin of abortion. Thank God for the second chance. I will preach the Gospel of Christ, not of condemnation, but of forgiveness. Jesus is a loving and caring God.

md -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
3-Dec. 2013
back to where I need to be

This study has helped me confess my sins to God and seek His forgiveness. To acknowledge my actions and bring it to the Lord so He can restore my relationship with Him. My counselor is very encouraging, and willing to work with me and around my schedule. Thank you so much for helping get back to where I need to be in my relationship with God.

C-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
1-Dec. 2013
addiction issues

I would recommend this study for any one having any kind of addiction issues. This study has provided a great mentor and presented the Word of God like I have not seen before. Thank you for your program, it truly has been a blessing, and a spiritual life raft on many fronts.

AVD -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
28-Sep. 2013
close to God

I guess I would have to say that in the ten short weeks I have worked through this teaching, God has opened my eyes to the fact that I was not as close to God as I thought I was. I also learned that God was a lot closer to me than I thought He was. Praise God! I have learned a lot about my feelings and how to turn them over to God, how not to let them control my life. I now know how to release forgiveness and grace to others and how to accept the grace that God has for me. I know I still have a long way to go with some issues that have came to light with this study. I also know that with Christ becoming more and more apparent to me, I will be healed. Praise God

Mike-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
28-Sep. 2013
forgiven for all sins

Several years ago, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It was through good teaching and Godly men that I came to realize that I had been forgiven for all my sins, as soon as I said yes to Him. There was nothing more to do or say except thank You. However, through the years I kind of let that drift into the back of my mind. Thankfully, through this study, and again, good teaching and Godly men, it has been brought back to mind and then some. I can't stress the importance of Godly fellowship and good bible teaching. This study is a good Godly bible study. I wish to thank the writer of this study and the encouragement from my counselor through these weeks. God will bless you all. Thank you.

JJD-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
5-Apr. 2013
more than a study

The Healing Hearts study is so much more then a study it is what the name says a healing of the heart through the infinite love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can wake each day to the knowledge that I am forgiven washed clean by what Jesus Christ took upon Himself on the Cross.

J-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
15-Mar. 2013

This study helped me through a real tough time.

Danny-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
25-Feb. 2013
pain, unable to forgive, then restored

When I came to this study I was bound in pain, unable to forgive and bound in sin. God never gave up on me even when I did. I was about lose my marriage. God never gave up on it even when I did. He brought me to a place of being broken and then He did the unthinkable...He saved me, He restored me and He restored my marriage. God used this study to open my eyes and to allow His Truth to work in my life. My counselor was always there and he was faithful the entire process. The study is based upon Biblical Truths that gives hope and allows God to wrestle with the heart issues. And guess what? God always wins!

STJ-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
19-Dec. 2012

No matter what you experienced, this course enables and equips with the right tools to deal with things of your past and helps to set you on the right track. The fact that the course is built around verses from the bible, a clear understanding of the basic walk with God arises. A journey to heal from damaged emotions, guided by bible verses and the Holy Spirit, unique because of the online coach, it makes you feel safe, to share open and honest, even possible difficulties you may encounter during this interactive course. I would recommend it for any christian who wants to grow in faith and build a healthy relationship with God, which will reflect on relationships you have.

Jimmers Fr-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
19-Oct. 2012

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I am so thankful for Gods power, love, grace and mercy and how much more intimate my fellowship with Him has grown through this study. Who would have thought I could be loved so much! Alan has been an strong instrument of the Holy Spirit to encourage, support and love through some tough challenges and growth from the study. What a blessing brother! Much love and Thanks! I pray God's anointing continue to draw people to himself through this ministry and those involved through the Holy Spirit have wisdom, strength and peace! In Jesus name Amen!

Ken -study: Restoring a Father's Heart
15-Jul. 2012
practical and comprehensive study

This study has been far greater than I ever imagined! I really did not think there would be anything new that I had not already learned. It was probably both the most practical and comprehensive study I have ever experienced. I am sure that if I went through it again, I would see things that I had not noticed before. It would seem this study would be good for almost anyone. The online format makes the study especially more personal and meaningful. My counselor has also been excellent and I will miss not being able to read his responses to what I have written.

