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Testimonies of Hope and Healing

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Kc-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Jul. 2024
not a fluffy study

I initially declined the invite to do this study out of fear. I knew it wasn`t going to be a fluffy, all feel-good type of study, but God gently led me back and I`m glad I obeyed. There were several weeks where I just saw God reveal Himself so clearly to me. I feel that much of the head knowledge that I had prior has now turned into heart knowledge, especially in understanding of why we need a Savior, and what Jesus` sacrifice truly means to us; that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. God has been so faithful to provide everything that I need in this study and He truly does bless us in our humbleness. If you are fearful as I was at the start, remember that that is a tactic of the enemy. Follow the One who holds the key to your healing instead and trust that He will not leave you alone.

Amanda-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
fresh perspective

This study has opened my eyes to many areas I had difficulty uncovering. It showed me how to be more vulnerable with the Lord in areas I didn’t even recognize I needed to be. It broadened my perspective on life again and made me see things from a fresh perspective. It also gave me a greater understanding of the Lord and His grace and mercy toward me in my own life and helped me let go of things I had been holding onto. Thank you for putting together this wonderful resource for women! May it continue to touch and transform many other women’s lives as well.

JL-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
soul searching remodeling of the heart

This study and my counselor held me together during some very turbulent times. I needed something that would keep my heart steady during a 39-year marriage breakup with a level of complication that would destabilize most of us. My counselor seemed hand-picked for me, and the study would apply to anyone going through a soul-searching remodeling of their hearts. It reminded me of the foundational truths of scripture and is an excellent tool for disciplining a new or older believer in the Lord.

Becky -study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024

In 2014, I got into a relationship with a narcissist. I was a Christian single mom of a five-year-old boy. I knew better, but I was so lonely and wanting to be married so bad.

This man claimed one day that he was saved, he was now a Christian and we could get married now. I knew it wasn`t true but I decided to just marry him and pray about it later. I decided to bend the will of God and force Him to bless my marriage, yikes.

April 2017, I left him and moved back home. I was so broken and confused. I think he actually changed the wrinkles in my brain. I didn`t know up from down. I filed for divorce, cancelled it and in 2023 finally divorced for good.

I knew I needed to run, not walk, to God. This study has allowed me to look at my sin, at my ex-husband`s sin, and my family`s sin, with the grace of God in my heart.

Some days I could not get off the kitchen floor and stop crying. Now when I feel a tinge of sadness or longing for things in the past, I can confidently start thanking God for my freedom and my spirit aligns with what my mouth is saying to God. There were so many days that I was sure I would never feel joy again, but I can now say there is joy and peace in my heart.

This study has allowed me to truly forgive and be set free. God has touched my deep pain and sense of absolute betrayal and loss, and He has healed me.

AB-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
completely broken

I came to the study completely broken. I felt like I wanted to run away from my marriage. Through this study, I gained truths that I can hold onto while I continue to walk through hardships. The Lord also changed my husband (I would say saved his soul) while I was in this study. I have seen amazing changes take place in his heart and actions. I continue to wrestle through some dark places, but God is near and I know that He has also experienced the feeling of being completely alone, as I have felt most of my life. My counselor, Judi, was amazing and kept pointing me to Jesus. I can tell she has a sweet love for our Savior. Thank you so much!!

Shari-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
deeper appreciation for how much Jesus loves us

This program taught me how to simultaneously confess and feel freed and forgiven of my sinful mistakes, and move my heart to be ready to forgive those who have hurt me when they repent. It gave me a deeper appreciation for how much Jesus loves us, how big His sacrifice was, and how blessed we are by His complete forgiveness and a fresh start every day.

I am very grateful for those who commit to guiding and counseling people through this program, as the learning is more profound, personal, and real with a counselor providing loving accountability, answers to questions and personal encouragement. I have recommended this program to so many people and will continue to do so, and will continue to gratefully give financial support to Healing Hearts. God bless your ministry!

A.S.H.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
second time through

I went through The Hem of His Garment thirteen years ago, and believed that I would always be healed and that life and things would be hunky dory. The past three years rocked the core of who I knew I was as God`s child. The self-doubt, the anxiety, stress, anger, depression, and all these negative emotions took over my prayer life, and I found myself floundering in a sea of uncertainty, and not knowing where I went so wrong.

Going through the Hem this time has been so eye-opening, and has allowed me to heal, and to remind myself of God`s true place in my life. He needs to be front and center in all I do. I have found my peace and joy again, and am so thankful to God for all the truths I have learned as I went through the Hem for a second time.

Judy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
opened heart and mind

During the Healing Hearts bible study, God opened my heart and mind to the truth of needing to confess my sins. I found that by writing them down, I was able to see them as Father God sees them. I am also finding that I have been able to confess more sin that God has been revealing to me as days go on. It hurts to see how my heart is so rebellious toward God, but I can receive Jesus`s forgiveness which cleans up my filthy heart and brings peace to my spirit. Thank You Jesus for dying on the cross for me and setting me free.

Valerie A.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
weight lifted

I am so beyond grateful that the Lord lead me into doing this study with my mentor, Marie. I learned so much about God`s grace and love He has for his people! This study made me realize sins I had in my life that I was trying to hide away-- it was a weight lifted off my shoulders once I was able to share these struggles in my life and to turn away from them. I am currently dealing with infertility and this study has shed light on how amazing and perfect God`s timing is. This trial in my life has been difficult with many hardships, but I know that the Lord is doing this for a reason that is beneficial in my Christian walk.

Priscilla-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
more equipped

This study has been like an exciting archaeological expedition of excavation, digging and recovery of two different sites: the Word of God and my heart. The task of unearthing hidden treasures of the Word was such a privilege and very challenging and had to be done with care, but it proved to be incredibly rewarding as I was able to dig deep and search the scriptures and find heavenly riches beyond compare.

Through this study I have been able to see more clearly The Word as imperishable in its nature, content and historicity; it is never outdated and is sufficient for life and godliness. In the process of peeling back the layers, however, some artifacts of evil from my own heart were also unearthed that are not worthy of display but have been eradicated by the cleansing power of truth, fire and the water of life. I have been reminded that we are all broken clay pots, some are broken into smaller pieces than others, but as we trust in the Potter who made us, he is the ``Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel`` and he bids us, ``Come back and quietly trust in me`` (Isaiah 30:14); He is the Healer of our souls and makes us into beautiful vessels for his service. As sinners, we need to be pressed down in order to emerge spotless at his coming. As II Corinthians 4 says, ``But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.``

This study has helped me to be more equipped to be a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God which is my spiritual act of worship, and I am eternally grateful that the ultimate excavator loves me and thinks it is worthy of His efforts to search me and know me.

Mae-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jul. 2024
study brings healing

There is no greater study that helps bring healing in the most intricate ways through God`s heart. I was lead to this study first in 2021 when I heard the LORD speak ``Healing Hearts Ministry`` that led me through the greatest healings of brokenness in my life, drawing me into deep intimacy of My Fathers Heart, understanding His WORD, and healing the deep wounds within me in such a graceful way. If God can love and redeem me from my darkest, removing shame, guilt and humiliation from my sins, He is all the more willing to do the same for You. You will never regret the Love He has for You.

Cindy -study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jan. 2024
changed life

I am so thankful to God for this study being brought to my attention. It has changed my life in so many ways. I now see that I am truly forgiven for my sins, no matter what they are, because Christ’s death was sufficient to cover them all. No, I am not worthy, but God’s love for me and every other sinner is so deep that He sent His Son to die for us before we were even born. I no longer have to live my life covered with guilt and shame for the sins of myself or for others. Christ is sufficient to cover all my needs. He will always be there for me when I need Him. Scripture will always be there for me to reference when I have questions. He will never leave me nor forsake me. I have also learned that I need to be a better loving, caring, and God fearing wife to my husband. I am to follow the example set for me in the relationship of Christ and His church. I can live my life in freedom from my chains of bondage now because Christ has broken them all. I am eternally thankful for all that I have learned through this study. In Christ I rejoice.

Mw-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Dec. 2023
God loves me and always has

This Bible study has impacted my life by showing me how God loves me and He has always loved me. He has always had a plan for my life even though I was going through some pretty dark times and didn’t realize He was always on my side.

This study showed me that there is also people willing to go the extra mile for me as well, like Karen, my counselor. She is kind enough to walk this study out with me and encourage me when I wanted to give up on my marriage and also my family. She deserves a medal for bravery for taking on people like me and my trash each time she goes through this study with someone new.

I learned/remembered that Jesus suffered so much so I could be where I am today and could have salvation. I also learned/remembered that there are other people in the Bible who suffered almost the same abuse that I did from family members. I also learned how damaging bitterness is in your body, mind, and heart. I learned that I can move forward with my life and not be stuck where I was in grief and guilt for years on end. I actually am forgiven and I am free enough to forgive the damage done to me. I don’t have to hold on to it anymore. I can give to to God because I was never meant to carry that burden around, mine was becoming too heavy.

Kelli -study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Dec. 2023
found breath in the words of God

A bit over 10 weeks ago I was suffering from a battle of the brain that was overwhelming my soul. The stresses of family life, marriage, and overcoming a lifetime of false narratives about myself were consuming all the breath in my lungs. A friend of mine who had completed this study suggested I go through it myself. I trust her, and so I did.

What was clear to me then was I was panicking and in my panic I was unable to find my way into the company of God. I knew He was there, but I just couldn`t calm myself to recognize him or not see him as an enemy like everyone and everything else was. The best way to stop a panic attack is to begin to slow your breathing, and while you do to begin to focus your gaze on something that is grounded and not moving. So, that is what this study was for me - It was my slowing of my breathing and a refocusing of my gaze.

By the thoughtful and methodical road laid out each week for me to walk along in this study, my panic attack has ended. I have found my breath in the words of God written and inspired by the Holy Spirit through the scriptures, through the testimony of those who wrote this study, and through my own story telling as well.

Here I was reacquainted with the good, kind, and generous God who saves me. I was reminded of the importance of confession and forgiveness.

It`s crucial to inventory our hearts. When we don`t, so many small paper cuts add up to a deep weeping and festering wound. To also inventory how I am defining God and interacting with Him as well was amazing. I had allowed false teachings from my Christian faith communities as well as false teachings from the world silence the truth of the Triune God.

This study was not one that was about leading me to what is right, and being right, and therefore living right. This study was one that led me to the person of Jesus Christ, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and into the company of a good and kind Father. It also helped to further reunite me to scripture. Scripture has been so abused in my life by those who taught me from it. The Bible was no longer what it is, but rather what it wasn`t.

So, I thank God for continuing to reestablish Himself as my God and to bring the text we use as Christians back to life. It`s been good. I`m not fixed from this study, but I am refreshed and given a realignment. It was a way of shaking off the ill fitting clothing of the world and religion to be left with the well-fitting clothing of the Spirit. It is lovely.

D. Ford-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Nov. 2023
remember and reconnect

I needed time with the Lord. I needed to remember how deep His love was for me. I know the Lord, I knew the value of the cross. I needed to remember how my children, ALL my children were a gift. It was so very good to remember this. To go through the confession list again. And not have any pressure about when to get it done. 5 kids and new grandbabies, my house was a busy house. Covid rules came and went, and came again, and went again.... Sometimes I did the study very early in the morning or ridiculously late at night. But each chapter, helped my heart to settle and to reconnect, to forgive and to remember to trust God in all things. He`s got this world in His Hands, and He will never let us go!

Donna-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Nov. 2023

God has been so faithful in this season. As I have done this study multiple times, He continues to remind me of his goodness, faithfulness and mercy to me. Reminded me how He shows me love and convicted me in the way I ought to show love to others.

KF-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Oct. 2023
believed lies

On an intellectual level, I could have told you that sin was what grieved God. But, on an emotional and spiritual level, I was believing lies. The enemy and the world were shaping my understanding that my sin was whatever upset anyone or everyone around me. God exposed those lies AND replaced the information with truth from His word. I have been trying to dig deep into forgiveness and intimacy for quite a while. But, there was resistance because I was fearful of what God might have to say about me and what I might need to do if my definitions were true. The Holy Spirit used this study to show me that before I can go deep I first need to fix the surface. His Word has pierced me (Heb 4:14) and I am able to move deeper as His light shines into the darkness (Jn 1:5)! This study has had an impact through the time sitting, reading, and writing, but also in the background processing. I love that the Holy Spirit works in the background processing!! He has revealed things, released strongholds, and changed my thinking. I see it in obvious things this study addressed and in everyday things that seem tangential and unrelated!

Cristin-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Oct. 2023
deep sharing

Healing hearts was an amazing time of deep sharing in a way that I don`t often get to share and in an atmosphere of not being condemned. I really appreciated that. I had really great leaders that I trust and they were always gracious and helpful. The study itself was a great opportunity to pour out my heart before God and get into some deep hurts and bring them to the Lord. I definitely have more to do in that area. I found prayer journalling really helpful. I especially liked the chapter of going from despair to hope. I miss the ladies in the group and am forever grateful for their time and hearts. I remember one evening especially we had a lot of scripture reading and the Lord`s presence was so strong in our time. I definitely found a lot of freedom from things that bound during the time. Thankful to God for His provision. 😍

MB-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Oct. 2023
a place of healing

Through this study, The Hem of His Garment, God brought me from a place of being hurt and angry at myself and others to a place of healing. I understand that God has always loved me and always will, and that in Him, I am a new creation. God defines me; my past does not.

Belinda-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Sep. 2023
comforting and painful study

I wanted to do this study because I had a challenging childhood, to say the least. I knew that some of those memories plagued my daily life.

This study was comforting and painful, as true growth often is. I was able to see God`s hand in every area of my life, past and present. His grace and love walked me through forgiveness AND area`s where I was being disobedient.

I believe that every woman, especially Christians, can benefit from this study. We live in a broken world and yet we often portray through social media that we have it all together, when the truth is that we are often just barely hanging on. Our very lives are at risk from the lies and tactics of the enemy whose objective is to steal, kill, and destroy.

We must get real and get honest with God. Behind the scenes is chaos, disorder, abuse, addictions, and sin of all kinds...and this from those within the church. How can we be a light when ours light is barely visible?

Ladies, please consider taking the time to dive deep into this study. Let God`s Word be the healing balm of Gilead as you go through each chapter. I know that God can use this study to bring healing to you because He did for me.

Julie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Sep. 2023

I asked my counselor about the relationship between physical, mental/emotional and spiritual counseling. Partly, what she said is if a person seeks physical (meds) and/or emotional, it may mask or cover the spiritual issue. So true. I am considered a mature Christian by people around me, and yet I had a major blindspot in my thinking about God and how to live life. This really helped me see clearly.

CM-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Sep. 2023

God has healed me in ways that could not have happened otherwise!

K-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Sep. 2023

I came, or I should say, God brought me to, Healing Hearts ministry in a roundabout way. Dreadfully, I had been unfaithful to my husband. I had told him the truth, and thankfully we had been led to a Christian therapist to begin to address things.

I knew that I need something aside from the therapy we were receiving as a couple. With the weight of what I had done in my heart and mind, our therapist suggested Healing Hearts to me. It took me a time of thinking and prayer of asking God if this was the thing I needed to do. In fact, another avenue of individual therapy for me had not panned out. I remember when praying about HH one time, a ``green light`` popped into my head. God was telling me to move on this.

My HH mentor, Mary, has been wonderful and needed. Having her to share my story with, encourage me, give feedback, pray over me, has been such a great blessing.

The study itself taught me many things. I came to it as a ``seasoned`` Christian. But there was much more to learn. I found myself reminded of a lot of things that I already knew as a believer, but that were brought forward and shown to me in a new light. There were the new realizations, new truths, new insights, that the study helped me discover. It made me look back, dig in, and examine things in new ways.

I learned so much about the past, and how that affected the present. And how the enemy attacks us, distorts, lies to us. I could list here all the things I learned, which I did actually on a piece of paper if you want to know. To summarize though, I would say that HH really harnesses the true and complete healing that only Christ can bring to our hearts.

My sin is great and profound and I learned I was capable of dreadful things. But God is greater, and can bring beauty from ashes, transformation, redemption.

One main stand out lesson to me was that I don`t have to try to forgive myself. I let God forgive me and HE is the one who can heal my broken integrity. I also have a strong sense of God using my story. I`m waiting on Him to show me how. He did very plainly tell me that I would need to lay down my shame, in order to tell it. I will do that in order to bring Him glory and to help others.

Healing Hearts is so worth the time and energy. It is transformative in the best ways and uses the Truth of God, His love, Jesus` work of forgiveness, to bring about deep and authentic hope and healing, to any circumstance and brokenness.

Sally-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Sep. 2023
What a faithful God we serve

I entered this study desiring to draw closer to the Lord, and that prayer was answered and more!

Though I had seen The Passion of Christ and I had read the graphic details of the cross in Lee Strobel`s book, The Case for Christ, the perspective of this study allowed me to see more clearly, Jesus` great love and sacrifice for me. His willingness to submit in so many ways, when He could have said, ``Nope! I`m done!`` revealed that while the pain He went through was excruciating (physical, separation from the Father, etc.), His love for me is even greater.

I was able to see my pride magnified in comparison to Jesus` humility - If ANYONE had a right to be angry or to desire revenge, it was Jesus, and yet He perfectly modeled obedience and humility that gives me strength to put my desires aside. I am able to more quickly flesh out transgressions against me, and assess my role, letting them go through forgiveness, knowing that any resentment held in my heart ``crowds`` out my ability to love the Lord well.

My service to my husband is growing to be more godly as I view sexual intimacy as a form of worship to God and I am being blessed in that.

The Lord is also helping me to break down areas where I had erected barriers to intimacy with Him, and I`m growing in practicing His Presence. I`ve also fallen in love with His discipline and correction. What a faithful God we serve!

LR-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Sep. 2023
thoughts to Jesus

This is from my thoughts to Jesus: Lord, You have answered and untangled both known and unknown thoughts and questions of a lifetime. I know there is much more to come, but this journey is getting sweeter and less encumbered by your Word. I know I shouldn`t be surprised by what You accomplish in me daily, but it is like fresh air and quenching water. I love and have so much gratitude for Your never ending guidance. You never give up. You are patient and kind. Your words transform. I could never manufacture this peace. You`ve provided me a pathway of great growth, and as only You can do, it allows me to reflect your grace to others, with the hope that they will look to You for the transformation they seek too. Your humble and loving gifts make my heart burst with love, praise and gratitude for You. Thank you!

Z.C.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-May. 2023

I thank God for leading me to Healing Hearts Ministries. My counselor has been a blessing in walking me through the process of healing. I pray that Healing Hearts Ministries continue to bless other lives.

Nancy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-May. 2023

This program has helped me so much. It has opened my heart and mind. When I first started this bible study, I felt hopeless. There was no way I would ever be forgiven from my past sins. Therefore, I could not experience that closeness with God. Through the study and the wonderful help of my counselor, I was taught how to receive forgiveness from my past with God and that He loves me. I came to realize I held on to past hurts from others. God helped me to find a way to forgive those people and to remove it from my heart for good. I now pray for these people. Most importantly, I learned more about my Loving God and how to grow closer to Him. I will forever be grateful for this program and the two wonderful counselors who helped and guided me.

Megan -study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-May. 2023
no more bitterness

God used this study to reveal to me how I was allowing bitterness to take root in my heart and it was beginning to harm relationships with close people in my life. I’m so grateful I completed this study because now I feel equipped to kill the sin of bitterness daily and I have an awareness of my thought life that wasn’t there before. I didn’t realize how easily offended I was, and now I see that I can take ownership for being offended as well as run to Jesus for healing and comfort. God is so merciful and gracious!

S-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-May. 2023

Transformed is the word that comes to mind. This study faithfully led me step by step through sin, self, to the Savior and to the cross. I grew up knowing all the ``truths``, but this systematically took me to the end of myself and then to the cross. It offered helpful feedback via thought provoking questions and my own personal counselor who faithfully walked alongside me. God`s timing was perfect and my heart was ready to dig in. A well of joy has sprung up where deep pain was residing. I am full of hope and free from burden. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Sometimes we need a bit of guidance as we wade through the wasteland of pain and that was what this study was: a guide to gently unearth any hint of self-protection so that the healing balm of my Savior`s sacrifice could be applied. The thought provoking questions and the truths that sprung forth along with the encouraging and life giving words from my counselor were all part of my healing. I am beyond thankful for this study and the sacrifice of those who made it possible!

MK-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Apr. 2023
connected to Jesus` heart

Healing Hearts helped me connect my heart to Jesus`s heart. He intricately untangled the messy, worn out itty bitty parts of my heart. He took away bitterness, anger, guilt shame and replaced it with joy and grace. I know that my past doesn`t define who I am. Instead He used it to refine my faith as I continue my walk with Him.

KMI-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Mar. 2023
you have value

I highly recommend this study. It will help bring you closer to the Lord. For some it may bring up things buried so deep you have forgotten the origin of it, yet it impacts your daily life. For others it will bring new awareness of what sin is, and how it impacts us. It will show you what God`s grace is, and what it will mean for you both now and in the future. It will show you that you have value, and that the Lord loves you so much.

Joanna-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Mar. 2023
true forgiveness

I have been a Christian for 35 years and this study has affected me like no other Bible study has. What prompted me to do this study was my struggle with unforgiveness. Several years ago, my husband was unfaithful and these past years have been just horrible for me and I made them horrible for my husband also. Several times, I thought I had forgiven him, but I knew I really hadn`t and didn`t think I ever could. The chapters on Jesus paying the penalty for our sins, the extreme and cruel punishment He endured and the blood He shed for me so my sins could be forgiven was the point I realized I had to forgive my husband and everyone else I thought had ever hurt me in my life. This study has taught me so much. I am closer to the Lord than ever before, and I know I have been changed

Vilmaris -study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Mar. 2023
forgive others

This study taught me God’s never ending love for me! Having a counselor along for the ride truly blessed me and made it more special. This study taught me how to forgive others. So beautiful.

Traci-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Mar. 2023
God revealed need for forgiveness

I have friends who have been Healing Hearts counselors for years. I myself, have taught Precept Upon Precept bible studies for years. As God would have it, I never participated in a Hem study while at the church where my friends counseled. At the right time though, 5 years after I moved, God presented the opportunity and I knew I needed to do a real heart evaluation. God has revealed the unforgiveness in my heart. I have repented of it, but the practice of breaking old habits has proven to be the real test. I am daily being given chances to live in light of His great mercy and love. Some of the circumstances are more difficult than others but He is ever faithful to be with me and remind me in those more tricky, difficult times that He is here and He loves me. That gives me the courage to love others when before, I would want to protect myself by building walls or pushing them away. Thank you Healing Hearts for proclaiming the truth of God`s Word over hurting hearts who need the healing of our Great and Awesome God!

RK -study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Mar. 2023
I can forgive

The Lord was truly the Lord in this study; Sovereign in all things and displayed His great control in all details of my life. He showed me I can forgive my dad and others who have hurt me the most because Jesus forgave me and set me free from the punishment of death. Jesus showed me that I am exactly where I need to be in life. I got to know Him more and more through the study. He showed me what He truly went through on the cross and how that is connected to everything in my life now and to live in and for Him.

J.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Feb. 2023
healing and then trust

This story will take you on a journey of healing, then trust. If you are struggling, especially in the areas of resentment, guilt, and have a hard time with forgiveness, this study is for you. You will come out healed, empowered and ready for a new journey in your walk with God.

BF-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Feb. 2023
now totally free

While I had already done a lot of work and received healing for the hurts, pain, and regrets of my past, God brought to my attention one area I had not dealt with. I still had anger in my heart towards Him as I blamed Him for not protecting me from this one incident. I am now totally free and can move on to the next steps God has for me whatever that might be at 72 years of age.

RD-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Feb. 2023
God`s Word

Healing Hearts Bible study blessed me with God`s word being the center of the study!

SJ-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Feb. 2023
scripture driven study

It was at a weekly in-depth bible study and I began to learn about God`s will for us and learned about ``The Hem Of His Garment``. With encouragement from my Christian friends, I committed to completing this bible study.

Through ``The Hem of His Garment``, I began to learn that though I had always known who God and Jesus were and loved them and wanted to grow closer to them, I had failed to really ask them into my life, confess and repent of my sins and give my will to Him. I failed to develop a relationship with them and educate myself through God`s word. I lived in my own will and though knowledgeable of the ten commandments, my character flaws led me to sin again and again, rationalizing all the while that my sins were justified.

Because I failed to put my relationship with God first in my life, I failed to nourish my children with all things leading them to God. I chose to handle everything myself and followed my own ungodly path of control and manipulations to have what I wanted and get by. I lied by omission and eventually to out and out lie, especially to my husband.

I worked hard, making more and more money to buy more and more things. I failed to pay bills on time and kept it a secret. I spent money irresponsibly trying to buy happiness for myself and my immediate family, rationalizing and blaming it on my husband`s alcoholism all the way.

My sins are mine, my sins against my husband were not justified. My sins were also against God. I had put false idols before God: money and worldly things and even idolized people I wanted to be more like. I have learned what idolization is and I choose not to idolize things of this world over God any more.

I have learned that God`s love, grace and mercy are all I need and He will provide all that I need. I learned a phrase from someone in the recent past, ``I can`t, but God can``. I no longer dwell in the past or have anxiety about the future, thanks to having God in my life.

God has given me salvation. A new word I learned fairly recently is sanctification. I know that if I stay in fellowship, confess and repent, God will cleanse me of my iniquities and help me stay strong spiritually.

I also learned that in spite of feeling like I was a humble person, I spent a lot of time being prideful and judgmental. I now know that pride is an abomination to the Lord and judgement is reserved for our Lord and Savior. He will be our avenger. I pray for the Lord to guide me, keeping me strong and free of these sins.

I know now about righteous and unrighteous anger. I need to remain humble like Jesus. I need to be humble and listen, reacting only as He would, not in a prideful and judgmental way; treating all others as I would want to be treated. I must practice forgiveness to others as without doing so, how can i expect to be forgiven?

This scripture-driven study brought hurts to light that I had buried decades ago. It was done so with such a kind approach that remembering them was not so traumatic as I expected. I have forgiven people without difficulty. Past hurts no longer have a hold on me. I am not a victim any longer in my own sick thinking of the past or otherwise.

Even though I am a widow, I was fairly ignorant about how God intended for men and women to conduct themselves in relationship and marriage. It certainly clarified the word ``obedience`` as spoken in the wedding vows. My marriage of 44 years was faithful with regard to sexual conduct, but I was not an obedient wife. The fact that God wants married couples to enjoy each other sexually was, well, I was never sure of myself. I now know God wants men and women to honor and enjoy one another and keep our minds clear of provocative ideas outside of our relationships.

I now feel better equipped for continued spiritual growth and service as God leads me due to my participation in this study. All thanks and praise to God for all the devoted followers and disciples who developed this study and others to help struggling people to heal spiritually.

Patty-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jan. 2023

The Hem of His Garment bible study transformed my relationship with the Lord through true healing and growth during the most difficult ``season`` in my life.

Kathryn-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jan. 2023
raised Christian

I was raised in a Christian family, went to church weekly, professed Christ and was baptized at age 12. Yet somehow I spent over 40 years in improper lesbian sexual relationships, which by the way I have always hated that word. The last relationship has been a 25 year monogamous relationship. Somewhere in the depths of my being I knew it was a wrong way of lifestyle, but I chose to ignore that. To my amazement, God never ignored me. I would try to attend church from time to time but I would feel so convicted, I would end up sobbing all through the the singing and worship. But God kept tugging at my heart.

I found my way to a BSF group 2 years ago during COVID. I was hungry for fellowship. We studied the book of Genesis, which I thought would be dry and repetitive, filled with history. What a surprise! The Holy Spirit used the book of Genesis to convict me and work in my heart that I wasn`t living a right lifestyle. My argument was that it would be so wrong and hurtful to my partner as well as kids (hers but ours) and grandkids.

The Holy Spirit persisted. After much struggling and resisting, I finally made the decision to break it off. And to my surprise, God started showing up in amazing ways! God used many people in my life to minister to me and love me: my family, Pastor and wife, friends in the new church I had started attending while I was struggling.

My sister, who is a Healing Hearts leader, suggested that I check a bible study out and that it might be very helpful for me. I decided to give it a try online. True to the name it became very healing for me. I was shown the sin I had allowed into my life, not just my sexual sin. Sins of selfishness, pride especially, and realizing how totally miserable I was because I was not living in confession to these sins.

I learned so much about grace (my now favorite word). I even named my cat Graycee! God is so God and faithful, and I pray to be aware everyday of the unmerited love and forgiveness God has provided through Christ. I wonder sometimes if God will lead me to a ministry for homosexuals. Currently, I am going to be working in our church ministry going in to the local jail.

Barb -study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jan. 2023

This study has helped me forgive others like I have been forgiven by the Lord. By letting go of offenses, it gives me so much freedom and peace. God`s grace was given to me when I don`t deserve it. I choose to walk in truth and let the Lord handle all the rest.

Barb -study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jan. 2023

This study has helped me forgive others like I have been forgiven by the Lord. By letting go of offenses, it gives me so much freedom and peace. God`s grace was given to me when I don`t deserve it. I choose to walk in truth and let the Lord handle all the rest.

CNWA-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Dec. 2022
choose a life well lived

If there were only one woman I could reach by telling my story, all the pain and suffering would have been worth it if it resulted in her giving her heart to the Lord and having a relationship with Him. After all, that is where happy endings happen.

I was always a people pleaser. I was driven to be accepted and got my identity from how I was accepted by other people. When my dad left us, I was 14 years old. My dad was my world and when he left it came crashing down around me and I was left lost and I felt alone.

Along came this young man who told me he loved me and I was the only one for him. We got engaged and I just knew he was going to be my forever husband. I gave him my heart, soul, and my body because to me he was already my husband. I didn`t see the warning flags, probably because I didn`t want to. I was afraid to lose him like I did my dad. Long story short, we married and I learned through five years of abuse (physical, emotional, and mental) that our marriage was over. I was not enough for him.

I began a downhill promiscuous lifestyle trying to fill the empty void in my heart with a man`s love. A place in my heart made by God, that only God could fill. I married again, again ignoring the warning signs because by this time I was walking in full disobedience and rebellion of God. Again came the abuse, just emotional and mental this time. Again, I was not good enough and he had an affair. We decided to stay together but we weren`t happy, we were just living together. We were going to church and getting counseling from our pastor and over many, many slow painful years our marriage became stronger.

What I would like for any woman struggling to find her identity and place in this world is to not seek to find it in people who are frail, fickle, and also struggling to find someone to complete them. After 59 + years I can say with all the assurance of someone my age who has gone through all those years of defeat and depression, the only way to your joy and fulfillment is to make the Lord God, your Creator, the Love of your life. Abide in Him. Fill yourself to the fullest in Him. Love Him with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind and you will find you are the cherished, most beloved daughter of the King of Kings. The One who gave you life and breath and knew every day of your life before you were even born. You will never be loved more by anyone than by God. Keep your eyes on Jesus, not on the world, and your treasure will be more than you could ever hope for. Choose God, choose life, a life well lived.

MB-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Dec. 2022
cast ALL your cares on Him

This bible study has brought me to a fresh place in Christ. When first saved, I could believe God, trust God, and cast all my cares on Him. However, as pain and turmoil entered my life, I began to take on ways to figure out how I could fix the problem. Throwing crumbs of prayers to the Lord, I started to wonder if He really hears me or cares.

This bible study has encouraged me once again to cast ALL my cares on Him. Hold no request back because in doing so, I begin to work things out in my own strength. That leads to doubt, anxiety, and fear.

I was so pleased and very thankful that this bible study truly consists mostly of bible reading. It pointed me not to the wisdom of man, but rather the scriptures. I saw some things that I never saw before. Other readings were a reminder to keep the course of forgiveness and commitment to the Lord.

I am so thankful for the time my counselor took out of her schedule to show compassion and encourage me in the Lord. God`s richest blessing in Christ to all who put their time and effort in offering the body of Christ this ministry.

CM-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Dec. 2022
decades of pain

This has been a truly amazing program for me. I am 78 years old and had issues due to a rape as a teenager. I have carried around the pain and lack of self worth and depression for years. Because of the way I was treated having a child out of wedlock in the 60`s in the Midwest, I felt shame and even though I was a Christian, I felt dirty and that God could never forgive me. I wish I would have done this study years ago. I feel forgiven and loved and closer to God. I have done numerous Bible studies and loved how this one has you read scripture and apply it to your life. Very personal. Sheila, my counselor, was wonderful. I believe God led me to this study and we to each other. A miracle since we live in different states.

Kendal-study: The Hem Of His Garment
6-Nov. 2022
loss of child

I truly feel that the Lord has revived my heart through this study. He really revealed to me the sin of bitterness that I have been harboring in my heart since my daughter died. My heart feels softened and renewed. I feel a sense of freedom that I haven`t experienced before in the last 8 years of my walk with the Lord! This life after child loss is not easy in any way, shape, or form. But when we fully surrender our lives to Christ and trust in His will for us, He will give us His strength and His grace to walk through whatever comes our way! Thank you, Healing Hearts.

Tammy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Oct. 2022
full of biblical wisdom

I went through this study with a desire to possibly lead other women (in my sphere of influence) through it one day. I was grateful for the study being full of biblical wisdom; always pointing the reader back to the truth found in God`s Word. It was a great refresher for me, and helped me focus on asking the Lord to show me any areas of unresolved hurt or trauma. It was a blessing for me to go through. Thank you

FAH-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Oct. 2022
from hurts and anger to rest

Before I started this study, I was about to explode from hurts and anger that I had been hiding inside. Then I felt the Lord telling me ``come to me and I will give you rest``. Great is His faithfulness. He did give me rest. He freed me from all that baggage I had been carrying for years. I can`t thank you enough for this study. Nothing really is impossible to Him. I believe I am healed. He revealed to me His love and forgiveness. In the same way, I have to share this to others. Digging in His word draws me more close to Him which gives me joy and peace. Praise God. May He use me in any way to give glory to His Name.

Kclovesgod-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Aug. 2022
break away from false beliefs

I am thankful for this study. It`s a great way to break out of our false beliefs. Hurts, hangups, habits. It is full of great verses from the word of God and how He wants us to be as His vessels (even broken vessels). I believe that if you want to really change from the old ways into new ways (being transformed Romans 12:2), studying and follow the guidelines of this study will help, even if you have been a follower of Jesus for years. Remember that God speaks through the word and even this study if you really want to be different from your old ways. Keep on keeping on to the high calling of God...phillipians 3:12-14. This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Melanie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Aug. 2022
have been a Christian entire life

This study has impacted me in ways I did not think would happen. I have learned more about what God has for his children, including myself. At the beginning of my healing, it was very difficult. I did not know how to cast my deepest cares, hurts, and wounds to God. As I worked through the units in this study, I noticed how I was understanding what God wants for me: a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. There were parts of this study where it was more challenging to work through. But by God`s grace and mercy, I did it! Only with Him I was able to work through these beautifully written units. I have been a Christian my entire life, but the way God and His Word were explained really helped me accept His love and forgiveness for me. Repentance had been my area of pride and fear. Now I repent more willingly knowing that God will never reject me. All in all, this study has been tremendous!

Gina-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Aug. 2022
tried to do on my own my whole life, God did in a year with this study

My name is Gina and I have never given testimony to the goodness of God all my life. I am choosing to obey and share what the Lord has done in my life, in this year. When I started this `Hem of His Garment` bible study, I was not anywhere convinced that He could save and rescue me because I have felt so dirty and ashamed. I didn`t know that coming in though. I thought I was justifiably angry and bitter. I couldn`t figure out why life has been so difficult. I blamed everyone around me. I literally hated everyone and had sunk so low that I couldn`t speak to people, even if I wanted or needed to. It was interfering with my job, friendships, and family. I was so confused as to why I couldn`t look anyone in the eyes and if you came across me, I was abrupt, selfish, jealous, unapproachable, and not a nice person. I have a tough exterior so that no one could see inside me. The anger was also all about me. I held on to it so that I could be obviously excused of the exact behaviors that I hated my parents for. This way I felt no fault. Through this study something amazing happened when I discovered just how much Jesus loves me, His sacrifice was BEYOND! I learned that He was always with me, through all of the abuse towards me AND all the abuse I caused. JESUS` HEART WAS ALWAYS TURNED TOWARDS ME IN ALL MY FILTH WAITING FOR ME TO BELIEVE AND HE EVEN LEFT THE 99 TO FIND ME! OH WHAT FREEDOM AND JOY THIS HAS BROUGHT. I felt a great cleansing by this study, I feel like all prayers were answered as far as turning over every stone in my life that has been a stumbling block and had me in great bondage. Deep bondage feels demonic. A searched and cleansed heart feels holy. I learned how to fight the enemy and that the ONLY way to fight him is with the Word of God. I learned I didn`t wrestle and war with flesh and blood, but by the power and principalities of the air, so now instead of trying to fight my own battles, I am doing what I can in my power, then handing the rest over to Him. All this repentance and time in the Word has changed me. I desire friendships and I`ve made amends to my family for my imprisoning them with unforgiveness, I want to be in the Word because this is the ONLY WAY TO SUPERNATURALLY gain freedom. What I tried to do on my own my whole life, God did in a year with this study. I love the simplicity of my relationship with Jesus. He doesn`t demand anything from me but to love the Lord my God with all of my heart, and love others. I can just talk to Him and tell Him everything and sit with Him and receive His goodness, mercy and grace. I am no longer filled with loneliness because I know who loves me and will always be open to me, and nothing, absolutely nothing can take me away from Him.

DHG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2022

My life was in the darkest place. I thought there was no place to return to after the loss of my daughter, who was 28. She left behind two young children: boy and girl 9 and 10. Next came the loss of my mother, 4 months later due to a wicked death from COVID. My life was already in a shamble, but this was over the top. I needed help and the only help in my life I knew is God. My sister, Elana, had always told me I need to have a relationship with God. I always thought I had one. This study, The Hem of His Garment, helped me so much. I am now able to have peace. My heart is no longer hard and the walk is amazing. I have so much more to say. I do recommend this study for anyone who feels like their life has no meaning or purpose here in this world. Having a relationship with God is where it is at. I am able to have a new life in the Lord`s way as I continue to walk with him. Thank you Lord, for all you do and have done. God is real I suggest this study for everyone. There is a new life awaiting as you get to know God.

N.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2022
excellent reminder

Healing Hearts an excellent reminder, refresher course, on things I already have learned in scripture. It has been both convicting and encouraging because I am constantly learning, more and more, to lean in on the Grace of God that I didn`t deserve but is provided, so abundantly, for my benefit. I think that it has helped to build my skills and scripture knowledge for sharing hope and encouragement to other women who are struggling to find God and overcome the consequences of sin in their lives because of His power to give grace to all.

MJC-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2022

Going into this study, I figured it would be more of the same: Lots of bible-speak and not much depth or deeper truth to really cause any change in my life. I have never been one to say a study, or anything else for that matter, was life changing. I`m not given to theatrics or giddiness. If something does not move the Spirit in me, I will be truthful and say so. I have gone through many studies, just going through the motions and trying hard to glean new and exciting lessons from my study time. Mostly I`ve been left dry and searching, and frustrated that I spent yet another 10 weeks or so, filling my study time with blather and words. My expectation was blown with this study. I have been a Christian for a long time, yet have not experienced or understood forgiveness like I do now. I thought I understood, and definitely talked the talk, but once I was `forced` to look at truth, truth from a solid, unapologetic biblical standpoint, I have been humbled to my core. So many wasted years not fully immersed in humility that arises from a basic, soul shattering understanding of what Christ did for me: His atoning sacrifice, His bloodshed, His agony. All of it so I can be forgiven and stand at the right hand of God, not condemned. How dare I not forgive others, when they have not done even a quarter to me of what I have inflicted on Jesus? How dare I hold onto grudges and try to make others pay for their wrongs, when Christ never held onto any of my sins, but took them upon Himself and bore my shame, so that I could be free? What a paradigm shift in perspective! Even though I am well beyond newly married, I praise God that He has so perfectly laid out in His word, the roles of men and women and the standard that they are to attain to in a marriage relationship. Even though I may have known these truths in theory, I did not follow them, and have suffered many natural consequences of my sinful choices. God has used those choices in my life, and in the life of my husband, to sanctify and grow us and to draw us ever closer to Himself. I praise God for His mercies and for His perfect will. I have learned that God doesn`t punish us anymore as He did in the old testament, but He allows natural consequences of our choices to teach us, if we turn to Him in humility and allow Him to lovingly sanctify us through the consequences. I cannot grumble about what He is allowing, because what I deserve is death. But I can rejoice that what He allows is perfect for me, and keeps me in His fold and keeps me focused on Him. I have learned that I no longer want to control or manipulate my life to get what I want, but I strive to seek to glorify God with all of my choices. God has shown me what things in my life I have allowed to become idols and He is guiding me through the process of cutting down my asherah poles and tearing down the high places, so that He can reign supreme over all areas of my life. This sanctification process is the hardest, because I have practiced the sin of idolatry, self worship, for so long. God shows me daily how much time I have spent in the past focusing on things that are temporal and of this world, and have no meaning in eternity. He is so patient with me as I work through obliterating these idols and giving all to Him, focusing solely on glorifying Him and pleasing Him above all else. So, yes...this study has changed my life, because it has changed my heart. I can honestly say it has been one of, if not the, most eye opening, life changing, humbling, truth telling studies I have ever done. Thank you for this study. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! To Him be the glory forever and ever!

Lisa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2022

This study came in a crucial season I was in after Covid. I had personal loss, but my childhood trauma resurfaced and I knew once and for all I had to take to the Lord. The study helped me tremendously.

Meredith B-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2022
renewing my mind

The Hem of His Garment has been an instrumental part of my journey towards wholeness in Christ. Through the study I was able to uncover several wrong patterns of thinking that were holding me captive. I am so grateful for the time my counselor spent with me and the hours of time I spent in the study and in prayer. God has been renewing my mind and freed me for HIS glory and set me on a path toward knowing Him increasingly more each day. Hallelujah!

Rebekah P.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2022

This study has been one of the best, if not the best, studies God has placed in my life. For years I was struggling with deep emotions and issues that I thought I could just ignore and they would go away. Little did I know that by trying to hide those issues from myself and my loved ones, I was only hurting myself and those around me more because of the shame I was feeling. God would keep on pulling at those painful moments in my life until I finally brought them to light. Through this study, through God`s will, I was finally in a place where I felt safe to tell my past and confess my sins so that I could get help from the people God had placed in my life. This study helped me realize I was not alone and that no matter what I had done, or what had happened to me throughout my life, Jesus was always there with me, guiding me and leading me down a new path that leads to love, light and forgiveness. It was just up to me to finally choose that path; choose Christ over myself. For a long time I had turned my back on Him and tried to do things my own way, but He never turned His back on me. Through this study and the Godly people that were placed in my life, I was brought back to Christ and I found true love and true forgiveness. I highly recommended this study because despite what we feel or what we think, God has a plan for us. No matter what we have done in our lives or had done to us, Jesus wants to be there for us to love and comfort us. Jesus is all about our heart condition and I can honestly say after doing this study I have a new sense of freedom in my spirit, freedom from my past, and freedom from worrying about the future because I know Jesus is always with me.

Jillian M-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2022
changed desire

Over the years I have slowly grown a massive stock of problems. I have learned from this study, and from reading more of the bible, that this bile needs to be disassembled and piece by manageable piece given to God. I in no way wanted to begin this process before I began this study. I would avoid every opportunity I had to approach and take apart. After completing this study, I have a desire to take apart, accept and give every piece I can find to God because He is the only one that can take them. Every chapter in this study gave me a desire to keep going, keep living, keep reading. No action is too great, no problem too big, The Lord is there and always will be. I am not walking this path to salvation alone, I am walking with God and his Son, Jesus Christ, made that possible. I hope many will take this same journey and grow a love and willingness to take God`s hand as they live their life.

Lori-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Mar. 2022
from sloppy spiritual habits to meaningful, life-giving relationship

I was raised in an alcoholic family where verbal abuse, physical danger and neglect were my normal. When I was 13, I was in a go-cart accident that broke my hip, gave me a concussion, but no medical treatment was provided. For thousands of miles, on several cross country trips, I was a passenger while my Dad drove intoxicated and my parents yelled at each other. My parents divorced when I was 16 years old and I plunged into a life of drinking, sex and was raped multiple times before I was 18. Panic attacks started after I experimented with marijuana. Fortunately, it scared me so severely that I never smoked again. I entered university broken and scared because I was still having panic attacks.

Through friends and campus Christian organizations I realized that Jesus was the Son of God and He wanted a relationship with me. I became a Christian, married a wonderful Christian man and we had three children. Life was good, but I still dealt with fear and trauma from my childhood and severe pain from my hip that was deteriorating from arthritis.

Then health issues began to happen with all of my children. My youngest son was in so much abdominal pain that he contemplated suicide, he later told me. The pain of watching all three of my children suffer for so long and without a diagnosis, put me into a severe depression. After three long years it was determined that my two sons have Crohn’s disease and my daughter has PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)and IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

From the go-cart accident as a child, I’ve had both hips replaced and have had to learn to walk correctly after 30 years of pain and compensating for the pain with poor posture. I was angry at my parents for not protecting me and providing the medical help that I needed. I was living with depression, fear and shame. I was angry and fearful of God because my children have incurable diseases.

Through the study, The Hem of His Garment, I came to realize that I had gotten into sloppy spiritual habits. I wasn’t telling myself the promises found in God’s word. I had let the fear of man and feelings control my thoughts and actions. I wasn’t forgiving others while Christ has lavished His forgiveness on me. Healing Hearts Ministry provided discipleship with an amazing counselor and encouraged study of God’s word, which has shown me how to have a meaningful, life-giving relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, regardless of my life circumstances.

KT-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Mar. 2022
only Christ`s forgiveness

This study has been a portal for me to receive true healing from God. I didn`t realize how much the struggle to forgive myself spread, manifested, and poisoned my life. I didn`t realize that I had completely separated God from self-forgiveness and was quite literally killing myself trying to forgive myself in my own human capacity and ability.

The more I tried and failed, the further I fell into spiritual attacks. I believed I wasn`t meant to survive the abuse and that I had defied God yet again, defied death, and was then living a stained, miserable, worthless life because I wasn`t supposed to live anyway. I started to believe this was penance for choosing a man, and the most wicked one at that, over my God. I isolated myself from everyone to try to hide, mask, and contain my ugly. Memories and reminders plagued me into spiral depression and anxiety so potent that it physically manifested and made me sick. I was in the emergency room 3 or 4 different times throughout this study.

On one of the ER visits the day before, I read the message that we are not called to achieve self-forgiveness, and especially not for our own healing because Christ is the only One who can provide true healing to us through His Blood.

The devil had been attacking me so hard because I was about to come into true healing and freedom. The second I read those words in that section of the self-forgiveness unit, I burst into loud sobs, of both relief and sorrow, all in the most gorgeous ways. I realized I have struggled with something that is so simple and accessible in this ``world``.

I felt the physical weight of my unforgiveness, shame, bitterness and bitter struggle, the weight of a true ``dog fight`` almost to my own demise, for my life and spirit quite literally and instantaneously release off of me, truly like broken shackles. Understanding that I was not called to forgive myself as it`s already been paid for and erased in and through the blood of Christ has changed my life forever. Praise God, and thank you Healing Hearts!

TW-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Jan. 2022
recommend to every woman

This is a comprehensive study that truly digs down to the heart of the matter, whatever it may be. I knew I was in need of healing but did not fully realize the cause or depth until I completed this study. It helped me to pinpoint and iron out a lot of things that had been free-floating around in my mind and heart. I love how this study has made the ``healing scriptures`` easy to find and read, and I believe I have touched the Hem of His garment by doing this study. I would recommend it to every woman in need of spiritual help and healing.

Stephanie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Jan. 2022
great next step

I completed the Binding Up study and considered my next steps. I`m so grateful I decided to do the Hem of His Garment. I highly recommend it for those who have completed Binding Up already. I was able to grasp more truths, to release more lies and to grow closer to our Father through this study because of the healing I had already done. It was a great next step!

CM-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Dec. 2021

Navigating through life long shame and guilt casted on me, this was so helpful to explore and learn truly what God says about it, and the price Jesus paid for us. Shame and guilt are not from Him. Evaluating deeply and exploring this has been profound in my walk. So grateful for Healing Hearts!

MS-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Dec. 2021

I came across this study, I believe, on Facebook. I decided to start this study to see if there was any unhealed areas of my life that God had to deal with. This study has been a blessing to me. I have had a turbulent life full of trauma, betrayal, rejections and abandonment. In this study, I had to give it all to God if I wanted to be completely healed from the inside out. There were some chapters that really hit home and I was led to face it. It was not easy, but with God all things are possible. I have learned that when we allow God to enter our lives and do the healing, the mending, and the fixing and live a life of obedience, He will in turn, give you beauty for ashes. My life was a life of disobedience and I have paid a hefty price for it. In this study, I had to forgive and ask for forgiveness. I have had to make amends with those that have hurt me. God has commanded us in His word to forgive all those that have hurt us, not once but many times over. God wants us to live according to His will and His ways are so much better. I was going through a divorce as we`d been separated for 4 years. I had to forgive my spouse for his abandonment and rejection towards me. This study helped me to genuinely forgive him. I am now in a new season where God will make all things new in my life as I walk with Him in holiness, righteousness and obedience. I highly recommend this study to all woman. It will have you search your heart in all areas and as you allow the Lord to enter, He will heal you and give you beauty for ashes.

TS-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Dec. 2021
Forgiveness is freeing

Forgiveness is so freeing. It is healing and it immediately allows you to love others like never before. It has brought me closer to the Lord. I have learned so much. I have learned some incredible tools.

Abby -study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Dec. 2021
meaningful study of scripture

The Hem of His Garment is a deep and meaningful study of Scripture. Through the richness of His Word and the wisdom of a kind and caring mentor, I have been able to submit my heart to God`s tender instruction more and more. This study has helped deepen my walk with Jesus and increased my desire to help others as they walk. The depth of my sin and the depth of His mercy, sacrifice, and understanding stand out in my mind. These truths make me appreciate the beauty of the cross more than before.

L-study: The Hem Of His Garment
16-Nov. 2021
stronger and wiser

I have known about the Hem study for a long time, but had never gone through it. Although I have been a believer for many years, in His always perfect timing, God met me where I was. He showed me things I hadn`t been willing to look at before. I feel stronger and wiser, and I`m very thankful that I had a counselor to walk along side me and challenge me to dig deeper, as well as to stand with me when things got tough.

Carmen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
11-Nov. 2021
I have been set free

This study has helped to draw me to a deeper understanding and finally acceptance of my nature as evil before I had Jesus in my heart. God knows my beginning from the end yet His love is so great for me that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be the perfect sacrifice for my sins. He has given me the free gift of His grace, mercy and forgiveness which I humbly and gratefully accept. He is faithful to His word in 1 John 1:9 that because I have confessed my sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive me of my sins and to cleanse me of all unrighteousness. That is all that is required of me; to confess and trust in the truth of His promise and accept His forgiveness. I can do nothing to cleanse my heart or my conscience on my own. If I try to hang on to the guilt for the sins of my past then according to vs. 10, I am calling God a liar and saying all the torture, pain, loneliness and abandonment that Jesus went through to take on ALL my sins was not enough. I no longer listen to the lies of Satan and hang on the pride of self and put myself higher than Jesus. I gratefully accept the forgiveness of my Jehova Rapha to heal my heart of the affects from the abominable lifestyle I had chosen in my youth; including the four abortions plus a fifth one I had persuaded my daughter to have at the age of 15. God`s never ending love in me gives me the strength to face the consequences of my past with assurance that He will never leave me or forsake me. I can understand now that God did this because His original design when He first made man was to have a relationship with him. There is no God stronger or mightier than He is and His will will be done for those who believe and trust in Him alone. I thank God that what Satan meant for evil God will turn for good and that I have been set free because of His great love.

Marnie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
11-Nov. 2021
wounded and broken, to healed and whole

This study has been incredibly helpful! It took me from a deeply difficult time, wounded and broken, to healed and whole! I`m in a better place than I have ever been faith wise, and emotionally and psychologically. I am amazed at the detail of healing and hope that this study has provided me. It was better than counseling, in my opinion, because it helps us to rely on, and confide in God, who created us and knows every single detail about us and exactly what we need anyway.

N-study: The Hem Of His Garment
11-Nov. 2021
from South Africa, no boundaries

I would like to give God the glory for leading me to this study and it was in His perfect time. South Africa went into a `lockdown 3` situation because of the covid pandemic, and I found myself asking the Lord what He wanted me to do in this time. The shelter, MES (I minister to 15 ladies there) had also closed down due to covid affecting most of the residents. I believe I was led by the Lord to Healing Hearts as the Lord had confirmed it. The counselor that had been assigned to me was Andrea. We were discussing SA locking down and she mentioned that her niece had come back from Rwanda due to the covid. I had been asked by a friend to pray for her granddaughter, who was working in Rwanda but had now also returned to SA. Her name is Andre`a. We joked with one another, saying, imagine if they knew one another. Well, it did not surprise us both that they did know one another in Rwanda. How amazing is our God???? Across the seas......God has no boundaries in His body! I have walked with the Lord for 22 years and done Precept Bible Studies for the past 20 years, so I really was just wanting to gain insights on how I could help those that I am discipling at the moment. How more wrong could I have been? God, in His wisdom, knew exactly why He wanted me to do this study. Part of His plan is to sanctify us and make us into the image of His Son. In doing this course, the Lord showed me things that I truly thought I had dealt with a long time ago, but deep in the recesses of my heart was unforgiveness, resentment, and bitterness that I had not dealt with. Now was the time that the Lord could bring to light that which was hidden in darkness. He is such a Gentleman, as He dealt and showed me the very things that I struggled with and He showed me the week before we dealt with it in our study. I am able to stand and proclaim that His Word is Truth and that He is faithful to fulfill that which He has purposed. I also would like to thank the Lord for Andrea. She always encouraged me. May the Lord bless you all and this ministry. ALL GLORY TO HIM!!!

Carolina-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Nov. 2021
restoration and healing

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for walking with me and Sharon in these 10 weeks. You opened my heart and mind, for me to understand how You bring restoration and healing to my broken heart! Repentance and confession! Thank You for Your truth in the Word, for renewing my mind and changing my heart! Sharon was tender, compassionate, and loving. She truly showed me the love of the Lord! Thank you, Sharon!

GO-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Aug. 2021
free from unforgiveness

This study allowed me to be free from unforgiveness that I have carried around for most of my adult life. It was gentle and full of God’s truth, enabling the Holy Spirit to soften my heart and make me want to forgive. I am grateful to be free from the burden of hurt that was continuing to cause me pain. Thank you, Sue, for sharing your story so others could heal and experience freedom.

MG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Aug. 2021
power of God`s word

Through HH I learnt the power of God`s Word and how it lovingly sifts out lies to replace them with truth. Each unit spoke to me in a significant way that has shaped my godly identity. I cannot recommend this course enough!

A.F.H.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Jul. 2021
trust the process

This study taught me to ``let go and let God``. I carried for so long, a baggage that wasn`t mine to bear. Just because you`re used to the weight of the luggage doesn`t mean it`s yours to carry. Boy! Does it feel light to be luggage free! I evaluated myself from an objective lens and I saw and still continue to see just how faithful God has been. I experienced the true meaning of ``the joy of the Lord`` and it sure gave me strength. I went from resentment and anger to praying for my enemies and wishing them well. JESUS DID IT! HE DEFINITELY DID THIS ONE! And my loving Father is waiting for you to come share in His joy. It`s real. All you have to do is trust the process.

Marlene-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Jul. 2021
clear insight

I can tell you from my own experience that I have seen how God`s Word can give clear insight and once I saw it and read it, it became a part of me. I thank all of you who made this possible and I am so grateful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus. May I do what is pleasing in His sight and grow in the grace and the Knowledge of the whole Godhead. Amen and Amen.....

Sal-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jun. 2021
worthy of Jesus` love

The Healing Hearts program is completed. Thank you so much, Mr. Miller, for taking the time to make sure I could read the written lessons by making it possible to make the print bigger for less eye strain. The best thing is I have my notebook for reference when my flesh wants to go back to the old ways.

I forgave the people who abused me as a child and forgave those people in relationships that were not healthy for me. It`s been a battle for a long time because the devil always said I was not worthy enough for Jesus` love. The lessons were full of scriptures. One of the leaders told us we do not need to turn to self-help books for answers. Jesus took all that to the cross so it is finished. Thank you so much, Eileen and Luann for all the time you took calling us every week and sending uplifting cards to keep us all on track. Best thing ever is I have new friends - sisters in Christ. Blessings Always

Lisa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jun. 2021
healing in mental health

I started this study for healing in my mental health due to issues surrounding the addiction of loved ones. It escalated anxiety and depression in me. As I worked through examining my heart and mind via the layout of studying God`s word through the study, I discovered so much more to my healing journey. I had lingering issues with accepting God`s forgiveness of my own sin from the time before I was a Christian. Every chapter uncovered deep-rooted strongholds, shame, hurt, and guilt I didn`t know I needed to address. While I can feel God`s healing in the aftermath of my children`s addiction, I also feel His healing within my own heart and mind from my past, and sin, as well. Doing the study and then having a candid and honest discussion made it possible for me to hear God in both scenarios and opened my heart to what I couldn`t see by only doing one or the other. What a blessing at a perfect moment in my life journey.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jun. 2021
blessed by study

I was really blessed by this study along with a great counselor. I have a peace that I am going to hold on to as I move forward.

KH -study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jun. 2021
set free to walk forward

God met with me in this course in some of the most painful parts of my heart. He has and is gently bringing His healing. Through this course I have also gained the tools and understanding to walk forward with Him. Even though I have completed this course on line, and my counselor is physically far away, I have been amazed at how God has brought us spiritually together as though we were in the same room. From being completely bound up in my own attempts to protect my own heart, God has gently unwound the bondage and is setting me free to walk forward. I feel I am just at the beginning of my journey and I now have a greater hope in him.

mtv-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jun. 2021
healed from all abuse

There is power in the name of Jesus. The sword of the spirit is the word of God. This study has enriched and empowered me to continue in my journey of sanctification to continue to be used by God by His power and His grace. God calls us to be still and know that He is God. This study has brought me into the presence of God in an intimate way. I felt His presence reaching my heart and reminding me that by HIS stripes my heart has been healed of all the abuse I suffered in my life. JESUS who was holy and without blemish took all our infirmities upon that cross forever and ever. I stand in victory and without blemish because of HIM! Praise HIS holy name!

Mary-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jun. 2021
God is always good and always loving

I began the study with the goal in mind of having victory over my fears and phobias. I felt like I had failed again, as I thought that unless you have victory over all, you do not have victory at all. I prayed and sought the LORD and asked Him what He would have me do. ``The LORD is gracious and kind, slow to anger, abounding in love...``

The LORD taught me many things through this study. He used the guidance of my godly counselor who is filled with the same love and compassion that Jesus is and has godly wisdom. I was able to unravel and identify ``triggers`` that cause me fear and anxiety, worry, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness!! The LORD gently healed my heart and changed my perspective.

My earthly father was abusive and angry. I never felt loved or accepted by my Dad. Because of the study and the guidance of my counselor, I was able to see that God protected me from even worse hurt or abuse. I was able to understand that our Heavenly Father has promised us in His Word over and over that He loves us with an ``everlasting love``.