Josh-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
10-Jul. 2012
better than expected

I found this study when I was on my last leg. I never expected to learn so much about my faith, and reach such a calming and relieving feeling after my experience. I certainly would not have been able to overcome my pain without this study, my counselor Alan, and God. This was far better than expected, and far better than any similar healing study on the internet.

rich-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
9-Jul. 2012

This study changed my life. I had been a christian for 15+ years but never found the freedom and closeness with God I have after done this study. It was the greatest decision I ever made and one I cherish until I see God's face. Bless you all.

Milt-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
29-Sep. 2011
change and encouraged

The [Restoring a Father's Heart] Bible Study and counseling program has encouraged me and changed me. Having someone read my responses and urge me toward honest, deep answers has allowed me to see clearly both my sin and God's forgiveness. With my counselor's support and encouragement, I've studied God's Word more deeply and written more honestly than with any other Bible study method. I see my sin as more degrading and rebellious towards God than ever before, and at the same time, His compassionate, patient forgiveness and forbearing is even more precious to me than before. Thank you, Healing Hearts, for providing this study and counsel. Bless you!

Anonymous-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
10-Sep. 2011
God's love is endless

This study has helped me to remember that God's love is endless and no matter what we go through in life, God is never far away from us. His grace, love and mercy are immeasurably greater than anything we can possibly fathom. I have learned to release anger that I had for others, and to forgive those against whom I was angry.

Anonymous-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
1-Sep. 2011

This was great!

C.C.-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
1-Sep. 2011
forgiven and no press forward

I am grateful that the Lord has forgiven me and loves me to the point that He has brought me across the Healing Hearts study. I realize I am forgiven and He wants me to leave the past behind and press on to be salt and light. This study has been very difficult at times, but with the help of the Holy Spirit and my counselor giving me the gentle push I needed, I have learned so much.

Chris-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
15-Feb. 2011

Know the thoughts of man will never compare to the thoughts of God toward every person on this earth. His love, grace, and mercy are for everyone and that is what I experienced through this study. Be committed as you do this study and know God will speak to your heart and perform the healing mentioned in Luke 4:18

Nathan-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
3-Feb. 2011
set free

This Bible study is a deeply powerful and often challenging look into your personal relationship with God. Though it is difficult at times, it shows you just how much God loves you. After completing the Bible study, I know that my walk with God will never be the same. I have found a deeper appreciation for digging into the scriptures and more of a passion for reading the Word of God. I have a deeper more personal relationship with God than I ever did before. I regret that it took the life of my child for me to gain a closer walk than ever before, but God can turn a terrible mistake into good. Genesis 50:20 says "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." I don't ever want to go back to the lukewarm Christian lifestyle that I lived previously. I thank God for the Healing Hearts Ministry and for the healing and restoration that He has began to do and will continue to do in my life. My chains are gone and I've been set free.

Anonymous-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
7-Dec. 2010
No Anger

I went into this study thinking that this would help me study and understand the bible more than I did. I did accomplish this in the first part of the study and I thought that was it. So much so that I left the study for months but something made me go back and start up again. It was then that I really learned messages that have changed my life. I learned that there is nothing good to be gained through resentment and anger toward another person but more anger and resentment. Forgiving and loving those that have hurt you is God's way to healing. I am truly thankful to God for teaching me and bringing me back to this study. I also thank my patient counselor, Alan, for his guidance.

John C-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
25-Sep. 2009
Power of Grace

"I was lost but now I am found". That is how this study has impacted me. I thought of myself as a Christian but could not get past the thought that the Lord God couldn't possibly be forgiving me for the same sins over and over. I felt that sins I committed before I was "saved" kind of didn't count.

This study made me realize that God loves me and forgives me no matter what. What a relief. What a joy it was to remove this burden from my heart. God led me to this study. It was only through my own arrogance and pride that I thought I could not be forgiven. I have learned humility and the power or God's grace. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord.

Anon-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
17-Sep. 2009

Healing Hearts study has been true healing for my post-abortion pain. Each chapter explained to me with clarity what I have been going through since the abortion. Throughout the study, I experienced a closeness to God and a reawakening of a desire to have faith in Jesus Christ and God. I am very glad I completed this study, which is a beautiful prayer for abortion sinners.