Jesus has shown us how much He loves us by His sacrifice on the cross. The chapter about the cross was the most difficult chapter in this study for me. Until we realize how much Jesus loves us, we cannot understand how deeply our sin hurts Him.

The chapter on forgiveness helped me understand what it truly means to forgive from the heart as Jesus commands us to do. It helped me let go of past hurts and focus on what is truly the most important thing - my relationship with Jesus.

The chapter on marriage helped me see that God blessed me with a gentle, kind, and loving husband. It convicted me to be a better wife and God put a ``new love`` in my heart for my husband.

This study also helped me ``see`` with clarity that even though we fail, and especially because we fail, we need to abide!! We need to press into The LORD all the more and ``if we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness``.

I desire to always seek The LORD, to abide in Him, to rest in Him, to always be in communication with Him, and to trust Him more. This study has helped me grow closer to Jesus and for that, I can say, I have victory in Jesus and I love Him with all my heart.

The prayer of my heart is that someone may read my testimony and be encouraged that God is always good and always loving and He is always waiting for us to come to Him. I am so thankful to my counselor for her patience with me and for coming along side me to help me and guide me through God`s promises. The best I can say is that any time spent with the LORD is time well spent. God bless!!

SJ-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Mar. 2021
deeper intimacy with God

God has absolutely worked through this study to bring me closer to Him. Close study of the Scriptures along with many self-reflection questions have lead to conviction, repentance, peace, healing, and a deeper intimacy with God.

KO-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Mar. 2021
God`s mercy and grace

When I started this study, I was going through a tough time financially and in my marriage. God has blessed me so much since I started this and started to rely on Him more. I have received many financial breakthroughs at times where I didn`t even know where I was going to get money to buy food for my family and me. My husband has been clean and sober and we have been able to combat our child custody case because God has provided us a way. I am so grateful and thankful for God`s mercy and grace.

gwenn-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Mar. 2021
I was stuck

I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to go through this bible study, The Hem of His Garment. I was in a stuck place, not able to get past some hurts in my life. Over the course of this study, I sensed God meeting me in those places in my life and gently walking with me through those waters into a place of blessing. For that I am eternally thankful to Jesus` sacrifice on the cross for me, and the power of God`s Word to speak into my heart for His glory.

M.E.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Jan. 2021
forever grateful

This bible study has taught me to live again. I learned about bitterness and anger inside me, that I had held onto for years. This study has taught me how to free my life of the things that were holding me down. I feel like a new person. I have grown closer to The Lord and His word and understand it so much better now. This has made me want to continue to grow and live a grace filled life. I will be forever grateful.

Frani -study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Jan. 2021
deep heart surgery

This study has been the deep heart surgery that I have needed for a long time. My counselor, I believe, was assigned to me by the Lord. She was so gracious, patient and honest, reminding me of the truth of God`s word. Strongholds in bondage that have clung to me like it was my own skin have been exposed by the Light of Christ. I`m able to walk in freedom by the name that has been given to me, ``child of God``. Sin and shame are called for what they are and each sin given a name allowing freedom from their grasp. I have recommended this study to my friends as it had been recommended to me.

S.A.W.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jan. 2021
forgiveness for assault

God showed me that I had internalized an assault to the point that I believed I could not trust even Him. But He said that He would heal me from that pain, if I just stepped out on my faith, and grab a hold of His hands, He would walk with me through the pain. That is what I did, through this study. This study for me was God`s gracious and loving extended hands. I am so grateful to have been blessed by it. I was released from that painful memory of the assault, and from the bondage and sin of unforgiveness towards the offender. I also received a spiritual truth as to why forgiveness is so important in the life of every believer. It is because of what it cost Jesus Christ on Calvary, taking with Him and upon Himself the penalty for the forgiveness of our sins. Praise be to God that I have been forgiven and set free from the sin of unforgiveness, and I choose to live and walk in victory, and in the Light of His truth. Thank you Healing Hearts Ministries, and Counselors. May the Lord continue to bless the works of this ministry`s outstretched hands to those who need an inner healing, where only the divine hands of God can reach in, touch, heal, and restore what has been wounded and broken.

Debra-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jan. 2021
unconditional love and grace

I have lived my life feeling different, damaged, invisible, hopeless and worthless. I had learned to hold everything in and pretend everything was fine, when it wasn`t. This study was a blessing and at the same time difficult because it made me dig deep within myself. Once I did, I was able to face my pain and hurt. This study reminded me of God`s unconditional love and grace.

Monica-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jan. 2021
powerful study

This is a powerful study that impacts and changes lives. My life was changed and transformed as I began this study with a broken and bitter heart. Through this study I acquired the skills and tools to walk with boldness in Jesus Christ. Jesus in His love taught me how to forgive and be set free from the lies and bondages of satan. I am so thankful for this ministry. I know now that if we seek Jesus with a sincere and humble heart he will open the doors. I had been searching for deliverance from my past and out of no where he brings a friend whom I hadn`t seen in 20 years to share Healing Heats site with me. She shared her testimony of how she had been delivered from her past wounds. This impacted so much that it moved something in my heart. Wow! Talk about God moving mountains! I am a walking testimony of God`s love and deliverance. Sister/brother Jesus has a plan for you life. Allow him to use this ministry to deliver you from your wounds. In Jesus Name!

Donna E-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Nov. 2020
identity in Christ

This study came to me at a time when I knew His Word and what my identity in Christ was, BUT, I had this ``monkey on my back`` for years that left me constantly struggling to accept my worth in His kingdom. I could not shake the ``yeah, buts`` of my past sins, no matter how many times I knew that they were not held against me. I might not have all the answers of my past, but I do have the reassurance that He will give answers when it is time. I choose to put my trust in Him and that promise and I will be remember my identity is in Him always and forever.

Julie -study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Nov. 2020
I was confused, distressed and tormented

I came to this study confused, distressed and tormented. I had anger, bitterness and anxiety burning inside me. I have come to understand more clearly exactly what Jesus has done for me. God has shown me how and why He loves me, something which I could never understand. He has given me courage to step away from fears that overwhelmed me and to let go of what I can do nothing about. He has taught me, yet again, to trust Him. My understanding and dependence on and hope in Him has been refreshed and I face each day (and night) with peace in my heart and mind. The LORD has renewed my joy in Him and I can not help but share that and look at other people as those that either share in that joy or those that do not know the Lord and His goodness and love for them. I pray that He will use me to show them His love so that they too would come to know His forgiveness, peace, love and freedom.

Janine-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Oct. 2020

This has really cleared out the baggage that I`ve been carrying around for years and years. I feel lighter and more calm than I`ve felt in forever! Thank you God for being there for me when I didn`t deserve it, and for never leaving my side! God is GOOD!!!

Natalie -study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Oct. 2020
Life Changing

Although a born-again church-goer, I began this study very distant from my Lord and Savior. I was constantly plagued by feelings of self-doubt, lack of trust for others, thoughts of wishing suicide, very impure thoughts toward others, and was very prideful and arrogant in my broken and lonely state. I remember constantly blaming, God, others, and circumstances for my situations, and constantly plunging deeper and deeper into self-doubt and despair. Praise God, this study showed me my heart, frees me to believe that I am a child of God despite my weaknesses, and enabled me to break the chains of emptiness and despair that bound me. I am free to love, instead of hating and scorning others, and most of all I`m free to love with all my heart my precious Lord and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. It means so much to know that someone knows everything you are and could be and have done and love you anyway. Please, if you are hurting, consider committing to this study! It is life changing!

Michelle T-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Oct. 2020
unbearable weight

Prior to enrolling in Healing Hearts, I hid from God, carrying an unbearable weight of guilt and shame for my sin, as well as for the sins of others. Although I accepted Christ at 19, faithfully attended church services, and midweek small group meetings, I failed to cultivate my personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and Bible study for several years. I had forgotten my First Love amidst problems, trials, and deep-seated emotional pain. In my mind and heart, the latter loomed large, while God Himself seemed distant, condemning, and could never listen to or accept me. Attempting to dull such internal turmoil, I turned to other ``god`` at various points- food, academic excellence, busyness, work, friends, and marriage. I even met with many biblical counselors, who lovingly shone the light of truth on my sinful responses to others` sin. I, in turn, was shocked at their lack of compassion, and quickly grew bitter with them. According to my vantage point, everyone- especially my husband, various family members, church leaders, and even counselors- needed to repent for the ways they had sinned against me. However, as I quickly down-spiraled to a place marked by suicidal thoughts and self-injury, I finally decided to enroll in Healing Hearts online. As I journeyed through the study, I discovered that it was time for me to remove the speck from my own eye, in order to see the speck in my brother`s eye (Mt. 7:3-5). From the beginning, the Lord helped me to move out of the darkness and shadows, into the light of His truth, grace, love, and forgiveness. As I finally humbled myself and poured out my heart before Him, I was surprised by the following song lyrics that echoed in my mind. ``You`re the God who stays. You`re the One who walks in my direction when the whole world walks away. You`re the God who stands with arms open wide, and You tell me nothing I have ever done could separate my heart from the God who stays.`` While I had chosen to wander away, God remained faithful, gracious, and unchanging, and was calling me to return to intimate fellowship with Himself, just as I was. Thus, began the process of healing that I never thought was imaginable or possible. Soon after, as I spent quite a bit of time confessing patterns of unrighteous anger, the Lord repeatedly reminded me of the brevity of life (James 4:14). Like never before, I was cut to the heart by the amount of time I had wasted blowing up about insignificant matters, particularly in my marriage. By the end of that week, I felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic sweep through my county as the public school where I worked, library, and churches all closed their doors. Through this abrupt turn of events, the Lord removed more distractions, jealous for my unhurried time and attention. The week before Easter, the study led me through portions of the four Gospels, where I saw the sufferings of Christ afresh. How desperately I needed to be reminded that I belong to a Savior who understands what it is like to be mocked, ridiculed, and rejected. Rather than running away from Him during such moments, I could draw near, because the veil has been torn in two. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the kind and gracious work of conviction the Lord did in my heart as He revealed past sins that needed to be confessed. He granted me the gift of repentance as He pierced my heart with the gravity of longstanding pride, selfishness, deception, angry outbursts, foolishness, and busyness. Prior to working through this study, I was blind to the depth of my pride, and the extent to which I had drifted from Jesus and lived for myself and the things of this world. He crushed strongholds of hatred, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Although I had read Ephesians 4:31-32 and Hebrews 12:5 several times in the past, I saw like never before that I had sinned in response to others` offenses, and needed to repent, deny myself, forgive as Christ had forgiven me, and trust Him with the outcome. As a result, my thinking radically shifted from ``Look what they`ve done to me!`` to ``Look what I`ve done to God!`` Last but not least, the Lord showed me that I had sinned against several individuals, many of whom I had not seen or spoken to for quite awhile. As I sent emails and text messages, repenting for specific acts of gossip and slander, I did not know what to expect. To my great surprise, the majority extended grace and forgiveness to me!! All glory, praise, and honor to Him!!

L-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Oct. 2020
marriage struggled

My husband and I had struggled our whole married life to communicate and find closeness and appreciation for one another. This study brought forgiveness and healing of many issues that we struggled with and brought peace and respect to our marriage. It is a study of God`s word and grace and His forgiveness for all our unrighteousness.

RR-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Sep. 2020
truly forgive

What a wonderful program. It truly aligns the Word of God to our past/daily lives. It corrects us with the Word of God itself. It deeply explains God`s love for us through His son, Jesus Christ, and how He came to give us life, more abundantly. This lesson taught me the Godly fundamentals of breaking the chains of my past, and how to truly forgive. God has the power to restore all things!

eg-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Sep. 2020
bitterness to healed

I was able to learn that I had a lot of bitterness in my heart. Thanks to this study, my heart is healed. I understand now that you can hide bitterness in your heart and not be aware of it.

DO-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Sep. 2020
more peace

I thank God for this ministry. My relationship with the Lord has gotten stronger. Some addictions are gone and I have more peace of Christ in my life. Thank you and God bless you for all that you do!!

Rebecca-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Sep. 2020
study was hard at first

This study was hard at first. I came in depressed and confused about Jesus and scripture. I had struggled with self harm, anorexia and bulimia in different cycles. I had been through abuse and bad relationships. What is important is God letting me get to know Him in patience and was gentle with me. I have become more comfortable in praying to Him about any of my burdens and concerns. It feels so powerful and peaceful during my circumstances.

VLG -study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Sep. 2020
grace of God is given freely

Through this study I have learned that I must know and share the Word of God. I must forgive those who do not deserve it. It is to God`s glory to overlook an offense. I must release the desire to hate and seek revenge. The grace of God is given to us freely. I must ask God to be with me, in your heart, so that I can be a disciple to others.

Cassie -study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Sep. 2020
powerful study

This was a very powerful Bible Study. I did not know what to expect. At first I thought it would be easy, but this study dives deep and touched places of my heart I didn`t even know needed healing. The hardest part of the study was the section on forgiveness. I thought I had forgiven individuals in my life, but was shown I was still harboring bitterness against them, which needed to be let go. The power of what Jesus did on the cross, and our dependency upon God was also reiterated. I`m very grateful for this study and all that it`s shown me. It was nice to have someone walking through this with me as well, to help with questions or just talk through meaning of scripture.

Tami-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Sep. 2020
healing from past abuse

I have been to numerous counselors and made many attempts to heal from my past abuse. Having gone through this study, I believe I have finally found the healing I have searched for many years. It is in the washing of the word. This study is rich with scripture, and made even better with a counselor to guide you. I highly recommend this study to those looking for healing from past abuse.

Georgia-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2020

What great power God has exerted through this study! I struggled with fear of losing my salvation through many means. I thought about abandoning my faith because my fear was so severe. God is all I have most days, and He loves me so much, I could not abandon something that He has so long fostered in my heart. I knew if I did, I would just be back in years to come with more pain and more shame that would be harder to overcome. I have been blessed by God`s comfort over the last few weeks, and the realization that it is a choice to walk in His love, to walk as an Oak of Righteousness rather than a person who has no hope. Jesus gave us hope so that we may have life and have it abundantly. My choice was clear in the end. I chose Jesus and will continue to choose Jesus until the day I die.

Shelby -study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2020
broken home

I would recommend this study even if you haven`t been through trauma. If you grew up in a broken home this is for you too.

Emma -study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2020
future with Jesus

It was the intervention of God in my life to hear about Healing Hearts when I did, as I was enrolled and ready to commence another online mental health clinic. I had decided that particular clinic would just be a last ditch attempt because I couldn`t see how the darkness affecting my mind could be removed. I already knew that telling myself how I should be thinking and feeling was not going to deal with the deeper issues that needed addressing in my life. Thank you Jesus for stepping in with the Hem study! I wrestled with God pretty much throughout the whole of the study except probably the last chapter. I`ve never been very open with people about things going on in my life, so it was a challenge to continually humble myself and allow God access to the most hidden things throughout the study. I`m so thankful for my study counselor, Jeanne, who was praying for me and continually speaking and pointing me to the truth of God`s Word. The darkness of my mind has been removed, and I have hope again and a future thanks to Jesus!

Liz-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2020
opened my eyes

This bible study opened my eyes to a new way. It healed many aspects of my life that I wasn`t even aware of how much pain I had harbored deep inside. It showed me how the bible can heal me by studying it with the grace of God!

LA-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2020
harbored bitterness

Prior to this study, I was very broken. I was badly hurt. I went through a traumatic experience 3 years prior. My heart needed healing badly. Going through this study helped me realize that I had harbored so much bitterness and unforgiveness towards the people that hurt me. All I could focus on was how badly I was hurt. I allowed negative thoughts to control me and I would slander those that hurt me. I focused on me and my pain. This study has helped me realize that it`s not about me. It`s about what Jesus did on the cross for me. It`s about Him. He understands exactly what I went through and I don`t have to carry my burdens alone. Going through scripture in this study, I realized that the anger and unforgiveness that I allowed in my heart was sin in my life and it controlled me. Ephesians 4:26-27 says, ``Be angry and yet do not sin. Do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.`` I had every right to be angry, however, I let the sun go down on my anger and I didn`t turn to the Lord for my strength. I am so thankful for the Lord`s grace and forgiveness. I am so thankful for this study that pointed me to the Lord, and seeking Him and His Word. I know the road isn`t going to be easy ahead, but I have the tools I need now, in the Word of God, to take my thoughts captive and to pray for those that hurt me. We all need Jesus. He`s the answer. I am so grateful to be a child of God.

BG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2020
different person today

I am writing this today with a heart that is filled with gratitude to Healing Hearts Ministries and my awesome counselor, Laurie, for her patience and understanding as she gently walked me through both Binding Up the Brokenhearted and The Hem of His Garment studies. When I look at my life today and my life just a few short months ago, I see a different person; a person I find hard to recognize; a person filled with hope and a new hunger and thirst for God`s Word. Back in the mid-1960`s, I was living a life far from God; looking in all the wrong places for the love and acceptance I didn`t find at home. Instead of trusting in God and taking my sinful thoughts and attitudes captive, I chose to rely on the enemy and the results were disastrous. Those sinful thoughts at attitudes, when allowed to fester and grow, sprouted like weeds and were not only affecting me, but everyone I came in contact with. Today, I am kneeling at the foot of the cross, humbly and gratefully, thanking God for setting me free from that ugly past; a past filled with addiction, sexual impurity, abortion, anger, bitterness, resentment, pride, selfishness, jealousy, control issues, unbelief and rebellion. With God`s help, my relationships have been restored and I have forgiven both my ex-husbands for verbally, emotionally, physically and sexually abusing me. I am especially thankful, that with God`s help, I was able to forgive my 97 year old mom before she passed this last April. I know she`s in heaven with God, my dad and my babies. I`m a little jealous. She gets to meet them before I do.

CH-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2020
brought me closer to God

I have been in church long enough that I know ``how to act`` and ``what to say`` but my heart betrayed the truth to me - -I was ``playing at being a Christian.`` I am ashamed to type that, but I need to proclaim that The Hem of His Garment met me where I was, and brought me closer to God. Thank you!

AG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jul. 2020
changed person

Thank you so much for this bible study!!!! I have learned so much about scripture and so much about God; more than I have ever known before. In my darkest of hours, I have been able to turn to this bible study to find truth from God`s word. I am truly a changed person after this study and I am so thankful for how it has impacted my life.

Elizabeth -study: The Hem Of His Garment
6-May. 2020

This study is an excellent walk through the power of forgiveness that we receive through the grace of Christ who loves us beyond our ability to measure. My freedom comes from the knowledge of His love and forgiveness of my sin and my willingness to forgive others who have hurt me.

Roxann-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-May. 2020

It is truly by the grace of God that I am where I am today and know that I am worthy of love, and that I matter. I matter to the One who created me. I matter to His kingdom and get to see His work in my life every day. I have found that healing is a process. Nothing happens overnight and we will continue to grow and learn and change until the Lord calls us home. When I called on the Lord in this study, not only did He hear me, but He answered me in a mighty way. I always knew He was there and that He never left me, I just did not know that I had forsaken Him. I had left Him. I did not put my faith and trust in Him. I have been blessed beyond measure with treasures of wisdom, joy, peace and righteousness. He has placed people in my life that have enhanced His love for me. I am learning every day what it means to love and be loved unconditionally. I cannot wait to see what each day brings. My life has a purpose now and all the glory belongs to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, my Father God and the Holy Spirit that lives in me.

KMB -study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Apr. 2020
every Christian should go through this study

I came from a background of some physical but more verbal and sexual abuse. I had not had an abortion so I questioned why I was suggested to do this study. I reluctantly got into it and I found I was guided and blessed in the process. The study helped bring out things I did as a child which would have angered God. I was able to ask forgiveness for those things, like the ouija board we played with. I was able to see how the anger towards me from the people close to me is not really my fault, but from the sin of the world and how God can and will protect me from this. I am made whole in Him and if I hold close to God, He will make me righteous! I also have discernment now of situations where we are worshiping other gods and I have been able to stand clearly and strongly in Christ and state this is worshiping idols. Thank you for this study. It is the best study I have ever done and I feel every Christian should go thru it. Thank you.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Apr. 2020
turning point in healing process

This study was a turning point in my healing process, after the death of my son. God is using my grief to help me go deeper in my love for Him, and my understanding of Scripture.

lp -study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Apr. 2020
richest study

A couple of years ago, I went through Binding Up the Brokenhearted. I felt so much peace and freedom for the first time. I accepted Jesus` forgiveness and was able to really let Jesus in and put my walls down. Then I had the opportunity to do the Hem of His Garment. Wow! I didn`t realize it was so much the same. I was able to work on all of my past and God`s word healed me through all of it. I grew so much on my sexual abuse and where that took me in sin. I was, for the first time, able to truly accept Jesus` forgiveness. I was able to come to a place where I desire to renew my intimacy with my husband. I know He is healing that and will restore it completely and make it beautiful. Today, as I close, I have done many bible studies but I have to say this is the richest study I have ever done. I give God all the glory.

Molly-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Feb. 2020
path to healing

This study has been so timely. This last summer was one of the hardest times in my life. I was mentally ill due to extreme undereating and deeply depressed from not dealing with painful events that had been a part of my life. I was on the verge of suicide and my husband had admitted me to a women`s residential program. I was unable to complete the program due to health issues, but I really wanted to continue my path of healing. Someone related to the program I was in recommended that I look at the online study with Healing Hearts. She said that it had helped her in the past and many women who had gone through similar things I had been through. My husband looked it up for me and we decided to sign up for the study. We had no money because we had moved several times cross country in a short period of time. We told them our situation and they let us do the study for free. I cannot express the incredible work that God did in my life through this study and through the help of my counselor, Tammy. I am so grateful for the many lessons I learned, some of which are issues I`ve had questions about for a very long time. I am further along down a path of healing then I have ever been and I would recommend this study for anyone who is struggling to work through hard things in their life. It is thorough, and it covers so many areas of possible hurts and spiritual misunderstandings. I am thankful and praise God for His goodness in leading me to this study.

M.S.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Feb. 2020
depth of forgiveness

This Bible study has opened up my eyes to how the Lord desires to use His Word to minister to my deepest needs. It has helped me to understand the depth of forgiveness that I have been given through Jesus` work on the cross, and the freedom that I can have in extending His grace to others.

RJU-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Feb. 2020
in love with Christ

Although this study has been a prerequisite for moving forward in training to lead the study, I found myself growing deeper in love with Christ and having more of an appreciation for what He did for me, a sinner (Especially Chapter 4). This study has brought a sense of awareness in how I look at others, forgive without expecting something in return and to love unconditionally. I am grateful for Karen who came along side me to show me wisdom, made me think a little deeper and encouraged me along the way.

Jeba -study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Jan. 2020
God healed pains and wounds

I thank God for giving me an opportunity to do this Healing Hearts Bible study. This is the most amazing Bible study I`ve ever experienced. As I walked through each chapter in this study, God strengthened me well and refreshed my soul. The lessons on forgiveness helped me a lot to overcome my anger, bitterness and resentment. God had healed my inner pains, wounds and many areas of my life. This study has brought me encouragement and transformation in my life. I thank my counselor, Donna, for her wonderful guidance and support during this study.

JC-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Jan. 2020
scripture saturated study

I`ve had some significant trauma in my life but only recently have been allowing it to be aired out and sorted through. I`ve had some good friends give good wisdom but this study was Scripture saturated and Marie was open and transparent. It helped that the author and Marie both had similar traumas (to my own) in their life that reminded me I`m not alone and that healing can be found through the Healer. It got me in the Word and interacting with it on a knowledge and personal level. I am thankful for this time and work.

I.Lee-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Jan. 2020
morning devotional

This is a great study that can be use as a morning devotional. It is a complete training to encourage you to continue growing in the knowledge of Christ. The questions for meditation of scripture is written with the intention of self-examination and meditation on the scriptures. If you are honest with God, yourself and your counselor, you will experience the Healing that only He can give. This is a great study that I recommend for all, not for only people with a hard past.

tmh -study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Nov. 2019
God is good!

I am thankful to a Holy and Mighty God, who is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. He has revealed and healed two main areas in disarray in my life. God has been so faithful to repair in my mind and heart many valuable relationships in my life, that without knowing the love that Christ has for me, would not have been able to take place. Without a lot of words spoken, mostly prayer, I have been able to let the Spirit be the balm in those areas that plagued my earliest memories of my life on this earth. The blood of Christ has been able to sever the bonds of shame that have plagued my life. God, in the midst of all of this, has shown a very bright light on not looking to the left or right, but keeping my focus on Him, especially when I am tempted to try and change my surroundings. God is so good to me to show me ways. He has done the supernatural work only He can do. He is my rock and the one whom I place my trust in.

PEC-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Nov. 2019
God cares

I had been through a lot of trials and did not realize that I struggled with God`s love for me and His goodness. This study reminded me that God cares for me, loves me, and wants me to grow.

J-study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-Oct. 2019
know Him more

You may know scripture. You may have heard all these words before. Be prepared to open your heart. Be honest with Him and He will change your heart and make His Words alive in you in a way words cannot express! In other words, trust Him to change you by knowing Him more!

EJ -study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Oct. 2019
forgiveness, healing and hope

This study was such an encouragement to me as I am in the midst of a trial. I learned so much. With God, no matter our circumstance we can experience forgiveness, healing and hope.

DW-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Sep. 2019
oak tree

I want to share is about the oak tree. For many years I`ve shared with others that I have prayed with sincerity to the Father that my roots would grow so deep, that they would cross over ocean and seas to come up in another country and grow another tree that others may perch and eat the fruit. When I read the history about the oak tree and how deep the roots grow, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my prayer had been Holy Spirit generated. I am confident that the Lord has heard my prayer and it will come to pass because it is His will that I am like a tree planted by rivers of water that will bear fruit in its season that many will eat from, not only in this country, but in many other countries as well. Called to be a tree that heals. Thanking God for Healing Hearts Ministries International.

Naomi-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Sep. 2019
life giving study

I wanted to be in the Word all summer. I was at church with my small group and one of my dear friends had just finished the other study you have related to abortion. She was speechless about it, but I could see she was so moved. She encouraged me to do this one. That night I came home and signed up. Because of some technical issues it took some days to get going. (Your tech guy was very kind and helpful.) When I started reading, I couldn`t stop. I was drawn in by the honesty and rawness of the author. This study has healed me in some very powerful ways in some areas that have been deep wounds for me. First I connected with my body image issues my entire life had been linked to my early molestation. I gave that to the Lord and asked Him to help me love myself the way He does so I would stop doing harmful things to my body. This has been a work in progress but this study connected it for me and showed me the truth. Another area it helped me in was to see that I have to look deeper into areas of forgiveness, not just gloat in the wins of forgiveness with the big offenders of my life, but really look deeper into those fringe people I was holding ill will towards. That has been very helpful and I continue to feel free. When anger stirs, I take it to the Lord instead of hold on to it. The truth that there is no such thing or need for self forgiveness was another victory for me. It was just so clear to me the way the study teaches it. It has been something I have needed to leave behind and I am so grateful to be free of that thinking. The area that has been the most impactful has been in the area of intimacy. It has been on the forefront of my heart this summer. I think I am brave and ready to possibly enter the idea of dating. I still feel like a child with training wheels on but I believe this is for God`s purpose. I trust that He will protect me and He loves me. I pray He is preparing a God fearing man for me as I deeply desire to be a wife again and love someone without the walls, to have a Christ centered relationship. But I know this is in God`s hands and His time. But oh so grateful for His precision in healing. Intrigued by His brilliance and faithfulness to me. His timing of placing this study in my life at this time to allow me to marinate in His love is so sovereign. I trust God. He has shown me His love over and over again. I have shared this study with some of my friends and I will continue to encourage them to complete it as it is life giving and breathing because of the God we serve! I am so grateful for the opportunity to complete it!

Erin-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Sep. 2019
practical and life changing

I believe and pray that every Christian has the opportunity to work through this study! The truths taught in this study are forever life changing and so practical! Personally, I have been forever changed by the way the Gospel has been presented and I know God has something He wants to teach you through it too!

Maria V.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Aug. 2019
completely transformed

WOW!!! This Bible study has renewed and transformed me in ways I didn`t expect. My greatest joy comes from my rekindled heart for God and really understanding and seeing myself as His Child in Christ! But in order to arrive at this wonderful place of peace, joy , fulfillment and comfort, it was the necessary to feel the discomfort, pain, and remorse and sorrow and seeing my heart in the reality of what it had become through unforgiveness. My attitude about the things that have caused my anxiety (which usually led to anger since I tried to fix what was making me anxious) made me exhausted as a result. By God`s grace, I`m trusting Him more and me much less, ready to put on the full armor of God daily. My expectations of others have been reduced and I get my fulfillment from God. I wish I`d known about and taken this course immediately after being saved. Regardless, I`m ever so grateful. I know He will be with me when I`m tempted. The scriptures in this study that revealed my sins of disobedience have been continually in my heart and on my mind in the trials I`ve endured since I began. I`ve shared my joy and spread the word of this ministry to the people God has laid on my heart. The truth of God`s Word has the power to change hearts and touch lives and as a result, I certainly will never be the same. Thanks and glory be to God alone! You are my SWEET TRIUMPH KING JESUS! It`s bitter-sweet to leave this Bible study. I`m eagerly anticipating what God will continue to reveal to me through His Holy Word and how I will continue to be transformed by it.

ple -study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Aug. 2019
God knew what I needed and provided

I am so thankful for this study. It has reached into the depths of my heart where I had buried the pain of past hurts and my sin. Doing this study on-line has provided me with the opportunity to be open and honest. Some of the questions in the study took me a couple of days to contemplate to give a fully truthful answer. God knew what I needed and he provided!

Kelly-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Aug. 2019
Liberated from hurt and pain

This study is so incredibly helpful in navigating hurt and pain in life. I was liberated from so much hurt and pain by doing this study in the midst of a trial. I am grateful to the Lord in His timing and I highly recommend every believer to go through this gospel saturated study.

NF-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Aug. 2019
Peace and reassurance

This study has provided peace and reassurance for me of God’s Love and sovereignty.

SG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Jul. 2019
closer to Jesus

This study has healed my heart and brought me much closer to Jesus. With the help of my leader, I`ve learned so much and grown both spiritually and emotionally. I`m very grateful for this study and I recommend it to anyone who needs healing.

T. Norris -study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Jul. 2019
study reignites love for Savior

This Bible study reignited my love and appreciation for all that my Savior accomplished through His death and resurrection. Each chapter, pointing to Scripture, penetrated my heart and renewed my joy. I`m so grateful for the healing and victory found in Jesus!

LKR-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Jul. 2019
feeling free

I am feeling free from my past hurts and how I have hurt people that I love deeply. Believing that God has forgiven me was key for me. I was so hung up on what I thought was ``not forgiving myself``. God had already forgiven me! It was believing that he had. This bible study has given me HOPE to carry and not feel stuck. Although, I have a long journey ahead, what I have learned gives me hope for my future. Seek God`s kingdom first!!! :)

Chandra -study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Jul. 2019
Praise for renewal and refocus

In December 2018, I resigned from seven years of employment in Cambodia as a project director of girls and women`s shelter. Yes, I experienced God`s peace, many challenges, stresses, temptations, and obstacles. For the last ten months, I went through transitional life back to the USA. I decided to take time to rest, restore, reflect, and rejuvenate. Taking this course was perfect timing. When I started the course in Feb 2019, I used this study as my devotion to God. With my counselor there to walk with me, it was a divine appointment. Some lessons spoke to my feelings, challenges, and negative thoughts through my transitional life back to America. Some lessons gave me a new insight and knowledge regarding how to go more in-depth with Jesus in his word by spending quality time with a genuine desire to know Him and to learn. For example, the lesson on forgiveness helped me identify false statements and I asked God to remove those and replace them with God`s promises and remind me of my identity in Him. Surely, I know that I am healed and I am focused on God`s perspectives and his Kingdom on earth. I have a strong desire to help other women to know and grow in Jesus, too. I desire to live like an oak tree by intentionally and purposefully spending time to read, to pray, to examine my life, and to share God`s blessings to others. I desire to live a life with Jesus so that I can be strong like an oak tree. I am blessed by God`s word and his faithful counselor, Sharon, sticking with me to the end of my course.

B-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Jun. 2019
changed forever

I enrolled in Healing Hearts bible study because someone suggested that I should do it. I didn`t have high expectations for it and I didn`t think I fully understood what it was. But after 9 weeks I`ve come out completely different than the way I started. I came out with a deeper understanding of God, Jesus, myself, and I came out healed. I went in so broken, thinking nothing will help and that I will always be like this. But just after the first week of Healing Hearts, I felt a change. And that change started becoming more evident as the weeks went on. I thank God for my amazing counselor who walked with me every step of the way. She helped me in ways I cannot even express. Healing Hearts changed my life because it pointed me to who my true healer was and once I met Jesus as my healer, my life was changed forever.

Kelly-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Jun. 2019
struggled, now has tools to battle

I have struggled for so many years with the burden of what happened to me as a child and young adult. I have carried it with me for so long that I did not know where to turn. Though I prayed and read scripture, I knew I needed to seek counsel. I put it off for a long time. Then we attended the G3 conference in Atlanta last year. The Lord providentially led me to the booth. I spoke with two women there who shared what the program was about. After getting home I prayed about it as well as consulted my husband to see if this would be the right fit for me. That is when I reached out. It has been a long, sometimes difficult journey. I had to revisit old memories that I had buried for so long and as hard and painful as it was it was worth it. I have learned to let go. I have learned to forgive and ask forgiveness. I am overwhelmed by the grace the Lord has given me through it all. I know the future will still have some struggles and there will be times I will be tempted to wallow in my sorrow and sin, but I now have tools to help me battle this. I am thankful this program exists and know it will help so many others. I hope to one day be a part of helping another woman who has gone though some of the struggles I have.

Angie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-May. 2019
set free

This study is life changing! It isn`t easy at times because you have to go deep to uncover the pain to properly heal, but it is worth it to be set free. Thank you God for doing just that!

gj-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-May. 2019
I was a victim

Before taking on this study, I was the victim, I was defensive, I was hurt. It was their fault why I am who I am now. Then, things changed as I walked though Jesus` sufferings . He died for me? He did no wrong! Why? Because He was the ultimate sacrifice! To show how great, great is the Father`s love for me. Now, I may not be perfect, I will struggle and through this right path but I am more equipped and confident because I know He is by my side. I would not have known that because of my prideful heart that I was destroying my family , especially my children, and myself. Jesus reminds me everyday that I need to have his heart in order to forgive, and to be strong in faith to fight the stronghold of sins that I have allowed in my heart.

Lise-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-May. 2019
forever changed

Does your heart need healing today? Trust that the Holy Spirit has brought you here to free you from the baggage that has weighed you down for so long. That is exactly what happened to me, and I`m so thankful and grateful I did. The Lord knows you intimately and wants a deeper, more personal relationship with you. Take the next step. You will be forever changed.

SKD-study: The Hem Of His Garment
16-May. 2019
be willing to surrender hurt, pain, guilt , anger

What an incredible God we get call Father!! The truths taught in the study will change your life, if you are willing to surrender your hurt, pain, guilt, anger, resentment, and brokenness. God will heal and restore. He will bind you up through His Son`s blood, His Spirit`s work and His all sufficient Word. Jesus says, ``Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.`` We come to Jesus through the Gospel and we need it everyday when we feel the weariness of life we must run to the Gospel, again and again.

Anita M-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-May. 2019

A broken vase is how I always saw myself. I always felt that a person like me will never walk in freedom from my past hurts and pain. Resentment was the god in my heart. I fed my idol because I did not trust God for healing. Yes, as a Christian, I still dealt with this. After taking this study, it really had me reflect on my walk with Christ and how I had let my past determine my future. I`m so grateful that God placed me in the right path and showed that His grace is sufficient for me. His precious blood He spilled was the price He paid for my freedom. He did it because He loved me. This study really made an impact in my life. Thank you, Jesus, for placing this honorable woman to mentor me. I no longer see myself as a broken vase with no hope. I see myself made whole in His precious love and forgiveness.

Laura -study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Apr. 2019

I can`t say enough about this study. It has brought me closer to God and in touch with all the things in me that hinder me from being close to God, from being honest with myself and from having authentic and fulfilling, intimate relationships with others including my husband. I highly recommend this study to anyone who has sexual sins in their past or present, who longs for a more intimate relationship with God and their other relationships in their life, who yearns for healing and restoration and freedom! My e-counselor online was loving, compassionate and non-judgmental and helped me all along the way. All in a confidential and private setting. Jesus asks us to come to the altar and partake of what He has given His life for: forgiveness, healing, life. This is the perfect way to come as you are and partake of this Gift He offers to us!

Y. N.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Apr. 2019
God is giving me a big hug

This study certainly has impacted my life. If I did not start this study, I would be still struggling with my past sins, shame and darkness. I would not be able to know love of Jesus. It is hard to describe, but this study is good! Very good! Once I lost my faith in God, but God brought me back here. My special friend supported me with her love and faith. I cannot say thank God and her enough. Now I always know that God is giving me a big hug and feel safe. God is amazing!

Abby-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Apr. 2019
forgiveness vs. bitterness

This was an amazing study and has helped me gain a deeper understanding of who Christ is and what He went through. With everything he went through, He can relate with us. We are not alone. I learned how and what deep forgiveness is and how wicked bitterness is. I learned a lot about how to be a better Godly wife for my husband and no longer let the past define us. This has been an incredible study and highly recommend to many other women.

J. Blount-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Apr. 2019
healed from past and made whole

This study has impacted my life in a way that I feel like I can take on the world with God`s mercy and grace. It has shown me areas in my life that I need to tap further into the Word to be strong in my weak times. I feel like I have been healed of my past. I have learned that God loves me in spite of my past and I don`t have to linger any more in what happened years ago. I am whole through Christ Jesus, who laid His life down for me that I don`t have to keep carrying the ugly side of my past. I have been made free. I can believe that my latter days will be better than my former days. I`m also excited about digging even deeper into His word to find the treasures He has left for me.

Beth-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Mar. 2019
new level of healing

While I have been a believer for many years and I have experienced deep healing throughout the years from sexual abuse, this study brings healing to a new level as the truth of God`s Word penetrates to the heart. Scripture has the unique ability to break down thought patterns and strongholds that have been deeply ingrained. Scripture empowers the believer to see the error of mere human thinking and put our trust in the infallible Word of God and His promises for those who trust in Him. The Hem of His Garment bible study reminds its audience consistently of Christ`s deep and abiding love for all people, whether we choose to accept that love or not. I highly recommend this bible study, everyone believer will benefit from it.

JM-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Feb. 2019
No fluff

The Hem Of His Garment is a life-changing Bible study. It is not a ``fluff`` piece full of anecdotes and fun little assignments. It is an actual study of the Bible! That`s what makes it life changing! The only way we can find healing and hope, or any kind of transformation, is through God`s Word. As I read the scripture in the study it was like I was seeing a clear picture of myself through God`s Word. I saw my sin and need for repentance and forgiveness. It was then that God was able to do an amazing, transformational work in my life. And all through that process, I was shown how much God loves me.

Jessica-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Feb. 2019
hard questions

This study wasn`t easy. It makes you ask some hard questions of yourself and come to terms with things that may have been difficult to address or admit to. However, in the end, it opened my eyes to a level of grace and acceptance I hadn`t really experienced before; Grace and acceptance for myself and others who have hurt me in the past. With my counselor`s help, I was able to see things from a fresh and healthier perspective that lead to healing and a closer, more personal walk with God.

Alexis -study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Jan. 2019
real healing

I had a wonderful Healing Hearts counselor who had a similar past as I did and this was very important to me because everyone doesn`t quite understand what you may be experiencing. My parents had a very troubled marriage and as a result, they did not invest the necessary time and nurturing into my brother and me that any young child needs. Moreover, I also endured sexual abuse at an early age. These experiences along with my parents` emotional neglect caused a lot of damage. Not only did I battle feelings of being unloved, my worth or value was never validated by anyone. As the sexual abuse continued, I longed for that special attention from my abusers, even though I knew it was wrong. These experiences impacted every area of my life for years and years to come. I wasn`t confident. I felt ashamed of who I was. I had tremendous difficulty establishing and maintaining appropriate boundaries in my relationships. I did everything `I` knew to do to get better, but years continued to pass and there were no significant, lasting changes. Through a series of events, someone introduced me to Healing Hearts and I was ready, hopeful for a new `me` to emerge. I`ll admit, a part of me was doubtful because I felt like I had literally tried everything and why would this study be any different? Anyway, I went forward with the study, had some painful days and after a few weeks, I wondered if I would really feel any better. However, Sue`s story and my counselor`s story gave me hope. If they can be `healed,` why can`t I? Well, as the study began to close, I specifically remember feeling better and different as a whole! I don`t know how the Lord did it, but He `healed` me too! I`m different in so many ways! I find that I`m still discovering differences as I engage different people and different situations. I see myself in new ways. I no longer wonder about my value or worth and I know more deeply than ever how much God loves me! The new `me` is finally emerging and I am eternally grateful for the transformation! I strongly recommend this study to any woman who is struggling with any pain from her past. As you lean in to `touch the hem of His garment,` The Lord Jesus will truly heal you from the inside out as you study His Word and do what He tells you to do! Be encouraged - real healing is possible!

Barbara-study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Jan. 2019
the cross is the cure

I`ve been told and have read that the cross is the cure for our heart problem, which is sin. Forgiveness is God`s amazing gift to us (to me). Thank you, Jesus! . The Hem of His Garment study brought this closer to home for me. I would like to express my thanks to the author of this study. Thank you to my patient and insightful e-counselor, Susan, who walked with me on this part of my journey. Thank you to those behind the scenes that have been involved in one way or another during my time in this study. Thank you for being there and for praying for me. May God bless each of you.

Nanette -study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Dec. 2018
second time

This is my second time through this study and I have learned that it is not necessarily a ``one time study.`` It is not an easy study that I looked forward to repeating, but rather, a worthwhile endeavor that God has used reveal the truth of my heart even more after a second time through.

Samantha-study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-Dec. 2018
let go of bitterness, anger and resentment

This website has great ministry on how to let go of bitterness, anger, and resentment and give over the battle to the Lord. I now have much more joy and fulfillment in my identity with Christ.

HS -study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Nov. 2018

I found the lessons on forgiveness to be especially helpful for it asks why you set one standard for yourself and another people. My counselor was also extremely helpful throughout. She provided me with additional insight into the different lessons and answered my more challenging questions.

BT-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Oct. 2018
hard heart to forgiving heart

I have come from having a hard heart of anger to having a forgiving heart for the people who hurt me in my past. I know that I am good enough for God died on the cross for me.

Dzesika-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Oct. 2018
reaching every day

The Hem of His Garment Bible Study has been a wonderful opportunity for me to examine my heart before Jesus and His Word. I have felt the Holy Spirit working in my heart all along. I feel that bands of wickedness have been loosed and I have been strengthened in the spirit. I want to start each day reaching for the hem of His garment.

Kimberley -study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-Oct. 2018
Learned to be the person Jesus died for

Healing Hearts Ministry has truly helped me and touched my heart. I have not only learned how to heal but also learned how to be the person Jesus died for. I can not thank this ministry enough for helping me through this time and I would strongly recommend Healing Hearts to anyone who has/is suffering from deep pain and/or loss.

Samantha -study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Sep. 2018

I worked with an amazing counselor, Kimberley, who was patient and kind and also not afraid to challenge me. I can truly see growth in myself. I can see how the study has changed my understanding of my past, shown me what salvation really looks like in my life, and how great the gift of Jesus’ death really is.

Anna-Lisa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Sep. 2018

Having worked through this Bible study, I feel so grateful to God, and to all the people who have invested themselves in making this study possible. I have been personally very blessed through this study, and am so encouraged to know how it has blessed (and continues to bless) other ladies. I am excited to be able to wholeheartedly recommend this study to other ladies! I don`t want to stop there though. I want to continue sharing God`s Truth directly with everyone in my life. I am praying that God will open my eyes to every opportunity I have to share Him with others, and praying that He will speak through me, and that I will continue receiving His wisdom, so that I may be both bold, and gracious. I want to help in any way God will use me, either in sowing seed, or watering it, trusting in the Holy Spirit to bring the harvest!

LS-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Sep. 2018
healing after sexual impurity

This study has impacted how I view sex, marriage, myself, and my walk with God. It has taken me from horrible guilt and shame after my rape to being glorified once again to walk in the light of Christ. I have cried during every chapter of this study just from experiencing the sacrifice of my Lord and the beauty of His grace and mercy. If you need healing after sexual impurity, this is the study for you.

Nanette-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Aug. 2018
all sufficient source

This study focuses on God’s Word as the all sufficient source for all healing. I appreciate how deep the study digs while gently prodding the participant to go further. This study doesn’t sugar coat anything.

Sarah-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Aug. 2018
healing process

I think this can be a good study for anyone. I have come a long way in my healing process but there were still a couple of things in this study that helped guide my thinking. The chapter on intimacy really spoke to me and started conversations with my husband and we both think we can do better in this area.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Aug. 2018
life changing

This study was life changing. This was recommended to me by a family member. I am forever grateful that she told me about this study.

Robyn M.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Jul. 2018
eyes on Jesus

This study has been a blessing for me. I had thought so many of the issues that I came across growing up had been dealt with, and this study dug deep into the core of them and forced me to deal with them with Jesus once and for all. I also found it incredible how timely many of the sections were with new issues or situations that came into my life while I was in the middle of the study! It helped keep my perspective in the right place and my eyes on Jesus.

Haley-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Jul. 2018
forever grateful

If you are ready to take on something that will change your life, then this study is for you! If you are not ready to dig deep into your damaged past or marital issues, then this study is not for you. I say this with complete certainty that this study changed my life. I wanted to desperately find out what was causing me so much hurt and damage from my past and this study helped me find those problems. Not only did this study find out my issues, it helped me deal with them SLOWLY. No matter what issue I had, this study was careful to protect me and let me know that I was cared for through the grace of God. This study has a great balance of studying the Bible and self-reflection. I am forever grateful.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Jun. 2018
Jesus is the healer

If you have tried other books, courses, or therapies that have caused you to feel wilted and not completely set free, I encourage you to journey, “The Hem of His Garment”. Be warned: there is no special formula or cure to be found here. Only the steady application and study of Scripture. Jesus is the healer.

R-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Jun. 2018
all new

I just have to say that I am very thankful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to do this bible study. My relationship with God is closer and stronger. I feel like I have received healing and a newfound trust in God. Thank you Jesus!!!

DF-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-May. 2018
every chapter had an impact

Every chapter had a great impact. The chapter of true forgiveness went deep into areas and allowed me to see the way God sees it. Unrighteous and righteous anger caused me to notice more of my responses for a healthy way. I was sharing this with so many and even saw their life change just by me going deeper in the studies. Intimacy, sexuality, identity, priesthood all taught me from a different perspective to truly see worship and fellowship with God in ways I didn`t even know. I would encourage this class for everyone.

Sarah-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Apr. 2018
from depression to Jesus

I had turned to so many other ``good`` things trying to survive depression. Through that, I forgot the one truly good thing, Jesus. This bible study did not have to talk about all of the psychological parts of my struggles, or the different family dynamics, or the season of life I am in. Every day it took me to the Word of God addressing my heart and my sin while leading me to Jesus who covers, heals, and restores all things. The only thing I needed was right in front of me, which was God`s Word. This study helped me when I could not lead myself to truth. It helped me dive in full force to the root of who Jesus is and who I am in Him. It rids of self-condemnation and the identity of my past. The past and struggles are a part of my redemption story, but they are not something constantly controlling me anymore. They just help me see Jesus more.

April-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Feb. 2018
what`s different?

My life has forever changed. Thank God! Matthew 13:12, ``To those who listen to my teachings more understanding will be given, and they will have an abundance of knowledge. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them.`` I like this scripture because the more I kept reading, the more knowledge came to me, and the more I understood what I was reading from the bible. There is power in the knowledge of the word of God in this wonderful book we call the bible. This study has taught me to let go of guilt,shame and even burdens that weren`t mine to carry. I`m free from my past and that`s an awesome feeling. I will always remember, but it can`t hurt me now. My faith and love for God has grown throughout the study of The Hem of His Garment. I love when friends look at me and ask `` What`s different about you?`` It opens the door for me to share my testimony and the word of God with them. It is my hope and prayer that others doing this bible study will also come thru feeling stronger in their faith and their relationship with God. Philippians 4: 6-7, ``do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.`` I would like to thank everyone who was there for me!

CAM -study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Jan. 2018
sufficient grace

I almost did not finish this, but so glad I did! So many great points this study has that I know will stay with me. Realizing the depth of Our Savior`s sacrifice for us through His body on the cross. May I truly grasp the grace that God has and that I have read through this study. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT!

Donna-study: The Hem Of His Garment
11-Jan. 2018
amazing and healing

This study has been so amazing and so healing. God brought to the surface unforgiveness and pain from the past that I did not realize I had not dealt with fully, which hindered my relationship with Him. He brought to mind those who I needed to forgive and those who I needed to ask for forgiveness. God showed me His love and His grace in a new way through this study and it has truly been a blessing. Thank you.

Tarnya-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Dec. 2017
real relationships

There are so many ways that this study has impacted me. It seemed that every time I sat down to the study there was something that would resonate deep into my soul. I really approached this study knowing that I had already dealt with my abuse and abortion, but I knew that God wanted to take me to a deeper level and heal some more current bitterness, pride, relational issues, and love issues with Him. He did just that through this study. He showed me how to heal the bitterness and that it is a journey, not a quick fix, but how to daily take up my cross. He showed me what a true family of God is and how different it is from the world`s idea of what family is and it needs to be taken seriously. He showed me that I have to deal with differences different than the world does, in order to show the world God`s love. He showed me that relationships are key in expressing God`s love to the world, whether it be your husband, children, your friends, or your enemies. He also showed me the great commission that He has for me and that is what is most important, sharing Him with the world and giving Him my best. Now I knew head knowledge of these things, but we went much deeper in an understanding of this. He showed me that I need not turn to or depend on anyone, but Him. He is sufficient. He has the answers and I can rely on them. The very biggest thing that this study helped me to understand is God`s love! It is the very thing that ties this all together. He has been trying to make me understand that and I think I am finally beginning to get it. I can not express how much this study has meant to me and how important Jeanne has been to me.

K-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Dec. 2017
who God really is

You can spend years going to church and to a bible study to learn about God. But this study has taught me who God really is and how much He loves me and wants a relationship with me, that I really do matter to Him.

Teresa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Oct. 2017

Oh my goodness! I honestly don`t know if I can truly comprehend and share everything the Healing Hearts studies have done for me. I would say the greatest gift I received was freedom. Freedom from shame, my sins, the burden of carrying unforgiveness, anger and hatred in my heart. If freed me to grow in a relationship with the Lord that I never even knew was possible to have until I went through Binding Up. This study is so thorough and so deep that it touches every single area of your entire life! Thoughts, physical life, spiritual awareness, awareness of the Lord and His great and mighty love for me...it`s endless. It`s the perfection of God`s word washing over me and the glory of walking with a joy and a peace in my heart that I have never had before. I`m just so thankful for the priceless gift of freedom!

Stephanie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Sep. 2017
healed old wounds

This study has healed old wounds, deep and hurtful wounds that I had covered up. This study has given me a renewed view of myself, allowing me to see me as God sees me. I have grown in my relationship with Christ and as a Biblical teacher and counselor.

SKR -study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Sep. 2017
live free

The study has helped open my heart to Jesus and receive His deliverance of my past hurts and sins. I have known God more personally through this study and mainly that there is forgiveness in Jesus. It is His wish that we live free from the bondage of sin.

S-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Sep. 2017
more freedom

This study has helped me in so many ways. I have been a Christian for a long time, but needed more freedom. The lessons have helped me to see scriptures I have known for a long time in a different way. Was it that the scriptures were different this time or me? I think it was me. I have been tremendously blessed to receive insight and healing in many areas of my life.

Freda -study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-Sep. 2017
new level

I recommend every single person should do this study. We do not realize how much pain and unresolved issues we still have presently from our past, that act as a barrier between us and God. I got to know God and myself on a whole new level, got to understand the Scriptures better and this was wonderful spiritual healing! Thank you

Nancy -study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Aug. 2017
not alone

It was an awesome experience to go through the study with a counselor, having that person share from their life and give me feedback on mine.

Roz-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Jun. 2017
renewed faith and trust

This Bible study has helped me, as a devoted Christian, renew my faith and trust in God so that my life resembles Christ and leads all to Christ.

NK-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-May. 2017

During this bible study I was able to see more of myself in a more intimate way with God. I also feared (in the beginning) all the things that have been hidden in my heart and exposing them to God was too shameful. I learned that He is a faithful father and more understanding than any other person on earth. I am at peace now and I was able to understand that He is my healer. I can always come to His feet and be honest about all that I feel.

KK-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Apr. 2017
better marriage

During the 10 weeks of this bible study, I really drew nearer to Jesus and developed a deeper relationship with Him. My marriage was beginning to strain, due to a lack of communication and understanding between us and as I drew nearer to Jesus and found my comfort in Him and gave my marriage concerns over to prayer, He worked amazingly in us both. He led my husband to a deeper understanding of God’s love and compassion, which he then showed to me and we have never been better since. God has opened up new dimensions to our walk of faith, both individually and together! I have never felt more free than now having more confidence in my identity in Christ and what He has done for me, and I see He is continually increasing my faith and love of Jesus everyday.

Ruth-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Apr. 2017
Only Jesus Can Bring Lasting Healing & Peace

What a powerful tool to bring about healing in your life. You could turn to a lot of things to try to get rid of the pain of your past, but only Jesus can bring about lasting healing & peace.

Cathy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Apr. 2017
The Truths I Found When I examined My Heart

I would recommend this Study to anyone who wants to examine their heart and expose those deep rooted feelings of shame and guilt, or areas of habitual sin, or some sins that may be buried and not even thought of as sin. I had some areas in my life that I had put to the back of my mind that I was not looking at, or dealing with. I also had some areas that I did not even think of as being sinful. I thought they were just a bad habit and not good for me, but not sinful. I was made aware of how easy it is to justify things.. Thank you so much for this Study, my counselor was wonderful and had many helpful insights!

EL-study: The Hem Of His Garment
6-Apr. 2017
be healed

I would like to thank my counselor, Donna M, for assisting me with this wonderful study. Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words. Thank you for your time and patience with me. Thank you that you approached me when you saw a sister in need of the truth. Healing Hearts has been a tremendous blessing and it has also impacted me in such a way that I will witness to others. It has helped me to heal, understand and learn how to deal with all circumstances I was facing in my own personal life. I will testify how it has healed me from pain, anger, shame, guilt and hurt. I`m so grateful that our Heavenly Father has so many resources that we can come to when experiencing all of these different emotions. Our Father wants all of us to come to him so that we may be healed; and in doing so, then we can grow with him without having any hindrances holding us back from growing and walking with Him. He wants us to be free and be able to laugh and have joy and peace in our hearts and lives. There are so many of his children that need healing from their past sins, emotions and experiences that this study will help you do that. It requires you to spend some time with the Lord, pray, mediate and to self-examine one`s heart. You will be able to be transparent without being judged. This study has also helped me with the ``why me`` question. The end result of this study was for me, being able to forgive and being able to understand and handle all of lives challenges and difficulties I come across every day. Look, I can`t promise that all will be fixed and you won`t have any more problems. What I can promise you is that you will have a better understanding and appreciation of all God`s grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, patience, goodness and kindness. That`s all you will need to be stronger and continue to grow and move on to bigger and better things with the Lord. Thank you.

Vicky -study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Mar. 2017
emotional healing

I have appreciated the way God has ministered emotional healing to my heart during this Bible study. Even if my study didn`t apply to me specifically that day, God always moved on my behalf anyway. He honored my openness and humility and brought many things up from the past so I could revisit them and be free. I love reading the scriptures and was very blessed and encouraged by reading them. Also, during the times I felt vulnerable and was weak in courage, it helped to know I had a counselor praying for me, standing with me, and believing in me. I have already recommended the study to many.

Heather-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Feb. 2017
opened my eyes

This study has opened my eyes to God`s grace on a deeper level with my pain, hurt, and darkness. It has also helped me to realize on a new level just how much Jesus endured for me just so that I may be reconciled back to Him. He doesn`t want to withhold anything good from me. His ultimate goal is to change me (to be more like Him) instead of my situation.

ANM-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Feb. 2017
can`t forgive myself

When I began this study, I still wondered how God would ever use me again. How could He look on me with love and compassion when I was so unlovely in my own eyes? How could He forgive me when I could not forgive myself? Thankfully, through this study, I learned that I cannot forgive myself. Only the grace and mercy and forgiveness of God can wash me clean, make me new, and prepare me for the next step to come. Only Jesus` blood makes us righteous and this study has helped me see that, and has encouraged me in a closer walk with Him.

JL-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Jan. 2017

This Study has impacted all of the important areas of my life. My understanding of God`s word, my understanding of my marriage promise, my understanding of the importance of forgiveness. All women should do this study because it helps us to understand grace and the power of Jesus in our life.

Cassandra-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Jan. 2017
anger and anxiety

I have been through the Binding up the Brokenhearted before, it helped immensely! I wanted to go through The Hem of His Garment to help heal the other areas in my life that have been troubled. My problems started WAY before my abortion! The abortion was so overwhelming, it masked all my deep dark issues that led me to that devastating decision. I could be described as high strung, and quick to anger. Ever since I can remember, my thoughts have swirled and run crazy in my mind. Since finding the Lord, my anger has quieted down, but my anxiety was still sky high, like always. I have been plagued by symptoms of an anxiety disorder for years and years. While going through The Hem study, some of those symptoms have subsided. When I was going through the forgiveness chapters with my whole past in focus, I was able to unclutter that mess, dump the junk, and move on, with a fresh start. Having my anxiety come down such a large notch was such a huge relief, like a weight coming off my shoulders. I know I still have a long road of healing ahead, and I still may slip back a little, but I know I will be okay with the Lords help. Thank you so much!

Lisa Marie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Dec. 2016
He Is With Me Every Day

God chose to stir my soul anew through this study, The Hem of His Garment. Two dear friends encouraged me to take the study, and here I am, just a few short weeks later, looking back on how God has talked to me, and given me understanding, and grace, and patience. I am reawakend by God drawing me near to Himself. There was a drought in my soul, and in my sin, I wandered in a desolate place for sevearl years. He was with me in the vast dry desert, but I would not look for Him or call out to Him. He has lead me beside still waters, He has filled my cup. He has renewed my mind. All of this proclaiming, He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. He has begun a good work in me. This is not the end, but the beginning. This is where He teaches me to have a firm foundation, to have roots that go deep into the Scripture, and a faith that cannot be shaken. Through my daily encounters with God, He shows me that He is living and active, and answering prayers. He shows me daily that He hears me, and has a plan for me, and He is guiding me step by step. How encouraging that I am not doing this by my own power (which is nill). To know that I can simply say to Him, ``I need you to do this in me, because I am weak and unable``, and He does; Every day.

Kimberly-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Dec. 2016
open wounds

When I started this study, I felt like my heart had been ripped open. There had been a hard situation at the ministry where I worked which had ripped open a wound that I thought had been healed. So, when I realized it was ripped open, I was not only shocked, but disappointed. I was given a card with the healing hearts information and I hesitantly, yet more hungrily than I realized, signed up. From nearly the beginning, I sensed that God was asking me to walk WITH Him through areas of my life that hadn`t been walked in years. He wanted to walk through the memories, the pains, the anger, and all the other emotions WITH me. I fell in LOVE with God through this study as I watched Him lead my heart and pursue me. He has brought healing to my heart. I am thankful to God for His pursuance of me. I am thankful for this study and my counselor, Mary Sue, and her willing heart to walk with me as I processed so much. Thank you.