Nick-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
13-Jul. 2009
A 21 year old man finds hope

For anybody who reads this, these are my words, and this is my story. I was lost, I have made a lot of bad decisions in my life but the one that got me here I count as the worst. I didn't know where to turn, I just plainly didn't know. I put my trust in this world, and suffered the consequences.

For those who have fallen, and have went down this same path, healing hearts is how I was able to open my eyes up and see there was an outstretched hand waiting for me. That hand was the hand of God.

Through this divinely inspired study, today I have hope. Something I'm sure a lot of people who have been through this are lacking. I had no hope, and I found it. I felt worthless and despicable. I'm a 21 year old young man.

I want to say that I know there are men out there who are feeling this pain. The truth is as men we are taught to be strong and tough, and that to show our pain is weak. I can argue that today that is not the case.

If you are hurting and if you are broken, don't stuff it. I know how it feels to be a failure. I felt like a failure, because I couldn't even step up and "be a man" and be a father. Your life doesn't have to end there, with that choice. It does get better, life does go on, there his healing and there is hope. You are not alone, you are not forgotten. Healing Hearts is the beginning, the beginning of restoration in your life.

DK-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
22-Jun. 2009
His will is forgiveness

I thank God for leading me into this study. It has brought me closer to him, now that I know the power and extent of his forgiveness, a forgiveness that's his will for us to have ourselves. He knew that I needed to understand why I was the way I was. My bitterness, anger, guilt and shame has surfaced so that I could come to terms with it. It has changed my perspective, to live my life more like how it was ordained to be. I pray for these learnings to always be fresh in my mind as I await for the King of Kings to return.

SRW-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
20-Jun. 2009
Recommending heartily!

I would recommend this study for any man who has experienced abortion as part of his life. No matter the role they may or may not have played in that sin.

This study has reinforced God's love for me and assured me of the forgiveness he offers if I am willing to accept it and allow Him to be the sole captain of my life.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this study and what it has done for me. I would not only recommend this study for those who have abortion as part of their life, but it can be so easily altered to fit so many sins that corrupt us and ones that people may be dealing with.

The hope this study offers is exceptional. It is real, plain, and embodied in God's Word which gives it the effect only the Holy Spirit can provide. Thank you again and thank you to my counselor Alan. God Bless healing hearts.

R.K.-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
24-May. 2009
More than I thought it would be

I started this study thinking it was just about abortion, but it was much more than that. It forced me to look at my relationship with God more than I ever had before. I see Jesus in a whole new light and I would recommend this study to anyone who wants freedom and forgiveness from having an abortion.

Hal-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
1-Nov. 2008
God helps work through

My abortion was over twenty years ago. I didn't think I needed healing but I was wrong. As I worked through your program I found that I had built walls around my feelings. Day after day as I went through the lessons I felt that they must have been written specifically for me. I was amazed to find that I had been suppressing feelings that only God could help me work through. Thank you very much for being there for me. I especially appreciate the thoughtful attention Alan my counselor showed for me. He was patient and understanding. Not too warm and fuzzy. The kind of friend I needed. Thanks again to Healing Hearts and [Restoring a Father's Heart].

Dan-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
27-Sep. 2008
God's timing God's grace

As a young man that did not have Christ in my life, I decided that my happiness was the most important thing in my life. I considered that happiness was to have sexual relations not caring of the outcome. With that mindset, I got my girlfriend pregnant and she decided to seek out an abortion. My only requirement was to come up with the money to pay for it. That was in 1977 when I was 18 and it cost $375.00 I did not understand the impact that the abortion would have on me later. Shortly after my girlfriend had the abortion we parted ways. I quickly got another girlfriend and she too wound up pregnant. She again decided to abort with very little input from me. We stayed together for about 6 months and moved to Arizona together. We then parted ways and that is when I found Jesus. About 10 years later I married and my wife started working at a crisis pregnancy office. After some soul searching I was reminded of what had happened before and my need for forgiveness by the grace of God.