LN-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Dec. 2016
eternally grateful

I am thankful to God for all His healing I have received thru the Healing Hearts bible study. I am eternally grateful for this precious ministry. I have received exceedingly and abundantly more than I could ever hope for or imagined.

Cynthia -study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Nov. 2016
changed life

My life has been changed by the liberating truth of what Jesus did for me. His love and grace has no boundaries.

KN-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Nov. 2016
was bitter, depressed and lonely

Before this study, I was a very bitter, depressed, lonely girl. Now, nearly 6 months later, I am a strong, forgiving, in control person. This study has helped me gain back a lot of the sanity in my life. The bitterness has left for I realized in this study, that forgiveness was the reason I was so miserable and hated the people I was meant to love. I was needing to be forgiving to them and to finally let that chip in my life go. Because of my bitterness I was also depressed. I struggled with depression and often found myself in it`s grip. Since I have been doing this study my depression, although not gone completely, has loosened it`s grip on me. I no longer feel so down all the time and so hateful towards myself. This also helps with the loneliness. When I would become depressed I would often turn away from my friends and family and spend the majority of my time by myself. This did not help my depression it only fed it it`s favorite meal. I am glad that I am now able to identity when I am feeling that way and can better prepare and make my way out of it.

Lynne-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Oct. 2016

When I first began the study I wasn`t sure why I had to dig into my past (yet again) as it was so long ago and has been cast as far as the east is from the west. In revealing myself and my history, to my counselor (Judi), it did enable her to know me more intimately (and vice versa as we shared experiences). I am grateful for the study as it has challenged me more and more to be consistently in His Word on a daily basis. I have struggled with consistency, and may miss some days, but I will get back on track. The important part of the study (and has been for me anyway) is to really focus on Christ`s suffering on the cross for my/our sins. To delve into the anguish He went through does help me to keep my eyes focused on Him and not my own circumstances. Whatever the Lord brings into my life will never compare to His anguish, suffering, abandonment, and being forsaken by His Father.

Lisa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Sep. 2016
light heart

I am thankful for this study. I have received more healing, especially in the area of forgiveness and releasing hurt and bitterness towards certain family members. I loved the section on bitterness and the author`s contrast between how the world views bitterness and what to do with it, and how God views it according to His Word and what He says we should do with it. This touched my heart deeply and helped me to release hurts and the people that caused them into God`s hands. My heart is light again.

Patti -study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Aug. 2016

How has this study impacted my life? Where do I begin?! God has filled the hole in my heart. The hole was there since childhood wanting unconditional love and nurturing from my parents who were both alcoholics. The hole in my heart of growing up in an abusive home where I was never good enough. I spent my entire life hoping that someone would fill that hole, spouses, kids, friends, church, sin. This study has helped me truly understand that God is there for me, in good and in bad times, and that I need to stay connected to Him and serve His people, sharing the blessings He has given me. What I can do for others is something on my mind all the time. God`s healing is not a one stop shop. This is a process that will continue until the day I meet my Maker. I know I am so much better than I was before this study. I`ve gone from feeling like a victim to feeling like a victor. It`s all because of God.

AW-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Jul. 2016
shaping and molding

This study has been a great blessing in my life. When I began I was emotionally broken and off track spiritually, but through this study, God has spoken to my heart and brought healing to my life. I`m thankful that I`m not who I was when I started this study, and I`m looking forward to who God is shaping and molding me into for His glory. I have freedom in Him because of His ultimate sacrifice for me.

Diane-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Jun. 2016
Discovering The Truth of who Christ is.

ALL women, no matter how perfect or broken they think they are, need to read God`s word to really realize who GOD really is. This study breaks down the picture of who you THINK God is, and builds up the TRUE person of who Christ is. All women need healing, that`s what this study opens the door to; true healing, through Jesus Christ!

KM-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-May. 2016
broken chains

I feel like chains have literally been broken in my life thanks to the simple act of spending time with God. He has filled me up again and has drawn me closer, reminding me of how much I`m loved and made new in Him.

Annette-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-May. 2016
truth of God`s word

This study is not just beneficial for those who are struggling with their past, but also for those who are in ministry working with those who are hurting because of their their past. It is a great study to do, as well as to recommend to the hurting people we work with. The truth of God`s word is what sets each of us free.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Apr. 2016
God`s grace and love

This study has shown me how being in the Living Word presses truth in my life and on my soul. I not only hear but feel when I stray or others stray and have a desire to continue to read so I may continue to know and remember who God is. This study reminded me of God`s grace, comforted me as I admitted my sins and gave me the confidence to ask the questions to know and feel the details of God`s love. I am eternally grateful and I have been blessed with many believers in my life who pray for me. I know my purpose again, God`s will. I am merely a passenger on God`s train. Only through my obedience to His will may I experience His plan and joy.

Cynthia-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Mar. 2016

The Hem of His Garment is an awesome Bible study that has allowed me to be healed and delivered from past sins that had me bound and fearful, paralyzing me and preventing me from living a victorious life in Christ Jesus. But, now, thanks be to God, I`m free. No more chains holding me. I am renewed in Christ Jesus and excited about the possibilities that life holds for me from this point forward.

JD -study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Mar. 2016
release and repent from past issues

I highly recommend this study! I was able to really dig into God`s word and release and repent from so many issues in my past. The counselor`s guidance is amazing. I felt free to express anything and not be judged. This study allowed me to grow spiritually in a way I had not been able before because of walls I had put up over time.

PG -study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Mar. 2016
healed and peace

Encountering God in the most dark places of my life and of my heart through this study has changed me, my attitude, and my behavior. My need and love for Jesus has greatly increased because He has revealed who He is and what He has done in the darkest places of my heart. What I thought I could understand, I could compartmentalize, I could handle, was simply sin in need of my Savior and He was there as He is here now. Viewing my life through His word and sure of His promises in this study, I now know if my heart is feeling confused, my relationship with Jesus stagnant. If I feel angry, frustrated or in pain, what I need is Jesus for His humbling of my heart. The forgiveness He gives in confessing and repentance is clarity for my sight, love beyond measure, and truly joy and satisfaction overflowing. God has healed me and given me His peace.

Laura-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Mar. 2016
completely healed

Going through the Hem of His Garment study was far more than I expected and it truly brought me to a place where the Lord healed me of past sin! As a believer, I knew I was forgiven, yet had not experienced that forgiveness in a deep way and I was not healed from it which impacted my entire life without me realizing it. And I`ve learned, that despite circumstances, I CAN have the joy of the Lord within me giving me strength and that He will hold me up no matter what, as I am obedient to His Word. I have never felt freer and redeemed. He has made me alive again and I want to glorify Him in all, above all else.

BG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Feb. 2016
set free

This study has impacted my life in such a positive way. Jesus has moved in my life so much through this study. He has helped me to realize my worth in Him & that His grace is never ending. His grace is sufficient and He died on the cross so that I may know a life with Him. I feel like I have been set free of the bondage that the devil wanted to keep me under for so long.

Ashley-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Jan. 2016

I think what sets this study aside from other ones I have done is that the focus is on you 24 seven and not a story from the Bible that we are gleaning from and taking wisdom from. It being focused on you makes a difference because it keeps hammering away at things in your life and you are forced to look at yourself in true light and you can`t move forward until you walk through the steps of working through what you see in your life.

s-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Jan. 2016
life saver

The Hem of his Garment has been a life saver for me. Learning to trust in God and not the world, to know how much God loves me and I am covered in his Grace. No matter what has happened in the past, I can repent and know that I am forgiven. My counselor was amazing, her encouragement and ability to get to the point of issues really helped my understanding.

gloria -study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Jan. 2016
forgiveness is a must

To God be the glory for the great things He has done in my life through Healing Hearts Ministry. I would like to thank my sister in Christ who lead me to the class online, knowing all that I was going through in an abusive marriage. This ministry was able help me to the point of letting go of the all the hurt and pain from my spouse. My prayers are with him and most of all that he turn his mind back toward heaven. The word of God is alive in my life again and my understanding of the word has been enlightening. Forgiveness is a must and a command from God. I thank my heavenly Father for love towards me and my counselor for her love and patience. There were times when I was ready to give up on the study, but I pressed on, believing that the best was yet to come.

Susie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Jan. 2016
Healing is God given and permanent

This is a divinely inspired bible study. The way it progressed, in my mind, it could not be man made. God, in this study, is asking us to face our issues and trust Him with our pain. The pain will be short lived because His study sends us right up to Him, to His Truth, to His Arms, to freedom. It will be God given and be permanent. I am 80 and had already gone through the painful process of recovery but had I been able to take this course during that period of my life, my transformation process would have been cut in half. God is waiting for you.

KT-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Jan. 2016
solid foundation, hope and peace

I finished this on New Years day and it has given me such a solid foundation in Him and a hope and peace for what the future will bring. This study has truly opened my eyes to the fact that God is a very real and present help in time of trouble and that He is sovereign in ALL things and that I can trust Him with my whole heart. It has been absolutely wonderful to feel myself become stronger and for God to reveal the dark areas of my heart and to shed His light on the areas for which I needed to ask forgiveness. Through the study, it occurred to me that throughout my childhood I never had parents I could trust. I grew up on very shaky and uncertain ground. I think that`s a good part of why it has been so hard for me to let go and trust God and to really just let go. Through this study, I`ve also seen Christ`s death on the cross in new light. I think I had grown a bit numb to the horrific pain and suffering He endured for humanity and for ME. My eyes have also been opened to His Word like never before. I have learned my way through the Bible and have been able to remember scripture and many verses are now written on my heart. I am changed -- humbled -- and I have been so honored to feel His presence and peace through this 9-week journey.

Jen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
16-Dec. 2015

This study has brought into deeper focus the humanity of Jesus and what He suffered on my behalf. Although I have been a Christian for many years, this study has encouraged me to apply the Gospel practically to all aspects of my Christian walk. It is a worthwhile endeavor!

Chrys -study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Dec. 2015

I am so thankful for this study. When I began, I was just fulfilling the requirement to lead a study. But, as I`ve gone through it, I laid my soul bare before the throne of God. Our family has been through so much, and it just didn`t seem like the trials were stopping anytime soon. I had become weary, discouraged, and beginning to feel numb when I would read God`s word. I had known this beautiful closeness with my Savior and I was feeling distant, like he wasn`t there. The more I felt this way, the more I read, studied, served, but I was not feeling led by His spirit in any of those tasks. Scripture wasn`t jumping off the page like I`ve known it to do. When I would serve, I would feel burdensome, I could go on. By being transparent and laying my soul bare through this study, the Holy Spirit has shown me what was going on. He helped me pin how I was doubting the goodness of my Savior. I was going before Him in prayer with a Spirit of doubt, doubting He would answer my prayers. My faith was being tested and I was shown that I was `ye of little faith`. This study was exactly what I needed, in this exact time in my life. I am thankful God orchestrated me to inquire about leadership, for me to meet Camille that very weekend, and for me to walk through this study. I am so thankful for His goodness and mercy in my life, how He pursues me, and never lets me go. Praise Him, through whom all blessings flow.

dls-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Dec. 2015
woman after God`s heart

God has used this study in my life in ways I didn`t expect, His timing was perfect with each new chapter in the study paralleled with my life and for that I`m so grateful. Like David, I desire to be a woman after God`s own heart, that He would teach me through His Spirit the way to go and I would be obedient to walk in it.

Meag -study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Oct. 2015
hurt and anger to awe, wonder and gratitude

When I started the Hem of His garment study, I was angry and hurting and broken. I was angry at the people who had hurt me, and desperate for an answer and a fix to my pain. I had tried filling those pains and spaces with men, with meds, and with worldly advice galore. I didn`t sleep much and I didn`t have any peace. I chose to do this Bible study because I truly felt I was out of other options and because I knew in my heart that true healing for me was only going to be found in God, the One who made me. Week by week I saw the changes. Actually sharing my story with my counselor and truly opening up the painful parts I didn`t want to was just the beginning of an incredible journey. From there the Lord took my bitterness and called me to forgive. He showed me the truth of who He is and how He loved me so incredibly much. There were days I wanted to quit because sometimes it ripped the wounds I had open, but those days were the ones I heard His love for me the loudest. Soon I had to admit my mistakes and realize how badly I had messed up and looked in the wrong places for peace, but then the study helped me find repentance and His incredible forgiveness. From then it was an amazing journey of realizing how He wants me to live for Him, in my marriage, in my work, in everything I do. Ultimately, through this study He cleansed my dark places and filled them with His truth and light and grace and love that still draw me to tears in awe and wonder and gratitude. I feel like that person who started this study is not the same woman today, because God has transformed my life and I just want to go share that hope and truth with everyone I come in contact with! His amazing grace and love have changed my life and this study was the conduit He used to do it, from the material, my counselor, and everything else! Praise Jesus for changing me and drawing me to Him!

Myriam-study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-Oct. 2015
heart set free

Even as I have known the Lord and been in several Bible studies, nothing has impacted me more than this study. It introduced me to know my heart in a deeper sense. It showed me how to dig deeper to areas of my heart that I didn`t know existed as they were covered by the pain and hurt I had. But through this study God showed me my heart and set it free.

Moni-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Sep. 2015
freedom from a 20 year sentence

WOW!! This study has impacted my life in so many ways. I was a prisoner serving a 20 year sentence. I finally have been broken out of the dark cells that held me captive. As I walked through the doors to freedom, I felt the powerful light of God`s word shine upon me like never before, giving me true hope of a life that will never be the same. I found true love, my prince charming that came on a white horse to rescue me from the lies, bitterness, guilt, anger, and resentment, that had stored up in my heart. I finally learned what it is like to be truly loved. I finally allowed God to open up the wounds that were infected and heal them from the inside out, allowing Him to go to the deepest parts of my aching heart where I had not allowed Him to go before. I have found true forgiveness, true freedom in Love. I have seen Jesus` true sacrifice for me, truly understanding that all the pain, sacrifice, torment, everything Jesus suffered on the cross was for me, because He loves me. I searched for a love like this for so long in all the wrong places. Now I have it and no one can ever separate me from the love of God. I have learned so much in the past 10 weeks. It has definitely impacted my life in a very powerful way. It has touched every area of my life for the better. I now have the power to move forward in love, forgiveness, and truth, allowing no one to take back the freedom I have been given. Thank you Jesus and thanks to Healing Hearts .

Evelyn Mae-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Sep. 2015

For many decades I lived with a sense of shame from having been sexually abused as a young child. It is this study that helped me find not only a fuller sense of God`s forgiveness but also the freedom from that long held shame of being abused. It has also helped me finally be able to forgive all those who have hurt me in the past so that I am no longer carrying around all that burden with me and have finally found the FREEDOM I knew God`s word promised me, but seemed to elude me.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Aug. 2015
not hidden by guilt and shame

I have found this study to be a lovely and yet powerful tool for the Lord, an instrument which leads gently, though not always comfortably, to the Word and repentance, and healing through Jesus Christ. I am amazed that the beauty I read in this study made it a powerful tool to me and I have come away realizing that God created us women to be ``lovely and powerful`` in His kingdom, not hidden by guilt and shame.

Ss-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Aug. 2015
begin deep healing

This study has helped me begin deep healing. It has helped me to see who I am in Christ and how much He loves me. My counselor was amazing, helping me to dig deep inside myself and holding my hand through the process with her encouragement.

J-study: The Hem Of His Garment
13-Aug. 2015
shame and unforgiveness lifted from heart

This is a great study. Things I had carried hidden in my heart for years were brought to the surface. I was able to begin to work through my sins, and the sins of others against me, from a biblical perspective. Much shame and unforgiveness has been lifted from my heart, and I have a deeper desire to be like Jesus.

Shirleen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-Aug. 2015
I understand His forgiveness at a deeper level

As a child, and as a teen, I was abused sexually. When I started this Bible study I did it to help others. As I progressed in the study I uncovered some old hurts that needed to be dealt with that I didn`t even know still existed. I recommend this study to anyone who feels like something is just not right in the sexual area of your life. Maybe you have forgotten what happened to you, but this study will uncover areas that need to be dealt with. I have grown closer to God and I understand His forgiveness at a deeper level than when I first started this study.

Rachel-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Aug. 2015
Study helped me ``Get Real`` with sins and doubts

This study encompasses the basics I needed to heal from my past abuse. I also learned how to continue on in my life, seeing myself as Christ views me. The study helped me ``get real`` with the sins and doubts that hovered me. My counselor was amazing. She was always providing encouragement that I will treasure. Thank you Healing Hearts Ministry for providing this study!

CS-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Aug. 2015
I was able to fully forgive

When I started this study I was suffering from pain due to the betrayal of a friend, and the death of our friendship. I thought I had worked through the anger this caused, and had fully forgiven her. The Holy Spirit used this thought provoking study to reveal to me that I still harbored bitterness and resentment towards my friend, and I was able to fully forgive her. I gained freedom from the prison of un-forgiveness, and the chains of anger, bitterness, and resentment. Instead, I am able to love my friend again; not with the same love, but with a love God has put in my heart for her. I discovered there were others, as well, that I had not forgiven. I was able to work through the forgiveness process with each one. The chapter regarding intimacy with my husband - that was hard for me. Even though I knew of intimacys importance in my marriage relationship, I cast it from my mind. Our amazing God would not permit me to get by with that. He taught me about the ministry intimacy with my husband fulfills. He has softened my heart toward my husband in this regard. I now desire to be all that God has called me to be, and I am trusting Him to enable me.

D.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jul. 2015
forgive attacker

If you are struggling with sexual abuse or sin, then you need this study. Through taking this study, God has shown me that it wasn`t my fault for what one man did. I didn`t need to live under the fear, guilt, or shame of that day. Through this study, I have learned to draw closer to God. I had to face things about myself and ask forgiveness. As result, I have got to the point where I can forgive my attacker. Thank you Healing Hearts and my counselor for all that you have taught me.

Sara M -study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Jun. 2015
genuine healing

Before beginning the Healing Hearts ``The Hem of His Garment`` Bible study, I never understood why I could not truly be happy on the inside when on the outside, it appeared I had it all together. It had been years since I had been abused and I had what seemed to be a ``normal`` life with an amazing husband and a beautiful family. So why couldn`t I just be happy?! In spite of being saved as a young teenager, I didn`t understand how to lean into Christ in difficult times. Instead I turned to every form of worldly healing possible until I had done as much damage to myself as others had done to me. What I didn`t have was the ONE thing that could truly heal my brokenness, a real relationship with Jesus Christ. I took pride in myself as a strong woman who had survived so much abuse in her life that nothing would ever take her down again. I wore my strength like it was a shield of armor to cover years and years of abuse and sin, never realizing that it was all a faade to hide my deep-rooted pain and lie to myself and others that I was just fine. After rededicating my life to the Lord, He guided me to Healing Hearts and I began this Bible study. Within the first chapter I knew this would be one of the hardest, but most rewarding journeys God would ever call me to take. He knew I was a shattered shell of a woman who needed put back together and I realized that His heart broke for me and He didn`t want me to simply just be a survivor. He wanted me to thrive and find my strength in Him alone! He wanted me to trust in Him to make my heart, spirit and mind align with what His will is for me. God took all of the broken pieces of my heart and healed them with the precious blood of Christ. I praise His name for the beautiful gift of real genuine healing He gave me through this study and I will never be the same again. God loves us more than we can even comprehend! If you just surrender everything to Him, the Lord will take you to an amazing place of healing, peace, forgiveness and unconditional love you never knew existed before. God used this Bible study to change my life and He wants to do the same for you! :)

Loretta-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Jun. 2015

Healing Hearts - The Hem of His Garment, an unexpected study that has brought me unexpected grace and favour! I have received an abundance of very unexpected grace from my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who has set me free. Jesus has led me, a broken, confused, unforgiving and a very angry child, and holding me by the hand throughout this study has led me into the glory of His Truth, His light, His wisdom and His ways. From being in a crushed state, Jesus accompanied me to show me the Way. I have found God`s Way. All my burdens had entwined and rooted deeply into my heart. Now I have God`s Truth bound to my heart and because of this, I have found inner peace, inner joy, the ability to truly forgive, the desire to be obedient to God`s word and a freedom in Christ Jesus that I have never in my life experienced before. I have met Jesus on a very personal level. The day I finally surrendered myself into His mighty hands and placed all my trust in Him was the day Jesus was able to begin His work in my hard, angry and unforgiving heart. I am a new person and I am still amazed at my new heart. All glory to God. I would recommend this study to every person who desires an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ our Saviour. This study leads one right to the Cross and away from self-selfish focus to focusing on God. Once that happened to me, my life changed! All praise to God.

Julie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Apr. 2015

I will never forget the impact this study has had on my life. The Father did heart surgery it was so painful at times but glorious too! I am so thankful for His word and for this ministry. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free! Praise God! I am free!!

Torri -study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Apr. 2015
changed life forever

The Hem of His Garment Bible study has changed my life forever. This study was well put together, and met my every need. I learned more about myself in the last few weeks than in all of my life. I realized the love of God is so powerful, and it never changes. I was able to become more familiar with so many verses in the bible. I felt safe doing this study, knowing that my thoughts, feelings and emotions were not judged. This Study was AWESOME!

Sheri Gate-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Mar. 2015
fallen in love with Jesus and my husband

Through Jesus I am thankful for this study. The Lord has truly reminded me of so many things though out this time with Him: on why sin came in this world, how to be a better wife to my husband, why we have to forgive and what Jesus truly went through for me. We all have choices and we must resist the temptations of the devil. In this time with the Lord, I have fallen in love with Jesus and my husband all over again. I thank the Lord for The Hem of His Garment Bible study. Lord Bless you.

R-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Mar. 2015
opened my eyes

This study has truly helped open my eyes to areas in my life I didn't even know I was still struggling with. It helped me see how God feels about me and to learn more about my identity in Christ. The chapters on anger, bitterness, and forgiveness are especially powerful for someone who has experienced abuse in the past. I feel like I have a new freedom to walk with Christ without a heavy sense of shame and unworthiness. I'm very grateful that God led me to this study and the healing I have found through it.

EB-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Feb. 2015

El Seor me ha mostrado que sin amor, bondad, control, paciencia, gozo no podemos caminar en su senda, no es facil!! Pero Dios l aun lo dificil lo hace posible, en este libro aprendi que para vivir una vida plena en Cristo debemos " desnudarnos" despejarnos y desatar cadenas que por aos nos ataron y a los cuales estabamos hasta acostumbrados, aprendi que si no rompo con mis ataduras no podre sentir el gozo de llamarrme hija de Dios. Gracias doy a Dios por haber puesto este estudio en mi vida, me a bendecido tremendamente!

Meagan T.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Feb. 2015
God stuff

Before this study my life was jaded. My marriage, though stable, seemed to be perched precariously on the edge of a cliff and all I had to do was step the wrong way to have it crumble down around myself. My faith, though I had it, was in worse shape. I kept my faith and "God stuff" on the back burner while I tended to life and my problems by my self. As I went through this study God began working my heart to show me that "God stuff" is not something to leave on the back burner. My sisters, "God stuff" is living! "God stuff" is a breathing entity in which we can find true liberation and purpose! I urge you to run into our Father's outstretched arms, for He's been waiting for you all this time. He wants to take your pains and brokenness and heal it. He will not fail you! Trust Him and you will learn truths that will shatter all the ugly lies to pieces around you. In the midst of the darkness and pain, God's hand will lead you to redemption. It is my prayer for you, my beloved sisters, to trust our Daddy Jesus. He will be what saves you, heals you, teaches you, guides you, and defines you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

S-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Jan. 2015
changed, healed, renewed, restored

I don't think it is possible to spend time in the Word and NOT be changed, healed, renewed, restored. I really appreciate Michele's partnership in this study, as she gently encouraged and challenged me.

CG -study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Dec. 2014
it runs deep

I've always heard that as women, our hearts and our stories are deep like an ocean. And while it sounds poetic, we sometimes forget that what also goes deep is our hurts, our scars and our tribulations. Before I went through this study, I had worked for years to bury every ounce of hurt that I had gone through. This study was an eye opener to what I had buried and how necessary it was for God to heal those wounds, even the ones I thought I had healed on my own. It has allowed me to take control of my own hurt and give it up to the Lord once and for all. While I know I'm no where near done with my healing, I now have the courage to walk in my own testimony and walk in His love.

Nanette -study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Dec. 2014
heart was broken

Healing Hearts is a ministry that, I believe, comes from the Fathers heart. This Bible study has impacted my life tremendously. I have been through many trials and disappointments throughout my life, and the scars and wounds were so many. My heart was broken and torn into so many pieces that only God could put the pieces back together again. So, He led me to this ministry to continue the process of healing. Indeed, it is a process. I love my counselor. She is a wonderful woman of God who guided me through this study, and she is so transparent. She shared her story and I knew God had put us together. I bless God for this ministry. There are so many ministries out there, but this one is authentic and is sanctioned by the Father.

Emily -study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Dec. 2014
amazing grace

This has changed me. I am a partaker of grace! My life is to be a testimony of God's amazing grace and in return I get the priviledge of extending that grace to others. This profound truth has changed me from the inside out. It has caused me to walk in freedom and has allowed me to see with new eyes. I have been crucified with Christ-it is no longer I who live, but HIM! I can't wait to see what God has for me, that I can bear His image as I walk in victory! All glory to HIM. Keep moving forward in this healing process. God desires to walk through it with you, He will not leave you, nor forsake you. This study has shown me who I was, a sinner saved by grace that needed a new heart, who needed to be refined by the power of God's word and to receive the truths that He has promised me. Oh, I have tasted and I have seen that the Lord is good! He wants to do the work, He wants to use a weak person so that He can strengthen us. All Glory to Him for the work He has done. To get my thoughts off of me and onto Christ- that's freedom. Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think, according to the power that works in us!

Caroline -study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Dec. 2014
love and grace

This has reminded me of the love and Grace God has given. It reminds me of all the places I had strong holds before I was healed.

Joanne -study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Dec. 2014

This study has taken me from a place of not wanting to have a relationship/husband ever again because the pain and suffering that I had endured in the past to wanting a second chance at having a relationship to get married. I want to honor God and the way that He designed a marriage and relationship between a man and a women to be, to be loved and appreciated for who I am, and to be loved through a man the way that Christ loves His Church!

T. Faulkne-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Dec. 2014
forever changed

It has forever changed the way I present myself to others...as a living and holy sacrifice to glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Dec. 2014
new hope

This study has brought a renewed hope for the future for me.

D-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Sep. 2014
victory and forgiveness

This study did a great work in my life. Hurts, along with guilt and shame from my own sin in dealing with the hurt, wasn't something I thought would ever go away. I thought I was stuck and there was no way to get past it but to white knuckle it to get through it, day by day. Through the power of God's word and through the faithful ministry of the woman who walked along side me, there was victory and healing in my guilt, shame and my sin. Praise be to Jesus who died so I could have that victory and forgiveness!

LC-study: The Hem Of His Garment
16-Aug. 2014
healed and free

Healing Hearts Ministry was there for me during a very difficult time. When I thought I was doing the bible study for one reason, that was old hat news. I received some new news that caused very raw, acute pain in my heart. I was almost to the end of the study when that happened. I know that had I not begun the Healing Hearts bible study prior, this would have devastated me. I was prepared, comforted, given coping skills, and had a wonderful counselor to walk through it with me. I am still healing from the second news but God has completely healed me from the past! I'm free from bitterness!

Karen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Aug. 2014
divine appointment

I am thankful for my divine appointment where I found a business card for Healing Hearts Ministry. I have really enjoyed working with my counselor. It was great to have someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off of, who always pointed me back to scripture. I was impressed that the Bible was used as the main source of help and encouragement. The Bible has all the answers. Most of the material was familiar to me but a review is always a blessing. God's word is never void. Thank you for providing this format. I hope to find other studies in a similar format to continue my journey of healing and my study of God's Word.

DRH-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Aug. 2014
was full of religion

I was so full of religion and self righteousness that I was heading for destruction and didn't even know it. I had secret sin I didn't realize was sin. This study works on relationships. ALL OF THEM. There is power, love, and healing., both personally and physically in the pages of this study.

Marie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Jul. 2014
rape and molestation not my fault

This study has helped me greatly. I realized that I had blocked out my entire life after a moment in time when I had been involved in a rape by someone I trusted. Over time, in this study, I was able to realize just how much Jesus loves me and I saw and healed from many things that I was unaware of that had happened to me. My father was my abuser and I was one of those cases where I had been used repeatedly by him and many other men. This study showed me that it is not my fault and that no matter what, Jesus still loves me and always has.

Joyce-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Jul. 2014
had a superficial knowledge

This study has taught me so much about Jesus and the bible. I had just a superficial knowledge of Christ and the bible before this, even though I attend church most Sundays and volunteer in may ways through and for the church. I know now that I have only touched the surface. Mary Beth was extremely helpful and patient and she walked me through the lessons. I am anxious to learn and study more.

J.A.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Jul. 2014
better parent

I want to thank Healing Hearts and my instructor for the encouragement, the explanations, and the clarifications. I never knew so many things that I have learned with this study. Marriage is based on so much more than what we are taught by our parents. There is more to raising your kids than what we think on a normal base. We tend to spoil them and give them everything that we think they want instead of the things they need. We are always running to the rescue instead of thinking for a second that maybe that is something that they needed to go through because there is a lesson behind it. Isn't that the way I learned? I never thought of it that way. I always thought like most parents. I didn't want my kids going through what I went through; come to find out I should have put them in God's hands a very long time ago. I could go on and on but I will stop here and just say: Thank you so very much!!! God bless you all!!!

LB -study: The Hem Of His Garment
13-Jul. 2014
commend this study to anyone caught in a whirlpool of grief and pain

As an adult I was abused. I had physical challenges. Horrific family problems struck, convincing me I was a failure as a parent. I was a believer since my childhood, but these experiences made me feel like Jesus had turned away from me in my time of greatest need (though I knew it wasn't true, it still felt that way). I felt trapped in a whirlpool of pain and grief. No matter what I did, for seven years, I tried, but I couldn't get out. The Hem of His Garment study changed all that. I now have peace with my past. I am experiencing the joy of God's salvation again. This is huge for me. I recommend this study to anyone caught in a whirlpool of grief and pain.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Jun. 2014
huge impact

I am so happy that I was encouraged to take the step and do this Bible Study. It has been a huge impact on my life. It is amazing how God worked in a way that so many things that were going on in my life mirrored what I was learning in my Bible Study. I hope that I get another opportunity to do another one.

SC-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Jun. 2014
highly recommend

I'd highly recommend it, as it was to me, for just about anyone suffering. We're all broken and carrying around baggage that only God can remove for us. In His name I'm made new and feel oppression has been lifted off of me. I'm free only through and by Him.

Maria-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jun. 2014
higly recommend

This study has helped me look inside myself at things I've already been healed from and things I still need to work on. It's allowed me to open God's word and study it more in depth. Also, what I've learned I can pass on to others and lead them to this study so they can receive their healing. It's a powerful study for those who want to be free from their past and live a life of peace and joy that only comes from Jesus Christ. I would highly recommend this study.

Lauren-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Jun. 2014
God brought healing to my heart, and peace about the past.

The Hem of His Garment was a wonderful Bible study which helped me to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Working through this study, with the help of a counselor, was one of the tools God used to bring healing to my heart, and peace about the past. I know it can do the same for you. The study is all based on the Bible. It provides many comforting thoughts as well as challenging ideas. I definitely recommend it to women who are struggling under the weight of guilt, sorrow, or shame concerning their past, or other hurts they may have gone through. May God bless your journey!

Melissa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jun. 2014
I feel a weight has been lifted.

I am so thankful that this study was available to me in my time of need. I left a marriage in which I was abused, betrayed, and broken. The past two years of my life have been very difficult. I started out feeling absolutely broken, in a daze, abandoned, lost. Each day has gotten a little better with God making me a little stronger, and pouring out his love. This study closed that chapter for me. I feel a weight has been lifted. I have learned new ways to live a life pleasing to God. Forgiveness had seemed nearly impossible, now I know I can forgive, because I was forgiven. I am excited about the future, and excited to grow closer to my heavenly father, and to see what he has in store!

Tara-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-May. 2014
started with a storm of anxiety

I began this study in a storm of anxiety, after a year of dealing with a serious health issue. My goal was to avoid the psychologist and medication that were recommended to me. What I hadn't counted on, as I delved into this study and God's word, were all the layers, like an onion, that God peeled away from my soul, revealing the shame, bitterness, and unforgiveness I was harboring. Some of these things had been there for years. My soul is lighter now, and I feel freer to use my thoughts for God's glory. Life is still not easy, but I feel like I'm going to make it just fine.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2014

I am still a work in progress. This study has shown me that I have not arrived. Sanctification takes time. Just like an oak tree [needs time to mature, sanctification] takes many, many years to become righteous.

MCV-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2014
very thankful

I am so very thankful I did find this. It explained things to me, used scripture to help me to see what healing I need, and how I should not feel punished. It has helped me to gain a more positive outlook on my life and life in general. It has helped me to not be so bitter and to look for the best in people and appreciate them for who they are and their strengths. It has helped to soften my heart and not be so judgmental of others,to understand what others may have experienced or what they are going thru to drive their behavior and attitudes. It has helped me to be kinder to myself and to not be so hard on myself. I am more accepting of myself and know I have made some very hard choices in life, but ones that I do not regret and that God has given me the strength to carry out. I know He hears my heart and I am trying very much to place in Him the things that I cannot control and hope for the most of whom He can bring into my life. I am learning to trust God more and know that He has my best interests in mind. I pray to not let Him down and be the best I can be and show others that kindness. I think I have an overall better outlook on life and am going to make a point and a habit of studying more of His word.

Sue M. -study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Apr. 2014
His grace is enough

I thought I knew God's word, but many parts had just become words. This study has brought them alive and His word has brought sustenance and freedom and power and forgiveness. I had begun to feel alone, abandoned, but God has never left me. I had left me. This study has shown me that His words, His scriptures, are as alive, as He is. I feel that parts of me that were dead have been resurrected. There is a freedom that comes with that. The biggest impact has been my misperception of self-forgiveness. I've been running on a hamster wheel for so long and all I needed to do was accept the fact that God had forgiven me. Done. His grace in enough.

Avaldez -study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Mar. 2014

I have felt God's warmth and love throughout this process. Thank you dear Lord for the Healing Hearts Ministry because You are using this study to bring more of us broken women to be healed at your feet. Thank you!

Rosemarie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Mar. 2014
greater understanding

I thank God that I was able to return to this study. I started this study and had to stop due to hospitalization and surgery. I am so thankful that Ms. Mary Sue spoke to me about this study and I believe she didn't even know that I had started this study a while back. Reading The Word with an agenda makes you look deeper into God's Word and the understanding is greater. Thank you Lord for teaching me and guiding me through this study. Thank you Ms. Mary Sue for you prayers and your words of wisdom.

Judy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Mar. 2014
life enriched

I thank God for what I have learned through the "The Hem of His Garment" bible study. My life has been enriched with the great truths of the Bible. This bible study has helped me to know God in a way I have never known Him before. I have been able to take my past mistakes and give them to a Father who paid it all on the cross for me. I love the song that says "He paid a debt He did not owe and I owed a debt I could not pay" and his suffering was so great that my own suffering pales in comparison to anything I have gone through in my lifetime.

Morgan -study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Mar. 2014
healed properly

Before I did the study, I was wracked with guilt. Past decisions haunted me and the joy had been sucked out of my life. While I'm not back to where I was yet, Healing Hearts definitely allowed me to exhale and rest in the fact that I am forgiven and loved. God does care about me - even in the midst of sin and tragedy - and I can count on that. It also allowed me to see, for the first time, some of the damage I had caused. This goes beyond just sexual sin, but also are things I've said to other people. It's made me much more conscious of how I speak and what I do. It also caused me to not be so darned ego-centric about things! For years I thought about the ways people had hurt me, but never turned that around and thought about the hurt I might have caused others. It was a great way to get face to face with my sin and ask forgiveness. There were a lot of tears and a lot of pain, but it opened up those old wounds that I had been carrying and allowed them to heal properly.

Gladys-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Mar. 2014
from a broken home

I Thank God for this study, for it has really helped me. I was a person who grew up in a broken home. I never experienced how it feels to have two parents. I never experienced love from my both parents. I thank God for his unfailing love, for his mercies and compassion and grace, which is abounding in my life. The life of a step mother was more like a shadow to me. I have learned how to love and forgive them no matter how they have wronged me, so that the relationship is not hindered between me and my God and also with others.

tiffany -study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Mar. 2014
free and peaceful

Before I joined this study, I was wounded and broken. I was independent even though I'm married with 2 beautiful kids. I wasn't opened to my husband like I should've been. My breakthrough was when I had to be honest and pray for my abuser and mean it when I did. I remember crying afterward because I felt the release of the pain and guilt I had for 10 plus years. With the help, prayer and encouragement from my counselor Jaime, I had the strength to continue, even when it was so hard for me to be honest. I was given the tools for the bad days and horrible emotions and now I feel free and peaceful.

mg-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Mar. 2014
real problem

This study is amazing because it shows you that the real problem wasn't the abuse, but it was the sinful energy I have been using to live my life apart from God.

sm-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Mar. 2014
good study

.....I think the study does a good job of showing God's love, grace and mercy while also challenging the participant to become more grounded and mature in their walk with God. I appreciated the mentor interaction and the element of accountability it provided.

Erin C.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Feb. 2014
impacted my life

The Hem of His Garment Bible study has greatly impacted my life in so many ways! It has changed the way I treat and look at both my husband and children. In working through The Hem of His Garment Bible study, especially lesson eight, has helped me to change the way I look at sex with my husband. I no longer look at it as a burden or a chore, but as a special way that only he and I can connect and show our love for each other! And I have been greatly blessed because of my new way (God's Way) of looking at sex. My kids feel more secure in their home as well, so much that, my eldest daughter has since stopped picking her skin to the point of bleeding and is all healed up!

Jane-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Feb. 2014

This study has helped me see the root causes of much of my self-inflicted pain. By that I mean, others have sinned against me and I have willfully sinned myself. But it is understanding what I do with that pain that is key! I cannot prevent in a fallen world, others from hurting me, because it is in the fallen nature of man to do so. But I can choose to forgive and not let a bitter root form because of it. I can see what has driven my sinful choices in the past and I can choose not to make those same choices again. I can accept God's forgiveness through the precious blood of Jesus and move on. Now that I am more aware of the enemy's battle plan, I can be a strategic general of my own army and load myself up with my own amunition - The Word of God, my own battle plan, the Holy Spirit's counsel and my own Red Cross recovery kit - forgiveness and cleansing under the blood of Jesus. I feel much more equipped - not just someone who goes into the ring with my fists down and receives one blow after the other. No, now I am armed and ready. I taunt my enemy back with "Is that all you've got? Come on, bring it on defeated one!" I have gone from being victim to being a Holy Spirit-empowered VICTOR! Hallelujah!

Erica -study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Jan. 2014

When I started this Bible Study I was sure I would not finish it. I was angry, full of hatred, full of anxiety, depression, and wanted to leave my husband. I thought nothing would be able to change my heart or my mind about any of these things. After finishing this amazing study, I am relieved. I love God again. He showed me how to love and to have love again. I no longer feel any of the negative emotions I had before. I have asked others for forgiveness and they have not only accepted, but they have asked for mine. Our Lord loves us and wants what is best for us. Hang in there. This Bible Study is worth every tear and heartbreak to find our true peace.

Chauntelle-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jan. 2014
joy and made whole

When I first started this bible study, I was dead, but through studying the Living Word of God, I have been made alive! I have joy because of God and through building my relationship with Him I am made whole!

Kelly-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Dec. 2013
released nagative things

I want to thank Healing Hearts and my counselor for her encouragement and understanding throughout this study. The study helped me release negative things I was holding on to and made me realize that God is always with me and His love can get me thru anything.

Kelly-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Dec. 2013
Thank you!!

I want to thank Healing Hearts and my counselor for her encouragement and understanding throughout this study. The study helped me release negative things I was holding onto and made me realize that God is always with me and His love can get me thru anything.

Corinna-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Dec. 2013
find purpose

Thank you for this absolute fantastic study. I have finally been able to get rid of those chains that have held me back for so long. I can warmly recommend this study for any women who have suffered any kind of abuse. If you want to move on with your life and find your purpose and God's will, this is the right tool. Thank you to my amazing counselor, this was clearly a God's appointment. Even though I have never met you before, I felt so close to you. You were a true blessing to me. God bless you all!

ddp-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Dec. 2013
piece of puzzle

When I started this study, I was hoping my heart could be healed from my past hurts, specifically sexual abuse as a child, chronic perfectionism and insecurity, and depression and anxiety. I do believe this study has helped heal me, not through some sort of epiphany, but through small steps of gaining knowledge and understanding. I have gained so much wonderful knowledge about who God is, what Jesus went through on his way to the cross, true forgiveness, the need for daily repentance, and God's design for sexual intimacy. Each truth I have learned has been like one piece of the puzzle, which I am slowly putting together to form a complete picture of what my life looks like when I'm living in God's will and not my own.

km-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Dec. 2013
face anger

This study has helped me face head on the generational curse of anger in my family lineage and to make steps to change it in my life. Jesus is my husband.

S.S.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Dec. 2013
set free

I really loved this study! It enriched my heart and brought light, forgiveness, and healing to some dark spots that were hidden in my heart. Praise The Lord for setting me free from glory to glory to glory!!!

Nancy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
16-Dec. 2013
weight lifted

I was feeling far away from God when a friend told me about this study. I had sin that was holding me back. Going through this study in each aspect of my life & relationship with God was so uplifting. I feel like a weight was removed from my shoulders. I especially liked the chapter on Jesus death. It took me through each step of what He really did for me. It was a great study & brought me in a closer relationship with God.

PD -study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Dec. 2013
no modern psychology

This study has been a blessing to me. I was thrilled that it does not turn to modern psychology for answers, but only to the Word of God. Jesus is the only true and lasting Healer! I have experienced some healing in the areas of bitterness as a result of going through this study.

Jeanette-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Dec. 2013
reommend for personal growth, to be closer to God, or been through abuse

I have recommended this course to several people already. I loved the course and even though I was farther along in my recovery than the course itself, it helped me to learn even more about God's word. I am grateful that I took this course online because I was able to move through it freely and not have to be stuck on a topic that was already taken care of. I recommend it anyone who has been through abuse. I also recommend it for anyone who needs to be closer to God. I just recommend the course for anyone wanting personal growth.

Lilli -study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Dec. 2013
been through a journey

In 9 chapters, 10 weeks, I am able to look back at my first prayers and see myself admitting to things I never thought to share with anyone else. To be able to let go, to be instructed and taken by the hand through a journey which will refine your judgement, teach you forgiveness, explain how and why and what a miracle Jesus' death on the cross was, makes all the difference in my life in terms of new foundations and beginnings, and the understanding of fresh starts. What a blessing we have, to be able to start fresh whenever we know we should. I commenced this study when I landed in a different country, completely alone, living with a family to care for their children for a year. This study in itself was a blessing, just to have someone, especially someone like Adena, who is so dear to me and such a strong symbol of Christ's love and reality in my life, constantly there to communicate with me was comforting beyond belief. Before, I found through this study that my biggest problem with my faith was lying to myself. I never admitted to sin, just brushed it over, whether it was by me or against me. It is so easy to trick yourself into thinking that there is nothing wrong. I don't know how many times I prayed to God to search me, but never bothered to listen. The Hem study helped me so much to pinpoint and dissect the reasons we need to forgive and how to begin. I also had a hard time devoting myself daily to Christ. Having someone on the other end who really cares what you say and is helping you along the way is so motivating and conditioning. I have fallen into the habit of studying the word on a regular basis, and I can't wait to see what other good things will come of my newly developed habits. To be able to instill habits and change perspectives I think is a success on its own. Mostly, I think the greatest part about The Hem of His Garment is the personal encounters and refinement and direction you get to experience. I think just to have someone so interested in your story is an experience not everyone gets to participate in. This is special, because you get to discern specific things in your life which may be eating at your heart or your relationships. You get to understand in depth what Calvary was, and all the other foundations of being a Christian look like, and ask questions if you don't! There is so much information in this study, with more weight than a million books because it is the truth and way that God wants us to live. I would like to thank every priest who is taking the time to disciple the brave young women of God. I am so grateful for all the time and effort and have no doubt benefited. I would recommend this study to anyone who is wanting to know more about Christ, or if you are just looking for some one on one discipleship and a place for confidence. God bless your heart, you are so loved and this is a great way to find out how to love like him, not only by example, but by immersing yourself in his truth.

KOB-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Dec. 2013
resolved old anger and resentment

This study has been a huge help in resolving old anger and resentment issues that I have been carrying around for years and years. Through this study, I've drawn much closer to the Lord and am able to feel joy and peace that I couldn't before. Getting rid of my bad and sinful attitudes is not easy because even if they are bad, they are the ones I am used to. My counselor was tremendously important in this study. She helped me understand the scriptures and then to let go and grow. She has asked very important questions as well as provided guidance and support in other critical areas that helped me see positive alternatives that I could embrace.

BB -study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Nov. 2013
divine love

This study has cultivated in my heart the richness and beauty of God's divine love.

L-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Nov. 2013
God heals

Very grateful to systematically study God's Word for His answers to overcoming past trauma to living an abundant life in Christ. He is a God who heals!

Monique-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Nov. 2013
healed heart

I began this study just six months after my baby died. I was in a lot of pain. I didn't realize I had been bitter toward God. Through this study and the emails from my counselor, God healed me completely. I have a joy and a peace that only He can give. Healing comes from God and He used this study to heal my heart.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Oct. 2013

The Lord's timing is always perfect! I was a a wretched liar, a deceiver, an adulteress and a murderer. And then He saved me.

kb-study: The Hem Of His Garment
6-Oct. 2013
God will always be the answer

No matter hard life is, God will always be the answers to life's problems, no matter what they may be. As for me, in some parts of the study I struggled with it. I know God would not let me do this program if He thought I couldn't handle it. I really thank God for sending me a wonderful study teacher who has been very helpful as well as patient. Just trust God, you can't go wrong. He'll help you on your journey. Thank you God for showing me the way.

Sherry -study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
blessing in many ways

This study was a blessing to me in many ways, especially reminding me of my identity in Christ and the vital importance of forgiving others, even when they're mean everyday. The key is walking in the Spirit and becoming more Christlike.

AGC -study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013

This study has helped me to see that God has a plan for me. A plan to prosper me and not to harm me. A plan to give me hope and a future. I have found freedom from the Cross. Thank you!

em-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013

This study presented Scriptures in a very powerful way which impacted my life with a renewed reverence for God, thankfulness for my salvation through Jesus Christ, and a fervent desire to honor God with every part of my life. The Holy Spirit specifically dealt with me in areas of forgiveness and I am free!

Nancy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
wants more

I loved this study! I hate that it's over. I want more! I loved my counselor! This study gave me a more intimate walk with the Lord and I know will only make my marriage better. I think all women shoould do this study.

Debbie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
peace and love

I have learned about forgiving and letting go of pain from the past. I have faced my personal sin of the past and received forgiveness. I have studied how obedience to Christ opens doors to peace and joy when it comes from a love for Christ and not legalism. I have never felt such peace or love in my Christian life. I am very grateful for the Hem of His Garment study and the personal impact it has had on me.

SS-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
changed thinking

Well, I could write a book here. This study was definitely God-lead...isn't everything?! I personally experienced so much clarity while doing this study. I still carried a lot of shame & just plain ignorance regarding my past. If I had not gone through this study, I would probably still be dealing with some of this baggage. I am so thankful for God's Word & the trials I endured even amidst this study. Jesus has changed my thinking that was soooo wrong & gave me a new heart for my husband as well as His design for sex. It took a trial of miscarriage amidst this study to change my heart, but I am so thankful. I no longer have to be enslaved to my "stinking thinking" as my pastor says. Thank you Jesus & thank you Sheila (my counselor) for sticking with me in this.

mac-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
secret from the past

I was a woman that carried on a secret from the past. For over 30 years I lived in fear of someone finding out about my past. But then Jesus came into my heart one night and set me free from fear. I do not need to hang my head in shame from what I was involved in, knowing that my healing would bring God glory to Himself.

Carla-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
blessing in life

Thank you so much for this bible study. It has truly blessed my life. Through the study and the aid of my counselor, I was able to examine my weaknesses, not with condemnation, but by studying about a loving Father who wanted to heal me and have a more intimate relationship with me. I feel more at peace when relating to other people as I daily practice to "forgive quickly and often". May God bless your ministry.

Lisa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
conventional therapies did nothing

This study has been life changing. I have been holding on to so much for so long, I had no idea how to let it go or where to start. When conventional therapies did nothing to help me move forward, I realized my situation would only be healed by taking it to the Lord and dealing with the pain and grief biblically. I was pushed to start the study by the Holy Spirit, and every day since the first, I feel growth and progress and I am ever grateful for the study and for my counselor, both of which have helped me start on a path of true recovery.

PAE -study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
practice true forgiveness

Through the Healing Hearts study I have been brought so much closer to the heart of a woman suffering from her decision to abort. The Lord has shown me His forgiveness for this sin (as He does all of our sin) and in turn helped me to practice true forgiveness for my daughter who chose abortion and the baby's father. I know that it is only the power of God in my life that will help me to overcome my wrong thinking and cultivate a truly loving heart for others, no matter what. The Lord has used Healing Hearts to help me on my journey in understanding and learning to practice true forgiveness. It has also given me greater compassion for women caught up in sexual sin, unplanned pregnancy and abortion. Since it has come so close to home, the Lord has shown me how very difficult it is for women caught in it's grip. Although Lindsey and I have not discussed her abortion, I have been able to understand, somewhat, the desperation she must have felt when confronted with her second out of wedlock pregnancy and I have been able to see how judgmental I have been in this area. I have always thought that I would love to volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. If I do so in the future, this experience with my daughter and the Healing Hearts study have better prepared me. So much more so than I would have been prior to these experiences.

Niki R-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
not defined by what was done

I honestly didn't think that healing would ever come! I never saw that Jesus died for my sufferings. That alone has changed my life. Then, to move forward and see I was holding on to anger and bitterness towards my parents because of my abuse was not something that I realized I was doing. I knew I was angry and frustrated with both of them but not exactly sure why. In the last two weeks my relationship with my mom has made a big turn and I talked with her about my abuse. It was so freeing to share with her and to see her sorrow and to talk through all of that and to encourage her with scripture. It has changed how I see God. I see him more as a father and protector to me and He wants me to not carry guilt and fear and my past around. Rather, he wants me free from all of that to live a life that is focused on Him and what He did in my life!! I am so grateful for this study!! I honestly feel free from my past!!! I am not defined by what was done to me, but what was done for me!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

D -study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
amazing growth

This has been such an amazing time of growth for me. It's hard to believe so much can change in 3 months. I have left the place of bitterness, ingratitude and sadness. God and His word has brought me to a place of peace, joy and happiness. That is not say everything is perfect, but I feel completely confident to be clearly in His will. Looking forward to what is next! Thank you for your encouragement, rebuking and prayers throughout this process!

HG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
He will direct path

I know that the Lord is continuing His work in me even when I stumble into my bad habits. I am becoming more encouraged the more I spend time in His word. I have often struggled with self condemnation. I feel like it is easier for me to get back up when I stumble into my habits rather than condemn myself. I have realized how important it is to take regular times in the year to retreat and spend time with the Lord for a day, as the business of work often clouds my view. I am hanging on the promise that He WILL complete and good work in me and He works out all things for the good of those who love Him. If I trust, He WILL direct my path.

Laura-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2013
strength and hope

6 years ago, I agreed to try life the Lord's way, instead of my own. I had been living from one relationship to the next, and striving to find love and acceptance from a man. Christ gave me a peace I had never known. I experienced victory from a destructive relationship that had plagued me for years and I fell in love with a Savior that would go through any means possible to rescue me from death. Despite confidence in my salvation through Jesus Christ, the hurt and regret from past sin still made itself known almost daily. I lived either trying to forget, or rationalizing that it wasn't as bad as I was making it out to be. I hated myself, and inwardly struggled to live a life of perfection at work, home, with friends and family. The Hem of His Garment challenged me to push through every barrier I had built up to portray myself in a positive light. I could no longer settle for thinking the way I once did. Christ's sacrifice was not only sufficient for my salvation, but with it came life, and life abundantly. The study showed me where I was settling to live with bitterness, anger, jealously, regret, and through God's Word, gave me strength and hope to respond obediently. This study has transformed my relationship with the Lord, others, and how I view myself. Thank you!!!

CW-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Sep. 2013
I was able to forgive...now I have peace!

It has been a great reminder of how God sees sin. Though I already had walked the road of forgiveness and healing for things of my past, there was still some un-forgiveness that was hidden in my heart that I did not even realize was there. God helped me to see it and find peace and forgiveness for my mom who had hurt me in my past. Because I never defined it as abuse and because she was a great mom, I guess I buried any hurt she had caused me because I justified it by the fact that she was a good mom.

AW-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Sep. 2013
Before I was lost and angry -- NOW I'm excited!!

Before I started this study I was very lost and angry. I had totally turned against God and blamed Him for a lot of the major pains I had gone through. I had lived a life full of abuse of every kind starting with my parents and continuing into relationships. I had lost my son due to a violent attack by an ex. I was angry with God and thought "how could He allow this man to beat me and kill my child?" Through this study I learned those were not things of God or part of his plan. While He has a plan for everyone He also gives us power over our choices. The evil things I went through were choices those people made and were not part of Gods plan. Even though I have been through what I have, God still loves me and is still on my side. He has my son and my son is in no danger and I will see him again some day. Through this study I learned just how much God does love me and that I am perfect in His eyes. There is a plan for my life and I am worth so much more than I ever imagined! I have turned my life fully back over to God and I am on the path He chose for me and could not be more excited to see what my future holds!!

AW-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Sep. 2013
Before I was lost and angry -- NOW I'm excited!!

Before I started this study I was very lost and angry. I had totally turned against God and blamed Him for a lot of the major pains I had gone through. I had lived a life full of abuse of every kind starting with my parents and continuing into relationships. I had lost my son due to a violent attack by an ex. I was angry with God and thought "how could He allow this man to beat me and kill my child?" Through this study I learned those were not things of God or part of his plan. While He has a plan for everyone He also gives us power over our choices. The evil things I went through were choices those people made and were not part of Gods plan. Even though I have been through what I have, God still loves me and is still on my side. He has my son and my son is in no danger and I will see him again some day. Through this study I learned just how much God does love me and that I am perfect in His eyes. There is a plan for my life and I am worth so much more than I ever imagined! I have turned my life fully back over to God and I am on the path He chose for me and could not be more excited to see what my future holds!!

MVH -study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2013

Thank you Healing Hearts! I have walked through this bible study, sometimes crawled, and am so grateful for the enlightenment into a deeper understanding of God's great love for me. I have been a believer for many years. This was still a great resource for me. It is not just for a new believer, or someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus. I have been abused, but the maker of the universe has me in the palm of His hand. Thank you, Jesus for your assurance you give to us. This Bible study does a great job of showing us who God is, and who we are. Thank you again, Healing Hearts!

Laurie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2013

This Bible study has been AWESOME!!!!!! The transformation & healing that began in me from day one, I know that God will continue to water all the seeds planted through this study. I will never forget it:-) My desire is to carry this with me & extend it to every woman that needs healing as well. What a powerful tool to have that offers GUARANTEED life changes!!!! If I could stand at the highest point of the temple where Jesus stood I would shout out this whole experience for the world to know that through Healing Hearts Ministries, God is changing lives & healing hearts!!!! I look forward to re-visiting this site & taking the other Bible study as well:-) I will be also signing up for the walkathon. God willing:-) My heart has been permanently changed through this experience I pray blessings upon each & every person and their loved ones that are affiliated with Healing Hearts Ministries!!!!! MAY GOD POUR OUT HIS LOVE, BLESSINGS & CONTINUOUS HEALING TO ALL!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2013

Jamie and this study are one of the tools the Lord used to reel me back into obedience. Prior to this study, I was unable to see that although I was on my face begging for forgiveness and mercy (total anguish), I was just chasing my tail. Because I never looked up long enough to see that in order for me to receive those requests, I had to be obedient. Meaning, I had to stop picking up what I was laying at Jesus'feet! I had to feel some discomfort (obedience) in order to feel the forgiveness and mercy. Sometimes, I think we move so much that we never sit still long enough for Jesus to heal us. We allow Satan to keep us in panic and chaos mode, never really slowing down and shutting up, to allow the healing process to begin. It can be a painful process, but a necessary one. Jamie and this study made me slow down and shut up, so I could actually hear what my Father was saying. Once I crawled (with the Lords help) to obedience, I began to hear my Father again. I guess I ran too far away to hear Him. Now I am back! Thank you Jamie for allowing the Lord to use you in mighty ways. You are a blessing!

A-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2013
trust grew

I thank God for the "Hem of His Garment" bible study. God has opened up my eyes and understanding of who He really is, and He has shown me how to trust Him more and more each day. Before I began "Hem of His Garment" study, I leaned on my own understanding to handle all of life's situations, but going through this study has shown me how to trust and depend on God. God also showed me His unfailing love through my counselor. She was loving, patient,and non judging and she walked with me through some tough situations.

Andrea -study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2013
not broken anymore

I started this study a pretty broken down young woman, a victim really. Through this study, I have experienced an amazing work of healing through God and His word. I did not ever think I would be healed or that my heart for God would beat this much. Because of this study, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I have healed. I did this study last Spring and again this spring and doing it the second time around has opened my eyes to things and people I hadn't thought to forgive. Because I was able to do so (again through God's power), that weight has lifted and I am thirsting for God like I've never thirsted before. I really believe my relationship with God is so much better because of what this study has taught me. God gave me a wonderful counselor to walk beside me in this study. Her wisdom and encouragement have been so incredible. I am thankful to God for all that has happened over the course of doing this wonderful study.

MLSJ -study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2013
infinitely blessed

How can I put in words the blessing this study has been for me in the hardest time of my life? I can't. I can say that once more I have been taught in the school of The Lord about the power of the Word of God to comfort, to uplift from the dust or mud or black holes, to empower a soul, to take the hatred and bitterness out of a heart, to heal that broken heart, and to restored life. I am so infinitely blessed to have read the scriptures in the study with such inspired guidance in each chapter. I am also grateful for the magnificent labor not only of those who put this study together, but of my counselor who was truly an angel of God extending His loving mercy to me through her. She was inspired on what to tell me and how to help me. I knew it was my Father reaching to me, reminding me that He has been all along with me, and that He loved me so much and knew me by name. My heart was broken into million pieces, but this study has helped me to pick up those pieces and give them to God and He has made it whole again. I love Him and I will serve Him the rest of my life. I hope I can give back what was given to me. Thank you Healing Hearts Ministries from the bottom of my new whole restored heart:) I know God lives and I know God loves us, each and every one of us, and knows us individually. I testify that our divine and merciful Savior made it all possible to come to the Father, for because of His blood and sacrifice of taking all our sins, pains, and sorrows, He has made it possible for us to be clean, forgiven, joyful, whole and healed. I love you my Savior, You know that. I testify that what I share is true, in the name of my beloved Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

N.K.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2013
blessing to study

It's been a blessing to study the truths in the body and to apply them to my own life. I always have a problem studying the Bible without any help and this was great. I definitely didn't enjoy all of it, but it's been good. A few things I will take with me are the verses on taking thoughts captive as soon as they enter your head and not half a day later. Thinking thoughts that are lovely, just, true, of good report etc. That's definitely not an easy thing to do in the society I live in, but the right thing to do nonetheless. Also I've received help in an addiction that I had. A few really good verses have been put in my sight which help me to resist the temptations. Thank you for making this study available! God Bless You!