John-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
24-Jun. 2008
God did help me

This Bible study is what the Lord wanted for me. I wish it were a mandatory study for every Christian. Though I did not take part in the decision to have an abortion with my wife (she'd had it before I met her) she, and indeed, we, were suffering as a result of it. After my wife left our family, I "accidentally" found Healing Hearts after a search on the web for Post Abortive Counseling. I see it was no accident, it was God's hand of loving providence. He is the answer for the ills that we suffer, He alone is the One that can help us. And He did help me, and my wife by my doing this study. I have been shown the kind of man I need to be for my own walk with God, and as the head of my household. Only time will tell what will happen with my wife and family, but the anger and bitterness that I have clung to is let go, thanks to the freedom experienced in Christ. Though a Christian most of my life, [Restoring a Father's Heart] has taken the scriptures and applied them in a way that was absolutely, wonderfully used by God to have me see the way I need to live. Thank-you, Alan, and thank-you Lord.

Henk-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
19-May. 2008
God's perspective

This has been a very thorough bible study. It was confronting at times, but I have seen things from God's perspective and am amazed by His love and forgiveness.

MS-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
12-Mar. 2008
My girlfriend and I

Through the Word of God, this Bible study brings healing to a father's post abortion pain. Over thirty-five years ago, my girlfriend and I faced an unplanned pregnancy. She thought an abortion was the only choice. We struggled with the guilt for most of ten years before giving up on each other.

The impact of abortion and the many people it affects is discussed. The feelings of blame and loss are explained. Most important, God's plan for forgiveness and recovery is clearly traced through the Scriptures. I highy recommend this study to any man undergoing the confusion, pain, and loss from his child's abortion.

Robert-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
21-Jul. 2007
On the Right Track

This has impacted me in a way that has changed my life, the way I think and live, forever. It has changed the love I now have for my wife. I see her in a whole new way, the way God intended me to love her. And the same goes for my three sons. I'm learning to love, and restore our relationship as a God-loving family. We have a lot of healing yet to go. But this ministry and my spiritual father has put me, as the head of my household, on the right track. Healing Hearts Ministries has taught me about relationship and love. Healing Hearts Ministries and the Lord has given me a heart to reach out to other men in this Post-abortion for men issue. God is going to use me in a mighty way. He told me so. And I believe and trust everything he tells me. Thank you Lord for giving me these words. AMEN

Pete-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
26-Jun. 2007
Pastor, dad, now free

Over twenty years ago, my girlfriend at the time and I thought an abortion was the answer to an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. Shortly afterwards, we broke up.

10 years later I became a Christian and realized what a terrible sin abortion was. I knew Christ had forgiven me of all my sins, even abortion (I named one of my daughters Grace as I saw then how unworthy I was to have children, yet he has blessed me with four beautiful daughters since that time) and it wasnt long after that, that I and my wife and children prepared and entered full time ministry as a pastor.

In spite of knowing I was forgiven there were times of doubt, feelings of shame, regret, and anger and sadness. At times, I would cry when nobody was around thinking about the abortion but would try to quickly dismiss it by telling myself I had no right to cry over my child who I had aborted, or that I was just having a pity party.

One day, after having watched a TV show on abortion, I came across the Healing Hearts website and saw [Restoring a Father's Heart]. Since I am a pastor, I thought it might be a helpful resource to look into and have. Little did I know that God would use this study to heal me. The Lord told me I have forgiven you, but let me show you what I forgave you of. It was in this study that I really saw myself for who I was and what I had done.

God used this study to remind me that while I had forgotten that I was to be a father and a protector to my child and had cut him down in the womb, God had not forgotten him. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I now have a son in Heaven, whose name is Zachary, which means, Remembered by God. God remembered my son. The world said he was a fetus, a blob that had no feelings, who was not a child and it would make no real difference if he were aborted. Man, were they and I ever so wrong.

God used Healing Hearts to do just that; heal me. The Lord shared with me, as a result of this study that while I had sacrificed my unborn baby on the altar of fear and selfish convenience, He had sacrificed His Son Jesus on the altar of the cross for me. He shared with me, through the Healing Hearts Study that Forgiveness gets me into Heaven (and so much more), Healing, however, gets me through life. I have that now, healing.