MVH-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Apr. 2013
deeper understanding of God's great love

Thank you Healing Hearts! I have walked through this bible study, sometimes crawled, and am so grateful for the enlightenment into a deeper understanding of God's great love for me. I have been a believer for many years, this was still a great resource for me. It is not just for a new believer, or someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus. I have been abused, but the maker of the universe has me in the palm of His hand, thank you Jesus, for your assurance you give to us. This Bible study does a great job of showing us who God is, and who we are. Thank you again, Healing Hearts!

G-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Apr. 2013

When I began this study, I can not begin to tell how my heart was hurting. I knew the Word of God would provide healing, but where and how could I begin to search the scriptures in so much pain. I needed God's Word and comfort desperately! It was by the love and grace of God that I was looking at television and this ministry was mentioned. God spoke to my spirit that this is what I needed, "The Hem of His Garment". The process to begin the study was not complicated and I began right away. Jesus said He came to heal the brokenhearted and through this study, thank God, I have been healed. Thank you for your obedience by making this study available, God bless you.

CN-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Apr. 2013
reminder of God's goodness and grace

Although I don't have a "testimony" as many others who have gone through this study, it was still a wonderful time with the Lord. It was a reminder of His goodness and grace, His love and mercy for me as a sinner that has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. I am excited for those who will go through this and meet their Savior for the very first time and find freedom from their sin and enter into a life of joy, peace and contentment in Him.

lu-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Apr. 2013
healing from past hurts

It was great to look back at my past without being afraid but to instead realize that God not only changed my future and destiny but also brought healing from all of my past hurts. Prayer is an important tool to destroy the lies that the enemy puts into our minds which only brings confusion and division.

Rosangela-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Apr. 2013
wounded to truly free

This bible study has given me the help and guidance to get my wounded soul healed completely. I feel renewed in my spirit and I am ready now to continue my journey and develop a deeper relationship with the Lord. I want to know what God had in His mind when He created me. This study helped me to realize with more clarity who I really am and to start feeling that I am really worthy. If Jesus died on the cross for me, He really valued me as a human being, and I need to value myself too and find out the new being I am in Christ Jesus. It was no accident that I came across this teaching at a time in my life when I needed to get rid of a lot of garbage and things I was holding on to, which was just too heavy for me carry on my shoulders. Now I feel this heavy bag I was carrying of guilt and shame has been destroyed forever and Jesus has made me truly free.

Nedgra-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Apr. 2013
darkness to forgiveness

When I started this study, I was in place of darkness. All I wanted to do was argue and be right. My heart was not open at all. I didn't know how I got there, until I started this study. I was in need of some heart healing of things from my past I had not asked for forgiveness. It's like it was all pushed under a rug. You know, "out of sight out of mind". On the first night of doing this study, I cried so much that in the end I was in a deep morning from the pain that was in my heart. Then I began to get a true revelation of God, Jesus Christ and what they did and are doing for me each and everyday. I feel like a brand new creation in the name of Jesus! I have been forgiven all my sins because I asked Jesus to forgive me. After I took the steps to seek His forgiveness, it didn't take long for my heart to become humble and joyful. Each and everyday I seek Jesus and ask him to cover me with the blood He so freely gave to set me free.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Mar. 2013

The Hem of His garment, how I had longed to touch it and be healed like the woman in the bible story! God has answered my prayer in so many ways through this study. I have experienced a deep healing of my broken heart and now all I see are the healed scars. It doesn't hurt anymore to look back at my past. I can now look forward to the future and the future is sooo bright! Knowing that I have been forgiven profoundly and completely and that all the chains that were dragging me back to the darkness regularly have been cut off, I feel like I am soaring with God on His wings toward Eternity. I can't wait to arrive at my final destination, my real home. In the mean time, I am enjoying the ride and my heart is so full of gratitude for the "real" life God has given me, now and forever! Thank you for teaching me those profound truths about Jesus so I could experience His healing and His Glory!

Les-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Mar. 2013
most intense Bible study

This has been the most intense Bible study I have ever completed. As I went through each chapter digging deeper and deeper into my past, I learned that Jesus Christ truly understands everything we go through. He is faithful to His word in order to help us overcome our past, no matter how painful it was, or how deep we allowed it to take root. This study helps each individual dig down to the deepest roots and mends us so that we will be set free from our past and produce good fruit. I will always refer to this study in order to help others because there are times in our life we just feel like it would take a miracle to overcome the trials and tribulations we go through. If we turn to God in our time of need, He is our miracle!!! So please take the time to do this study if you need healing from your past and you will also experience a relationship with God like you have never experienced before. This Bible study has truly been a blessing from God and his faithful followers who show much love in doing God's work.

Debbie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Mar. 2013

First I would like to thank GOD for guiding me to this study. Without Him, I would not have been here. I believe GOD puts us in places at the right place at the right time. I have learned in this study about forgiveness, love, truth and righteousness. I battled with not being able to forgive people for the things they have done. So if GOD can forgive us, who am I to say I cannot forgive someone also? For if I don't forgive, then God will not forgive me. I didn't know anything about the truth of GOD until I studied the word of GOD. I would like to thank my counselor Donna for her love and support during this study.

Louise-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Feb. 2013
painful relationship with dad, then forgiveness

One summer Sunday, our pastor preached on the characteristics of godly parents. God used this sermon to touch nerves deep in my heart that had long ago been covered with the scar tissue of a painful relationship with my own dad. That day the Lord put His finger on a festering wound I thought had healed, if not perfectly, really quite well. On this particular Sunday morning, God set me on the road to healing in a way I could never have anticipated. God used this study to begin to show me how deep my pain, anger, and bitterness really went. It was an extremely painful process, and a number of times it would have been far easier to bury the pain again and get on with life as best I could. However, that would not result in the abundant life our Lord desires for each of His children, and I chose to trust that He would carry me through the pain with the result that He would bring true healing to my heart. My God truly was faithful to do just that. I have been able to forgive my dad, and though it is still often a conscious choice of will rather than an emotional feeling, it has been amazing to watch God change my attitude towards the father He gave me here on earth. The Lord has shown me the hypocrisy of my own heart in relationship to my dad and has Himself stepped in to be the Father I have missed in the past. As I've learned to forgive the inadequacies of my earthly father, my Papa in heaven has stepped in to be more than adequate, to be fully sufficient to enable me to love my dad, even when it hurts. Even when the world around me says I don't have to. I still don't have unselfish love for those who have hurt me down pat by any stretch of the imagination, but God has begun a very good work in me, and "will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ." (Phil. 1:6) But as I have allowed God to work healing and forgiveness in my life, the most beautiful relationship has begun to develop. When we allow God to touch our deepest hurts, the ones buried so deep we think they'll never resurface, the ones we will hardly admit to ourselves let alone anyone else, an amazing intimacy begins to develop that carries on beyond the healing to a love relationship that can't be rivaled by any man on earth, father or husband!

Linda -study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Feb. 2013
really free

With the help of this study and the help and wisdom of my counselor, I now understand what it means to be free in Christ. I understand Christ's sacrifice for me and that I am forgiven and free from the pain of my past. It has strengthened my faith, gave me a hunger for God's Word, created a desire to walk in obedience to Jesus. The pain of my past is insignificant compared to the mercy, grace and majesty of my Lord Jesus Christ.

Barbara-study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Feb. 2013
God knows

This study and my counselor were awesome. I have learned how God knows firsthand all that we feel and go through. He knows our pain and suffering because he has felt it. I have learned that there is power in God's word and He is true to his promises. I know I am forgiven and that I benefit when I forgive others. Only God is capable of healing our hearts and making them whole again and this study is a perfect step in that direction.

Ria-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Jan. 2013
no more chains

Healing Hearts Ministry has helped me heal a great deal. It has really helped me to allow God to break the chains of all my past hurts and failures. Now I truly understand the meaning of "freedom in Christ". The freedom is unbelievable. Never have I felt closer to Jesus since my salvation 13 years ago. Through this amazing study, He has healed and restored all that the enemy has tried to steal. I am very grateful for this study and recommend it to anyone. If God can heal me, then He certainly can heal anyone. He has changed my life forever through this ministry, no more chains!

C -study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Jan. 2013
From darkness and depression to hope and freedom

From darkness and depression to hope and freedom, that's how this study impacted my life. While I was hopelessly struggling with deep depression and destructive behavior, I started this study as a last resort, far from imagining what positive impact it will have on me. By learning and meditating the Word of God, I've finally buried a very dark and painful past. I've found closure, and my numerous soul and body wounds were healed. I cannot insist enough on the positive role my counselor, Carolyn, had throughout this study. With much tact and discretion, she always gave me true and useful answers. I can say, without any exaggeration, that this study saved my life. Thank you and may God bless you for this wonderful work.

J. Lederer-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Jan. 2013
repentance, forgiveness and peace

I received Jesus as my Savior when I was very young. Along the way, I started to sin and not ask forgiveness, and not even confess to Jesus what I had done. Years and years of this led me down a path of destruction, sin, sorrow, pain, and fear. I was in so deep and Satan had such a stronghold on me, that I could not see my way out of it anymore. I had forgotten the importance of repentance and forgiveness in order to heal and move on. This study opened my eyes again, for the first time in years, to what a daily, righteous walk with God will do for me. Through confession and repentance, and hours of prayer, I asked God to cleanse my sinful ways and help me to get right with Him. Since then, my heart and mind have known true peace - the peace that only God can give. My fears have subsided; my mind and soul are at rest; and I know that I am a precious child of God. What beauty and goodness there is in belonging to Him.

Heidi-study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-Jan. 2013
loved this study

I have loved every minute of this study. Being able to share the journey with my mentor and ask her questions has made a huge difference to me.

JSC-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Jan. 2013
This study has changed my life AND my marriage!

This bible study has been so amazing, Having done Binding Up the Brokenhearted, I was not prepared for it to be as impactful as it was. It has changed my life. God has ministered to my heart in a very deep way. He has met me in a new and deeper place spiritually. I was in such a better place to open my heart up to Him completely after BUP, that this study sank so much deeper into my soul. I believe God has the most amazing plan for my life, and this is just the very beginning. I am humbled and grateful for all the cleansing work He has done. He prepared me for this deeper work in the BUP, and now He has ministered to some very profound issues in my life. The healing from the first study was so good, and gave me so much freedom to walk into this study ready to be completely renewed by God. There were some things in my life that I did not even recognize as sin. This study has ministered to my marriage, and my part in the difficult areas of my marriage. I spent a huge amount of time blaming my husband for all the difficulties. It has been about ridding my life of some behaviors that displease God. It has been about becoming a living stone, a spiritual sacrifice that pleases a holy God. He asks me to die to self so my life can be about worshipping Him. He loves me, He is worthy of my every praise, He is worthy!

GK -study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Dec. 2012
nothing can separate us from God's love

Romans 8:38-39, "For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Because of this scripture I have been able to endure my hardships. I lost my son in an accident right before his 21st birthday. I have had two heart attacks, cancer, and a host of medical problems. We lost our home, savings, and retirement due to unemployment. We had to live with and borrow money from friends and relatives. Through it all God has been my comforter and I have learned that forgiveness, loving all of God's people and having a healed heart is the key to happiness. Praise God.

Terrie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Dec. 2012
can stand as a warrior

Healing Hearts Ministries, the name says it all! A place we come reaching out to touch the hem of His garment with our broken and wounded hearts and lives. A safe place where we can be ministered to with the balm of His healing. A place of truth and love. Walking, crawling in wounded and defeated, walking out and standing as warriors.

P-study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Dec. 2012
restored marriage

God has healed me from my childhood pain of being raped and molested. I left my husband, confused between past and present pain. God has restored my marriage and given me a mind that is focused on Him.

TW -study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Dec. 2012
life impacted

This Bible Study has had a a huge impact on my life by bringing me closer to the Lord and feeding my desire to draw closer to Him. I would recommend it for every Christian woman out there!!

cyndi -study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Nov. 2012

This study reminded me how critical absolute trust is when it comes to our relationship with Almighty God. It is the foundation upon which everything else is built, including any and all human relationships. If we fail to trust God implicitly, we sentence ourselves to a life that is robbed of God's best. That is why this study is so valuable. It doesn't matter if you have been a victim of abuse or incest or not. The underlying focus of this study deals with developing implicit trust in our Sovereign Lord. Only then will we be able to receive and enjoy the blessings of God, which in turn enables us to be true servants of God.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Nov. 2012
completely changed

The Lord has truly changed me completely through Healing Hearts. I began this study at just the right time in my life. I never really realized how much my past had affected me, and how I had so much hidden in my heart. Through this study I was able to finally and truly forgive those who had done harm to me and begin healing in my heart. I was filled with so much regret and hurt from my past choices and I couldn't surpass this. However, through the Holy Spirit and this study I can see my past mistakes as a learning experience and part of my testimony that I can express to women are where I once was. I see that my attitude has changed. I am less angry and depressed, rather I lean on God and call on His name at all circumstances. I believe that with Healing Hearts I was able to be set freed from past sins that kept me in bondage, especially with my thoughts. Thank you Lord! I was also reminded of what Jesus went through for me. I read word for word, in detail, what Jesus went through. His sacrifice, hardship, embarrassment, and so much pain. It opened my eyes more to see the love of our Lord. It also taught me how important it is to love those around you and to forgive those who do wrong to you. I give God the glory and honor, for He is truly faithful and is changing me day by day to be a better wife, mother, and a godly women. I give thanks to Healing Hearts and my counselor. I could not have done this with out your constant encouragement, and true love. I am so grateful for this ministry and will always recommend it to everyone that I know.

Lisa O.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Nov. 2012
step of faith worth it

I was so nervous to start this study on line, knowing someone would read EVERYTHING I wrote and poured out to God. The step of faith/courage was well worth it and my counselor was so helpful and gracious. I would not be on this side of the "baggage" I have carried around for so long had it not been through God's working in my life through this wonderful study! Thanks be to God!

KR-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Oct. 2012
it's all clear again

The bitterness, unforgiveness, and anger I used to feel no longer plagues my life. I hear the word and understand it more clearly again. I remember in the past the Lord showed me that if I didn't take his word more seriously that I would grow dull of hearing; and I did. I was so frustrated before this study. I could read and study, but the revelation that I received was somewhat cloudy. I also understand the mistakes I made when forgiving someone. I knew I had asked for it, but I wasn't truly letting go. The freedom I'm experiencing is awesome and I truly thank the Lord for His grace and for those who have made themselves available to be used through this ministry.

Karen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Oct. 2012

This Bible study has been one of the most powerful ones I have done. Although I apologize it has taken me more time than most, and I have not used my time wisely and been under attack, God faithful lead me though it and opened my eyes even more to the Truth. It is so powerful, I am going to do it again so these things become embedded in my heart and mind. There is so much I learned. About forgiveness, my unbelief in God that I was holding onto my sins and being tormented about my sins of the past and only God can forgive me. I can't forgive myself. I can forgive others like God has and this is freeing. Sex is not dirty - it is ordained by God to be a union between a husband, a wife and God. Sex was associated with guilt and shame and I didn't understand God's purpose for it and now I am free. Although I did have sex before marriage, God forgives my sin and I am His child now. God has changed me and my mindset. Thank you Jesus. You are so good to me. I am a priest! God has anointed me! I never knew that. Somehow that empowers me and encourages me to press forward with more passion as I have an intense desire in fulfilling His purpose for me and to be totally and completely pleasing to Him. All of this reinforces that fact that GOD LOVES ME. Praise to Him and thankfulness. I learn of His grace and I am humbled by His great love and sacrifice. I can come boldly, this study showed me I can believe what He says, simply because He says it - it doesn't matter if I don't "feel" it is true. This is deception, the fact is "if He said it, IT IS TRUE." I will continue on this journey until I go home to be with Him. (Even as I say this, I doubt I will make it and maybe this is the fear of God - knowing I am undeserving to be in such a holy place.) I am sure as I continue to seek God for everything, He will finish the work He has begun in me and I surrender and lift my soul to my Creator for His will for my life. God does love me, He is extremely patient, kind, and good to me. I will serve him more wholeheartedly and try to give my best to my God and my King. Praise to Jesus for each breath is an opportunity to sing praise to my Savior.

D-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Oct. 2012
let go

It helped me to let go of my past.

S. Wilson-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Oct. 2012
Started out angry, bitter and insecure

When I came into this study I was angry, bitter, insecure, and just unable to function in life around people. I have a long history of hurts from those closest to me. I just stopped sharing life with people and finding every fault in people as an excuse to not get close to anyone. This study showed me how to function with people, even if they are unrepentant and unforgiving. It has shown me how to lean on God and be understanding of grace at the point when people chose to live in sin towards me. It has also helped me be more diligent about confronting people to see if their sin was intentional or just a misunderstanding, and working through it if there was a sin issue on one or both sides of the equation. I have all around just learned how to glean from God, not just in the good times, but in the bad. As well as how to find the joy in life again.

rb-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Sep. 2012
I thought I didn't need this BUT...I was wrong!

When I started this study I was sure it didn't have much for me since I had already gone through the BUP study. I was wrong! God showed me that I still carried unforgiveness, then showed me how it grieves His heart. I also understood how my anger and disappointment at my son decisions has caused me to be jealous of other people whose children are making positive choices. God has shown me that He is not finished with my child and has given me more peace and joy. He is the sustainer of my child's life not me.

Wendy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Aug. 2012

There are numerous bible studies online, but I believe this one truly makes one think. One does not just think about the scripture but also what dwells inside of us. It makes one dig deep inside removing the denial we have regarding various things. It helped me finally reach and start disassembling a wall I had built regarding forgiveness with a family member. My counselor is a real sweetheart with very kind words that further helped me think past the black ink in front of me. Furthermore, she did not pat my hand and say things we normally want to hear, but said things in a kind way of things that I needed to hear. Nor did she overstep her bounds. She is a blessing and so is this study. Thank you.

G Martinez-study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Aug. 2012

This bible study helped bring me closer to God, trust more in God, and allow Him to heal me and release me!

C-study: The Hem Of His Garment
11-Aug. 2012
power of forgiveness

I just want to say thank you for expanding and enlightening my understanding of how much the capacity and power of my forgiveness of others has on my personal growth and intimacy with God.

AR-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Aug. 2012
helped with deep heart issues

This study has truly touched my life. God was helped me the whole way through and I thank Him for that. I have been helped emotionally. There were things underneath my heart that were deep down in the surface and God has shown me what they were and we took care of it. Well, He took care of it. But I let him take care of it. My counselor has helped and guided me along the way as well and I thank her too.

Erin, CA-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Aug. 2012
Healing is available

Before this study, I was like the folks crowded around Jesus. Standing back in amazement of what He could do. I was a sort of a spectator if you will....I knew He could heal others, but me? Through the working of this study, by His grace, I began to know Him more and believe that not only He could but that He wanted to heal me spiritually and emotionally. I pressed into my Savior and touched the hem of His garment. In Him, I found my hope and salvation. Healing is available... press into Him and may God grant you perseverance to finish this journey.

Andrea-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Aug. 2012
from broken to healed

I started this study broken and very hurt and hard toward God. As this study progressed, my heart was softened and I have a whole new relationship with Christ now. The journey to healing is paved with hurt but through the hurts come growth and thankfulness that God is using the past hurts for His glory and He will use something that once felt empty and lost forever and make it beautiful and use it to encourage others. God is GOOD and wants to heal you!

- G. H.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Jul. 2012
just try it

When I started this study I was not even sure if it was the "right thing" for me or if I belonged here. But God blessed me and He helped me with so many things through the course of this study. The online mentors were great and I encourage you to try it. What do you have to lose? It is free to try and you might be just as greatly blessed as I was! :)

W-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jul. 2012

This study has helped me to lean on Jesus, to forgive my enemies, to let the past go and not dwell on it. My counselor was great.

LE-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jul. 2012
restored and renewed

Because of God using this study, I'm no where near the person I was when I started. He has completely restored and renewed me and continues to do a work in me. As I grieve over the loss over my daughter, I can't let my pain become bigger than Him. I want to be that oak of righteousness where He can be glorified at all times. Thank you for an amazing study. It has truly changed my LIFE. I know other women will be blessed and transformed by it.

Glittergir-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jun. 2012
feels good to feel good

8 months ago, my life fell completely apart. I reluctantly began this study, not really expecting much to happen. I felt God had abandoned me and hadn't answered my cries for help for years. Why would a Bible study help me? Much to my surprise, as I stuck with the study, God began healing many areas of my life, especially guilt and shame. The more I did the study, the more the Lord healed areas of my life I locked him out of for years. As I worked through unforgiveness and issues of past abuse that I thought I had "gotten over", He slowly began to lift a heavy cloud of depression off of me. It feels good to feel good. For the first time in my life, I am walking in freedom and instead of seeking out my friends to fix my problems or fix my life, my thoughts and heart is turned toward the Lord all through out the day. This study has opened up a conversation between the Lord and I that I have never had before, and has given me such hope and appreciation for the finished work on the cross. He really does see us and He really does hear us!

imom-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Jun. 2012

The Hem study - yet another way God has blessed and grown me!

HF-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Jun. 2012
wrong thinking to right thinking

This study has brought to the surface many wrong thinking patterns I have continued in for years. It has affected my marriage and my parenting. This study has reminded me of the great love of Christ and my Father, God. It has helped me to remember God's promises in His word and I can now help others, too, who may not have the same problems, but can now remind them or introduce them to their Savior as well.

Cynthia-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Jun. 2012
from fear to letting go

When I started this study I was full of fear. Fear of the future and the unknown and not willing or able to trust God in it. Honestly, many of the circumstances have not changed, but I'm allowing myself to let go of the outcome. I realize that I have a tendency to hold on to what I call "The scraps that are left of my life." When doing that, I've realized I'm not purging, letting God have the opportunity to do what He needs to or bless me. I have a regular counselor and even she says I'm staying very calm in my trials and she didn't expect that. I'm learning to press in to God. I also have to say that I learned a lot about the crucifixion. I didn't realize it was so brutal. I was raised Catholic and knew "it" happened, but not what He truly endured for all of us. He truly is our "Daddy" and His love for us is huge.

Joan-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-May. 2012
safe place to bare heart/soul

At first when I saw this study, I did it for a way to stay close to God. I had just finished a study where I learned that gluttony was a sin and I felt I needed something structured to help me cement that new lifestyle. Little did I know what HUGE adventures and healing God had for me doing the Hem of His Garment. I was challenged, became unsettled, recognized hidden sin and finally came to repentance and healing for some very deep hurts and sorrow. So much sorrow was taken to Jesus for healing. The way God matched me up with a counselor who not only understood from scripture, but also from life experiences. I have recommended this to several friends who are counselors or prayer ministers. I have to confess, when I came I thought I was pretty smart and knew a lot. I had had a lot of training and ministered to a lot of people. I did too but it was a lot still in my head. Now it is in my heart. When I trusted and dared to bare my soul/heart, I discovered that this was such a SAFE place to do that with some hard issues. May God continue to draw people here and bless them and all those who give of their time and hearts here.

Laurie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Apr. 2012
a study to return to

This study is life-changing! I appreciate the personal involvement of my online mentor/leader, and her challenges to me along the way. I know I spent more than a week per lesson, because sometimes the Holy Spirit convicted me if I moved on too quickly, and I had to return to add to my previous section notes. It's a study I most likely will return to again, and again, as God brings new trials into my life. The principles taught here were timely for my spiritual growth.

dj-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Apr. 2012
challenged and grew

I have been challenged by this Bible Study. It has made me more aware of what God has done for me. I have fallen in love with the Lord more everyday. The study has opened my eyes to several areas that I never realized was sin. Being raised in a Christian home, I felt that I wasn't doing any bad sins. But I was guilty of what one author calls respectable sins. I was proud, critical and bitter towards some people that had hurt me. This study made me sit down and really look at my sins. I forgave these people. Now I am trusting God to bring me through this life and into the next. Thank you for making this study available.

Gina-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Apr. 2012
a deeper journey, deeper healing

This study led me on a deeper journey with the Lord! When I began this study, I had known I had some people in my past that I needed to forgive. Not only was I able to forgive them, our whole relationship changed. I had completed the Binding Up the Brokenhearted study a year ago. I thought I had grieved and healed from that, however God showed me He had some other areas He needed me to be set free from and was with me through every step of this amazing journey. I was able to find a deeper healing from my abortion as well. ALL of my sins were bought and paid for at the cross with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! What an amazing gift I have been given! Praise Jesus!

Laurie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
6-Apr. 2012
I was turning to food for comfort instead of God

This study, through the Truth of God's Word and the ministering of the Holy Spirit has healed and set me free from the past 49 years of my life. I have been a Christian since I was a little girl and didn't really think I needed healing of anything. I knew I was forgiven and covered by Christ's blood. The only reason I started it was because I knew there had to be something in me that kept making me want to go to food for comfort and to calm me down when I was stressed instead of going to God my Comforter. I found that walking in this fallen world and having a sin nature caused a lot more damage and brokenness to my soul, my mind, my heart and total being, than I ever imagined. This study made me dig deep to heal hurts, bitterness and unforgiveness I thought I had already forgiven and been forgiven for. It has made me want to continue to go deeper into God's Word and be that Oak Tree with the deep tap root that makes me grow and become strong!

Judi-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Apr. 2012
no more pity parties...not going back!

As far as I am concerned you can use any part of anything that I have written throughout this study as I feel it is all for His glory. This study took me from me thinking that I had dealt with all my past hurts to realizing that I had simply set them on a shelf and would bring them out periodically for a pity party. Now I have handed them over to my Lord and now I shall never walk that path again. For my God is always with me and His will, will be done in my life forever, AMEN

Barbara-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Apr. 2012
I have been HEALED!

When I first talked to someone from Healing Hearts Ministries about my desire to go through the Hem of His Garment Bible Study, she told me that I would be HEALED through this study. Those were exciting words to my ears, though I wondered how she could be so sure. So just in case she knew something that I didn't, I threw myself into this Bible Study. I could HARDLY WAIT to work on it each day. At 64 years of age, and much good Christian counseling and prayers through the years, I still had not found relief from my deep emotional needs. I had looked to my husband to provide these, most of which only God could fill. Somehow the questions and the Scripture selections in this study were designed to get to the root of my pain and my sin issues. Sins that I was not even aware that I was harboring. The Holy Spirit revealed my heart to me, and I didn't like the anger and the unforgiveness that lurked in there. As I spent time in this study, in the Word, and especially during intimate times with Jesus that had been lacking in my walk, I experienced God's love for me. I understood what He wanted me to do, what steps He wanted me to take. Having an online mentor who was committed to my success was amazing. Soon I loved her and prayed for her, and looked forward to reading every comment she made, usually several times. I sincerely believe that God orchestrated every part of this blessing for me, from the author of the study, to the timing in my life when I would discover it, to the selection of my dear mentor who was never shocked at anything I shared with her. In grateful summary, I can put this testimony into one sentence: No matter how impossible our life's challenges may appear to us, we can still do ALL THINGS through Christ Who strengthens us! Because with God, all things are possible. But to defeat the impossible, we must follow His lead, and obey Him. He loves us so much!

Brenda K.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Mar. 2012
many lessons

Healing Hearts has taught me that God loves me and wants me to be free from the lies of the enemy. I no longer have to feel guilty of the molestation of my past. It was not my fault. I did not deserved it. Bad things happen to good people. I now know that God forgives me for having done the abortions that held me captive full of guilt and a shame. God has set me free. He said go and sin no more. You have been forgiven. He said, "Do not look back to the sins I have forgiven you for, because I have forgotten them". This study show me how to be a better person, mom and wife. We should not anger our children. My body does not belong to me alone, it is also my husband's! I thank God for His word and this study. It has given me a stepping stool toward the right direction and a new life...

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Mar. 2012
received the truth

This study confronted me with the truth of God's word which no one can hide behind. This study was painful for me and very emotional because I wanted to change as I didn't like my heart condition and it confronted me head on with God's truth and freed me from sins grip. Thank you for your work in ministry that has brought much healing to me personally. May God continue to bless and expand your ministry.

Anita -study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Mar. 2012
anger is gone

It's been a long time but what I do realize is that when I just started this course, I had an anger against Christians. Now that I have ended the study, the anger is gone. All honor goes to YHWH!

AU-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Mar. 2012
deal with the past

I am really glad that I did this study. I feel it has really helped me deal with my past and draw nearer to the Lord. I've enjoyed the time I've spent in His word and the time I've spent with Him. It has been hard at times, but it was definitely worth it. I think doing the study on-line without seeing someone has been helpful for me. Jennifer was able to point out things I needed to look at more and help me through the study. I was able to be honest, because I didn't see her. That may be a cop out, but at this time in my life, I don't know that I would have been able to verbalize some of these things. But I was able to do that here. That's probably a key to being able to go farther and receive the healing that I needed. In this study I really had to think things through, pray them through and deal with them. I just pray now, that God gives me the courage to use my past for His glory. And I know that when He calls me to do that, He'll give me the strength. It's like Corrie ten Boom's dad said, he doesn't give her the money for the train ticket until they are at the station. God doesn't give us the faith we need, until we need it.