While I wish I could go back and undo what I did, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my savior, Jesus Christ gave his life for me on the account of all my sins (abortion included) and has forgiven me, and loves me, and wants to take that hurt that he has healed me of and use it for His glory. I praise Him for allowing me to find this site and participate in this study. I thank Sue Liljenberg for being faithful to Gods call to establish Healing Hearts, and for my e-counselor Alan, whose guidance and encouragement helped me through some pretty painful times.

As a pastor who has gone through this study, I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending this site to men or women who have been hurt due to the effects of abortion. May God strengthen us for the fight we are in and may this awful, detestable practice of destroying our unborn be brought to a quickened end.

TAL-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
18-Apr. 2007
I see a little more clearly

This study has shown me how much my heavenly Father truly loves me. I had already worked through the issues that I had, and have an awesome walk with the Lord. But in doing this study, I was able to revisit some things that I had overlooked with regard to the abortion. I was able to look back and see the significance of what I had done and how I had completely disregarded the word of God. This is an amazing tool for the Lord to use to reach hurting men and allow them to work through the issues they may have. I am so thankful that I have had this opportunity.

Jim-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
3-Dec. 2006
Eyes opened and refocused

I became aware of the "[Restoring a Father's Heart]" study after my wife talked with her Bible study leader about the "Hem" study. After talking about some of my behaviors in our marriage and towards our children she asked my wife if I had ever been part of an abortion. My wife knew my history and told her that I had back when I was in high school with an old girlfriend. Because the issues of anger, resentment and bitterness were affecting my marriage and my kids I decided to do the "[Restoring a Father's Heart]" study on-line. WOW! I have been a Christian for about 28 years and I thought I had dealt with the negative effects from the abortion. My eyes were opened to how much sin and un-dealt with emotions that I still had. This study has truly helped me re-focus my eyes on Jesus and how much He loves me and how much grace and mercy He has given me.

DKC-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
28-Jul. 2006
After Anger, Depression and Frustration... Joy

I was one of the walking wounded who carried a void in my soul from the loss Ive experienced through abortion. Though I thought I had reconciled the matter before God and myself, I still carried a goodly bit of anger, depression and frustration. Obviously something wasnt right. Much heartache and depression is a result of denial. By failing to consider my wrong thinking that led up to my decision, I failed to connect the dots from the trauma that I was experiencing. Along with the denial, I lacked the necessary understanding and healing to be a whole person.

Through a word search I came across the Healing Hearts Web site. I was impressed they had a post abortion trauma study course specifically for men. As I worked through the [Restoring a Father's Heart] study, I was able to uncover elements of my past abortion experience that were left unaddressed. The individual lessons are really thorough as they address the attitudes and actions that lead up to an abortion decision.

Looking at the motivation for choices I made was not an easy task. I was caused to look at myself in light of the authority of a just and merciful God. Understanding that God desires recognition of the wrong has been a humbling experience. He is our moral authority, and desires His truth in the inward parts. I believe those seeking to recover from their Post Abortion Trauma will come to understand that.

Setting myself up for an attitude of reconciliation through repentance has been one of moving forward and accepting His forgiveness. Though I cant escape the sad feelings from the loss, I have some understanding as to why I did what I did. Joy comes from knowing that I am forgiven. My wife has commented that it has had a positive effect upon me. She has likened the [Restoring a Father's Heart] study as to being not unlike "an altar to bring sacrifice."

The isolation that men experience with Post Abortion Trauma is very debilitating. As our popular culture wont recognize Post Abortion Trauma in general for women, it is specifically less conscious of the same for men. I have found that the [Restoring a Father's Heart] process has provided a means of inclusion. By working with your ecounselor through each lesson, you are provided a safe environment in which to initiate a necessary element of recovery - that of healing.

Bob-study: Restoring a Father's Heart
29-Apr. 2006
God's Word heals and restores

Since my abortion experience started to be dealt with long ago and healing taken place over the years, with the help of the Holy Spirit and other post-abortion Bible studies, this study was a great reminder of what God's word can do for healing and resoration in a man's life. It has impacted me the most by hoping it will be used to help many men afflicted with the aftermath of abortion. It is the most helpful study that I have come across. It is thorough and challenging. It challenged me to strive for more Christ-like living.


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