M-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Mar. 2012
a different heart

Let me begin by saying, this is not your typical bible study. My heart before this study and after are worlds apart. It's like night and day. I had such average expectations because of my past experiences, but God quickly set me straight. I looked forward to each study to see a new way that God's scriptures unfolded new truth into my life. It revealed my broken heart and gently put the pieces back together. God still has much work to do in many areas of my life, but I know He will love me through it. Not only have I been changed by God's word, but through the opportunity to respond to the lessons and my interaction with my precious counselor, God revealed even more truth and grace to me. "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13. I was striving to seek Him with my whole heart, yet could not because my heart was hard and unable to be wholly seeking Him. I had so much unconfessed sin and wrong thinking. He filled my heart with love and truth and my heart softened. With a forgiven, light heart, I can come to Him fully and seek Him with ALL MY HEART. Only through the love of God, my confession and repentance and God's truth would this have ever been possible. God has given me an authentic relationship with Him. All things have been and will be brought into His light and His blood covers it all. Thank you Lord! All glory and honor and praise to you HOLY name!! Philippians 1:6

RJM -study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Mar. 2012
much revealed

First of all this Bible study let God reveal to me the depth of my sin, my anger and bitterness, and the real need to trust and obey, and with that to forgive. Second, for the first time I looked at all the scriptures that dealt with what Jesus really did for us on the cross -- even separating himself from His Father for a time when he took on all of our sins. Until this study it was hard to understand why he had to be the blood offering for our sins. Third, through Christ's suffering I was able to understand that he really did understand my pain, and helped me to understand my need to forgive as God has forgiven me my sins. I never wanted to tie to two together, but once I started, I began to feel the freedom that forgiveness brings. Last, but not least was that God is HOLY and that I need to TRUST AND OBEY His Word. The only way to do that is to continue to study His Word until He calls me home. I am so grateful the Lord revealed so much to me through this study and I also want to thank my wonderful counselor who kept me focused and brought to me the additional scriptures and resources I needed to really "get it." God be Praised!

L.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Feb. 2012
guilt and shame replaced

Praise to Our Dear Heavenly Father and Our Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit for Healing Hearts. I was immersed in deep guilt and shame for the sins of my past, especially towards one of my sons and through the forgiveness and mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I truly know that I am forgiven and set free from all the guilt and shame. Strongholds and lies that I had believed even about Christianity have been torn down and replaced with the Truth. The pure Word of the Gospel has truly penetrated my heart and I am not the same. I know deep down within my soul and spirit that I will never be the same again. I cannot live in the bitterness, unforgiveness, self-pity, fear, etc. that I held in my heart before Healing Hearts. I truly know that I am on the right path now. I am so grateful for my counselor, she was such an encouragement and a blessing and prayer warrior for and to me. I am willing for Our Lord to use me to share Healing Hearts with whomever He wants me to as He has already been doing. Thank you Healing Hearts servants. Thank You my Lord Jesus Christ for Your Life, Sacrifice, Death, Burial, Resurrection and Oh So Great Salvation!

L.S.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Feb. 2012
changed life

This was, by far, the best thing I have ever done in my life. Because of this study, I have developed a new closeness with God, and I have truly been healed from the wounds of my past. I have emptied my heart of sorrow, bitterness, and hurt and have instead filled it with love and gratitude. I will forever be grateful to this study for changing my life and making me a better person.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
13-Feb. 2012
different person today

This study is one that I didn't think I needed, but, the Lord brought me to it and I thought "well, this should be a breeze - I don't have a lot to work though". About 2 minutes into the study - I was greatly humbled. The Lord showed me that in fact, I needed this study more than I could have ever imagined. It has brought me great joy and a heart of mending and I am so thankful to Him for that. I have told many women about this study. I carried so much hurt and pain that I didn't even know I had, and I am happy to say that today I am a different person. I don't have a weight on my shoulders that I had before. God mends and heals in ways I didn't think possible. It saddens me that this study has come to an end, but I am eternally grateful for all the work He has done in my life through this study and that He continues to do in my life. Thank you Lord for your love and your grace!

LL -study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Jan. 2012
rich study

Hem of His Garment was a rich study with so many intricate issues spelled out clearly from scripture including, the crucifixion and what it means to my daily life, forgiveness, and God's design for relationships. God exposed an area that I have not given over to him and I am determined to seek His face and His will as a result of the impact of this study.

J -study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Jan. 2012
right road now

Before God brought this study to my attention, I felt as if I were headed definitely down the wrong road, even though I was reading his Word - key: just reading, not meditating on His word. God has opened my eyes and ears to truly see and hear what He is saying and doing in my life and I have more knowledge regarding my sin. I pray each and every day to the Lord to bring that to my attention. I am remembering now to look to the Word of God for everything that is going on in my life - "does whatever flow with the Word of God?", to question everything and ask what does God say or what does His Word say? I am more confident in my walk with Christ, not to fear man, but have Holy reverence for God. "I am in this world but I am not of it". I believe that God has a great plan for me.

Jodie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Jan. 2012
find freedom

The Lord has been faithful and kind to me as I have persevered to complete this study. I praise Him for all that He has done in my life through this ministry. I pray other women, suffering silently in their own storm of grief and despair, will find freedom to worship and glorify God in their lives.

L.R.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Dec. 2011
Real Healing

An amazing journey to WHOLENESS, FREEDOM and REAL HEALING! Thankful that the LORD brought this study to my path and I was able to be part of it. Amazed by God's love and grace♥

Ev.H-study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Dec. 2011
improved life

This Bible study has cleared up a lot of issues in my life. It has also showed me how to have a deeper walk with God, just knowing He is always there for me even when I mess up. His grace and mercy are always there. It is helping me to love others just where they are at and not judge them. He truly has been a life saver for me. Thanks to my counselor, and all the ones who put this together. I hope some day I will be there to help others.

Ashley-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Dec. 2011
touched and transformed

This long yet difficult journey has been SO worth it. I've been forced to face giants which I thought were nonexistent. My life has been touched and transformed. The broken pieces which were once my heart have been put back together by the Master. The bitterness, anger and hatred that was so deeply rooted has been unmasked and revealed. This heart which was once of stone is now breathing life, once again. I have NOT arrived and the work in me is no where near finished but it has just begun. He who started the work WILL be faithful to complete it!

Iris-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Nov. 2011
released from guilt and shame

I thank God for this program. I have been able to deal with depression, mom leaving me when I was two and sexual abuse at 3 yrs old, disappointments in my life. I never had addressed guilt and shame but through this program I was released! I was able to deal with the feeling of lack of love. One of my blessings was that I shared Healinghearts.org with my daughter, who also entered into the program and we were able to share some of the things that helped us to progress and be healed. Oh how I praise God for healing me and giving me joy! :)

K.A. -study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Nov. 2011
no longer defined by past

Prior to taking part in this study, I felt defined by the experiences of my past. I was ashamed of the experiences and was imprisoned by them. Through the help of this study, I have found the freedom I have so longed for and it came through Jesus Christ and the grace and forgiveness He so freely offers! I now know the healing of a daily walk with Him and keeping short accounts with sin.

Gisela -study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Nov. 2011
marriage impacted

Coming into this study, I was unaware of the hate for my husband. I have been through many studies. The Hem of His Garment is most certainly the one that has impacted me deeper than I ever thought a book study could. I have spent real time in my head and heart checking who I was and where God wanted me and what pleases Him. I have journeyed through life pleasing people and trying to be happy. I have been cleansed of my unrighteousness by His Holy love and grace. I am done with unforgiveness and anger. My marriage has become a more peaceful place to be as I have become closer to Jesus. I have laid it all at the foot of the cross where it belongs and I will not bear it again. My counselor has been prayerfully compassionate and understanding and stayed with me to the end. She encouraged me to keep going. Thanks for sticking with me JoAnn. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for the rest of my life as I walk in trust, love, peace, joy, forgiveness...All the fruits of Gal. 5:22. I am forgiven and I will live in grace and love for the rest of my life.

Renee-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Nov. 2011
forgiven and living in grace

Coming into this study, I was unaware of the burden I was carrying. I have been a church going Christian all my life and have been through many studies. The Hem of His Garment is most certainly the one that has impacted me deeper than I ever thought a book study could. I have spent real time, in real prayer. I have journeyed through His Word and found the truth that lies on every page. I have been cleansed of my unrighteousness by His Holy Grace. I have come to the end of my unforgiveness and anger. My marriage has become a more peaceful place to be as I have become closer to Jesus. I have laid it all at the foot of the cross where it belongs and I will not bear it again. My counselor has been prayerfully compassionate and understanding. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for the rest of my life as I walk in trust. I am forgiven and I will live in grace from now until eternity!

S. Barnes -study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Nov. 2011
chains broken

I look back and see that I started this bible study almost five years ago. Life circumstances kept taking me away but I always kept in the back of my mind Healing Hearts and that I knew God had something here for me. God has brought forth revelation knowledge in leaps and bounds. When I started the study five years ago I remember being newly married and seeking God's face because I felt so uncomfortable in intimacy with my husband. I prayed to God over and over and asked Him to heal me because I could feel it was me and not my husband. Even restarting the study this time, I still had the same issue on my heart....intimacy with my husband. I can honestly say that that chain has been broken and as I have found intimacy with the Lord, I have found true intimacy with my husband. My husband was just saying a couple of days ago that he really enjoys being married. We both expressed how we never knew marriage could be like this. Now intimacy with my husband is fun, exciting and plain out wonderful!!!!! I give God glory and thank this bible study for saving my marriage but most of all saving my relationship with the Lord.

mb -study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Oct. 2011
Good Timing

I am grateful for Cindy, my counselor, who was there to encourage and pray for me as I studied the Word of God. The Lord guided me to take this study right around the time that I learned my father did not have long to live. It was a blessing to be in the Word even as I was prayerfully engaging with my family before and after my father's death.

Jenny-study: The Hem Of His Garment
1-Sep. 2011
Past the pain

Pain clouds our vision. Often we can not see past it. This study has unclouded my vision so that I could see past the pain to the healing. And just like when you hold that new baby in your arms and the pain is just a memory, so will all the pain in your life be when you truly turn to God. This study can lead you there.

A-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Jul. 2011
Changed from the inside out

I was in a place of despair and hopelessness, but God....He brought this study to me and changed me from the inside out. He set me free from the chains that have kept me bound for more than 20 years. I have grown in understanding of how to walk in His Word. Praise God my Redeemer and Savior!

src -study: The Hem Of His Garment
13-Jul. 2011

This Bible study has helped me to forgive more completely family members who were abusive to me and sexually abused my daughter. I feel like it is full forgiveness, but I am open to the idea that God may have more work to do in this area of my life. Also, this Bible study has given me hope that God wants to give me freedom from perverse thoughts and fantasies that were most likely a result of being sexually abused as a child. This study has also helped me get back on track to being in the word nearly daily.

Pam-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jun. 2011
new healing

Prior to this study, the Lord through His great mercy had already begun the healing process. When I was introduced to this study, I felt there may be some areas that still needed healing, therefor my continued journey began. This study has reaffirmed His love and it has also opened up sections of Scripture that I have read before, but never in the context of this study. This then opened my eyes to how living and up to date the Scriptures are for every aspect of life. Thank you Healing Hearts Ministry for such a heart and ministry for all of us who have gone through such difficult times,for showing us how very much God loves us and how it is through Him and Him alone that we will find healing and restoration. Thank you.

C.E.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jun. 2011
set free

This study has been such a blessing. It has given me truths and they have set me free. God is sooo wonderful and kind to us all. I've gone from being fearful, doubting and confused to seeing for the first time in several years. It was always here in front of me but it took presenting it, to allow me to see it. Thank you again.

B-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-Jun. 2011
Jesus understands

This study made me think deep within myself, and made me face some of the things I had buried. It was difficult to bring the hurt and the pain back to the surface. God knew I was suffering inside and needed to be healed. The only way to do that was to bring it out, and bring it to God. I felt no one could understand what I went through, or the emotional scars I had. But Jesus can. I always knew that Jesus died for my sin, but I never really thought about the emotions He had to go through. I know that He understands, and that I can take all of the hurt, pain and shame and lay it at the foot of the cross.

Sherry -study: The Hem Of His Garment
25-May. 2011
new truths

I thank God for this Bible Study and for the truths I have learned. The truths that I have learned and read in God's word because of this study, I have not heard taught any where else. So often, the way of this world allows us to lightly brush off our sins, not knowing how they offend God our Father, our Creator and lover of our souls and the serious consequences we are dealt. My only wish is that I had been able to go through this study years ago.

JCB-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Apr. 2011
soft but bold

As I started on this study, I made a commitment to be completely honest with myself and with God regarding the sin issues in my life and everything that has been hiding in my heart. As a result, my life has changed. A current phrase I have been using right now is to be soft but bold. I am stronger (bolder) because I am not trying to hide my past hurts. I dont wear them on my sleeve but when I experience the feelings from the past hurts and sins I am strong enough in the Lord to address the issue lovingly but boldly. Reviewing the scriptures as it pertains to this ministry has helped me to even trust God even more with every aspect of my life because I am His daughter!

JZ-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Apr. 2011
revealed and renewed

I came to this study knowing that the enemy had tried to pick me off and take me out as a witness and vessel of God's power and glory. He tried to make me ineffective using very personal weapons against me. This battle and very personal struggle took many years of my life and damaged many relationships, some irreparable. I came to the study because my kids were going through counseling and the struggles they had left me feeling extremely guilty and responsible for what they have had to deal with in their lives. I knew that the guilt I was feeling needed to be dealt with by the only one qualified to heal my broken heart, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. So I began this 9 week journey, and what the Lord revealed to me was so much more than what I thought I came to Him for. The Lord has delivered my heart from fear and anger and jealousy. Not something I came into this study to deal with, but God had work to do in these areas. It stemmed from my lack of trust and lack of security/identity in Christ, and the damaged relationships I have had with men, including my relationship with my own dad. God's healing hand reached down deep into my heart to reveal the root of my life long battle with fear and insecurity. Allelujah, I know when the deluge of lies begin, my weapons of warfare are the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus. "O death where is they sting?"

DAT-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Apr. 2011
renewed relationship

I have grown closer to God again. I had forgotten how much God loves me and that He wants what is best for me. I am now able to put behind me the hurts that I had and trust God to bring me to a new relationship with Him. As I follow Him I know He will never leave me, even when I don't understand or feel His presence, I know He is there. I know I will fall and not be perfect, but I also know He is there to pick me up and keep me going. I am thankful for His love and His grace. I know I can do all things with Him and nothing without Him.

ah-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Apr. 2011
found true happiness and peace

I searched my whole life for happiness and peace. I looked to find happiness in friends, relationships, drugs and alcohol, only to always find myself disappointed. I knew at a very young age, there was a GOD and knew that one day I wanted to know HIM. In my mind, GOD was a distant thing and I didnt really know the steps I needed to take to be close to GOD. I always had the idea in my head, when I was doing things GODs way, I would know HIM and be holy. I lived most of my life knowing the truth about GOD, but living on the fence, still dabbling with worldly things. Time after time, I found myself miserable and broken. I had my first child at a very young age. I was unmarried and hopeless. I thought that if I got married and went to church, I would find GOD and happiness. Trying to do the right thing, things failed. Still living on the fence, I remarried thinking this was my changing point. But yet again, I was miserable and hopeless. What could I be doing wrong? I had an awesome husband, yet I held so much bitterness inside. For most of my life, I hid all my unhappiness with alcohol. Like the saying goes, if you play with fire youre going to get burned. Thats exactly what happened. I found myself at the point of destruction. I was ruining my marriage and family with my drinking. That was my true turning point; when I realized it wasnt anyone else making me be the way I was, it was me. Only I could be blamed for the monster I made myself. I repented and came before GOD, crying out for help and HE met me. So graciously, HE picked me up dusted me off and made me new. GOD lifted the bitterness and ugliness I held in my heart off my shoulders, and gave me a peace in my heart. The heavy weight I carried of bitterness and ugliness, it was astonishing to realize how much it was holding me down from seeing happiness. God showed me that true happiness is knowing HIM. He is NOT a distant thing; He is there for you 24/7. Developing a relationship with HIM takes a wanting heart, the eagerness to read HIS word and spend time with HIM. Man will always let you down, but GOD will NEVER fail you, Amen! I find hope in this, knowing that when the world lets me down, God will never let me down. He has delivered me from the bondage of alcohol, conquered by going to GOD, asking HIM to strengthen me. Like the scripture says, I can do all things through HIM who strengthens me Phil 4:13. I am far from perfect, but the difference for me now, is that I truly know GOD. Im obedient to His word, no longer walking on the fence. Ive put my faith in HIM, sacrificing my life to live for the good of GOD. I know GOD has a will for me and HIS will can only be played out if I surrender to HIM. God has blessed me with three beautiful children and a GOD loving husband. Im going to continue walking with GOD and seeking HIM. This world has nothing to offer me, but GOD has so much in store. This ministry has really given me understanding of the goodness of GOD. It helped me understand how to be a well rounded Christian, to seek HIM for even the little things. Blessings

skc-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Mar. 2011
help, growth and freedom

This study has helped me in so many ways. I came out of obedience and faith to see if this was the next step in my spiritual walk with Christ. I found myself being challenged with what I believed, questioned on how I've done things, and lining it up with scripture and bathing those issues in prayer. God has done a mighty work, healed my brokenness, forgiven me deeply, and set my feet straight. He has done this by reinforcing His word, expanding my knowledge both intellectually and spiritually in regards to forgiveness, freedom in Christ, grace, peace, setting priorities, intimacy, and applying scripture to bind up the broken in my life and share it with others. Many a fears have been nailed to the cross through this study. Awareness of my actions and words is much greater.

Anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Mar. 2011
thank you

Just like to say thank you.

Elsie C-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Mar. 2011
changed life

This study has impacted and changed my life. Step by step, I have been able to understand that there is a merciful God that is ready to heal my soul, and give grace and forgiveness to all my sins. My past is no more. My Lord has healed all my wounds and made me a new creature in Christ. I am very thankful to Healing Hearts and I encourage all women who are still suffering from their past to take the opportunity to be healed and start a new beginning in Christ.

NC-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Feb. 2011
gain freedom from past

I think this bible study is very helpful in that it made me look at my life before and after Christ. It has once again reinforced who God is and how His love for me is beyond what I can understand. I believe this study will really help women who are serious about their relationship with Jesus Christ and want to gain freedom from their past.

SuZ H -study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Feb. 2011
further understanding

Understanding of the Lord's care, His so very precious mercy and grace is mine through this study and now I can live an even happier life in Jesus. He is not only all sufficient, He is loving, satisfying and above all, He is mine!

Loreen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Feb. 2011
no more playing with sin

This course was amazing! It has healed my heart and drawn me closer to God and now that I see the light and the truth of God's word that I don't want to play around with sin any longer for any reason. I love God so much for loving me first that I want to be obedient to him and want the fruits of the spirit to shine bright through me that I will love and help others.

Norma Jean-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Jan. 2011
forgiveness and healing

This study has been amazing in helping me heal in many areas of my life. I have referred this study to many and have posted the website numerous times on my Facebook account. There are so many people hurting that need a clearer understanding of God's forgiveness and forgiving. I realize I am a work in progress but this study has really put a dent in my healing process.

Martine-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Jan. 2011
stepping out

Even though I had been walking with the Lord for many many years, I still had a cloud of darkness over me. And as I fell deeper into a place of hopelessness, my sister recommended the Binding Up the Brokenhearted study. I came away from that study definitely a new person, but then the Lord stirred in my heart (again) to register for The Hem of His Garment. He wasn't done with me yet --- There was healing and restoration that needed to take place, Ooooh La La, that did it! The Lord gave me Isa.42:6-7 years ago and He showed it to me again in The Hem. He gave me boldness, strength and greater than that His love and forgiveness for others. I used to think I am a "cut above" others, but in reality I was a "cut below" hopelessness. God is so sweet, so gentle, so faithful - He loves us so much that He would not let one of His sheep wander aimlessly. To God be the glory! I'm "stepping out" for Jesus...

Pat-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Dec. 2010
Confident and Strong

It is fitting I complete this study at this time of year when the glory of God shines around us. This study has shown me I can overcome my past and what was in my past I have been forgiven for by God's grace. It has brought me a wonderful counselor and friend by the name of Sharon who has been with me these past 7 months and encouraged me when I have not taken the time to be with God's Word and this study. She prayed for me and with me. This study has helped me understand where to find the answers I need to be strong in my faith. It has shown me how to be confident in my belief & that God is with me always. I am very thankful for this study.

CH-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Nov. 2010
more than expected

I came into this study hoping to understand more about God and His scriptures. I walked away with SO much MORE then I ever imagined. I feel I have a better relationship with God than I could have ever imagined. My life has truly been transformed for the better, learning to forgive and let go of bitterness and how to live in God's ways.

ANTOINETTE-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Oct. 2010
Priorities In Order


A.P.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-May. 2010
When I look in the mirror..

Through this study I saw truth; truth of who I really was, and truth of who God really is. I was an insecure girl who was simply existing. Abused as a child I kept my mouth shut. In my heart I grew bitter and angry, abusing myself and only wanting to die.

Having the study online, I could be completely and brutally honest, no manipulation as it could've been if done face to face.

I always doubted if God would ever heal me from all my hurts, but when I committed myself to the healing process, Jesus met me. He healed my wounds and turned them to scars, as proof of where I've been and where I am now.

I finally understand that God loves me and that I truly am His daughter! I have forgiven my abuser and have learned to love. My security is in Christ, and if He is for me, who can be against me?

When I look in the mirror, I don't see the wounds or the hurts, I see Jesus reflecting back at me. I see the cross and the precious blood that purchased me. I am His!

AF-study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-May. 2010
Journey without the baggage

Although I have been a Christian for some years and thought I was fine and had dealt with my past and left it there..this study caused me to take a closer look and realize that avoiding my hurts was not the same as leaving them behind and being healed from them. It showed me how deep they ran and how much more I needed to face them so I could have true victory over them.

It helped me realize how much the little things can impact our walk and our relationship with our Heavenly Father. How without realizing it, those things were putting a thin sheet of glass between me and God. I am grateful that I was able to experience this study and that through God's word I have been put in the path of complete restoration and a true new beginning without the old baggage.

Elizabeth-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Apr. 2010
Gave me peace

This study gave me peace in ways that I never knew. I realize that for me to be the person Jesus wants me to be, I have to let go of the past. Once I released it, it no longer had any power over me and I am free.

Karen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Apr. 2010
How to Turn Anger Over

When I first started this study I had lots of bitter anger and unforgiveness that I didn't want to turn over or didn't know how to turn over. Working through the study with a counselor who has been through it is amazing, because you know you are not alone on feeling the way you do when you start it. I have to admit it is a very long/rough study to go through and makes you look at lots of areas in your life. But in the long run turns out to be for the best. I struggle with lots of issues due to past abuse. Going through this study helped me look at some things and how to not let it take hold of my life. It is an every day thing but an every day thing that will help you out in the long run. I am so grateful that God led me back to the study and for the counselor he has given me through this study. Never let me give up.

Debs-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Apr. 2010
Great guidance in turmoil

Whilst going through a period of turmoil in my life, I did not know which way my life was heading and why. This course gave me great guidance; especially my counselor Kathy who always encouraged and prayed for me.

Stacy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Apr. 2010
I haven't experienced abortion or abuse

I came into this study because I know it has impacted lives of women. The women I have known had either experienced an abortion, or abuse and the study had meant so much to them as they were pointed to Jesus Christ. So I thought I need to check it out.

I haven't experienced an abortion or abuse. So I thought, "What does this study have for me"? This study points you to the cross. It makes you see everything in view of the cross. So with that in mind, it showed me I have even more than anyone to deal with in my life.

It made me look deep inside and see the sin and wicked heart I really have. I can never compare my life to others, I can only compare it to Jesus and what He sacrificed for me.

With that in mind, I know I need HIM desperately every day. Every person alive is attacked in this world by the enemy. This study helped me to see I need my armor on every day in Christ Jesus.

I have a thirst and hunger for His Word. He will be my counselor. I'm sad to end this time, because I love my counselor, she has encouraged and pointed me to Jesus as we have walked this study together. I thank the Lord for Healing Hearts and the amazing ladies that dedicate their lives to sharing His Saving Grace that changes us forever. God bless you.

Sheila-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Apr. 2010
Touched by Jesus

I am thankful for the Lord's direction in the HEM. I am especially grateful for the guidance and support I received from Julie, my e-companion throughout the course of this study. The journey was long, but her continual prayers, wisdom and encouragement inspired me to keep going.

There was a special connection between David's story and my own life. Like David, I needed to become more obedient and patient, persevering through hardships and placing my trust in God. David taught me a valuable lesson about humility and reliance on God.

No matter how much pain we've endured, how vulnerable we feel, or whatever problems we are confronted with...if we can touch the hem of Jesus like the woman in the Bible, He will remove it all from us.

There's a song by Nicole C. Mullen, "One Touch," (see it on the HH home page) that touches my soul and reminds me to call upon Jesus... It just takes One Touch and we can shed all of our "issues"...

The Apostle Paul tells us in Acts 14:22... "We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God." How wonderful that God has shown His unfailing love and constant provision even when others have let you down.

Randi-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Apr. 2010
So grateful

I am so grateful that I did this study. I have seen things changing in my life for the better. I have been blessed by this study. By doing this study I learned that nothing is too big or too small for God to handle. I can do all things through his grace that strengthens me (Phil 4:13) And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus, (Phil 4:19). I have learned that God is in control always. Jesus suffered on the cross for me so that I do not feel alone with the hurt or emotional distress of anything. Jesus is my provider, my healer, my fortress, my Savior, my Redeemer. AMEN!

NLT-study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-Feb. 2010
Learned so much

This has been an awesome study, I have learned so much about the word of GOD and how his word gives us the answers you need and the healing so that you can grow in GOD. I know now that my past is my past and that I have a future now in GOD and he loves me no matter what and that he will continue the work that he has started in me. Also a big thank you to my counseler who was very diligent to answer my questions and her prayers that I know went out for me. Thank you for this study. GOD BLESS!!!

Faith-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Jan. 2010
Every area of my life has been touched

I cried out to Jesus that I want to change Lord and be free and I shared with a friend from church that I needed a Bible study that dealt with difficult issues and that I needed people I could trust because I knew God was dealing with me and I wanted to be set free. My friend from church told me about this website and recommended I go through the Hem Study and be as open and honest so God could heal me.

That is exactly what happened and so much more. My past no longer hinders me...I was set FREE!

When I realized ALL that Christ had done for me on calvary's cross and took ownership of my sin without excuse...I fully received His Amazing GRACE and FORGIVENESS and I could feel His GREAT LOVE for me.

After that I wanted to learn more about pleasing Him and living for Him and I realized though His word I was not such a great person and did not LOVE people or treat them the way He wanted me to. After realizing all that... He gave me the strength and power to Love others who had sinned against me and hurt me at my core, but with His great LOVE I overcame and was set FREE from resentment, hate, and the lies of the enemy.

Every area of my life has been touched by this mighty work of God! Thank you Jesus for hearing my cries and changing my life....I love you Lord and pray that many others become FREE too. Please bless those who make this study possible and for all the counselors who pray for our healing....thank you, thank you, thank you!

Debbie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Dec. 2009
Glory to God

I am so thankful for this scripture rich Bible study and how God has used it so powerfully in my life. Places where I held deep hurt are now healed and restored. He forgave me where I had been blinded by my own sinful ways, which also brought healing and restoration. Over and over again through this study, Jesus allowed me to touch the hem of His garment, always being there within reach! My prayer is that I will continue to live out daily what I have learned in a way that will help others and bring much glory to God.

A.P.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Dec. 2009
Known God for over 37 years

I have known the Lord and walked with Him for over 37 years and yet, I still struggle holding on to pain I've had in my life. The Hem of His Garment let me look at that pain in light of God's word. I saw areas that I needed to once again turn over to Him and areas I still needed His healing touch. I received encouragement from my counselor as I walked through each lesson. While I did this study, the Holy Spirit confirmed truths I was learning in sermons at my church. I appreciated knowing the faithful prayers by my counselor as I did the study. I found her helpful and encouraging. I have already recommended this study to others and will continue to do so. If you are in pain, this is a study that will help you. I'm so thankful God led me to this site. Thank you for your ministry.

Brittany-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Dec. 2009
I am alive again

This study has been foundational and paramount to the future success and life destiny that I am to fufill. Had I not been exposed and fully involved in this study, I would still be a broken, misguided, less whole, confused, and an unhealed woman. In my opinion, the healing I've received through this study is the cornerstone of the next level in my relationship with God and the next chapter in my life's journey. I am a changed woman. I am set free. I am alive again. I think that is the greatest feeling of all that I've received - I feel ALIVE again. Joy has been restored where there was none. Hope has been imparted where hopelessness reigned. I am liberated and alive because of the work God has done IN me THROUGH the study. I now look with excitement towards the future and know that God has good things for me planned in the days ahead.

B-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Dec. 2009
Abusers, I have changed

I entered this study after having escaped an extremely abusive marriage. I was blaming myself for not being better, even though I had tried and tried. I had also been raised by an abusive mother and a somewhat distant father. There is also another family member who is currently abusive and I had been having a very difficult time dealing with it. That relationship hasn't changed but I have changed and have been able with the help of this study, give that situation to Jesus knowing that All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

Jane-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Nov. 2009
I was trying to fit in..

I have been a christian for 15 years and have struggled with myself trying to fit in, when I now see I neglected to seek Jesus with all my heart. This study has introduced me to the Jesus I have never known. I was going along with everything man interprets and pushing all my hurts and emotions down until facing the fact that I need God's truth and guidance in dealing with guilt and shame and hurt...and He does not condemn but has shown me gently and with such goodness and Grace where my thinking and actions have been wrong. He truly is God of love, healing, and restoration. I am safe always.

Shari-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Oct. 2009
Hurt through divorce

This study has been amazing! First it walked me through true forgiveness of the hurt I had experienced through my divorce and then confronted my own sin and rebellion towards the Lord. Each time the Lord would tenderly reveal his truth in my life and allow me to see my sin, I felt no condemnation, only love, peace and his mercy. I have learned how to combat sin and walk in true freedom and that is by the washing of God's word through study and prayer each day of my life. I have loved the opportunity to draw close the Lord in such an intimate way.

S.D. pH-study: The Hem Of His Garment
19-Oct. 2009
Weights in my life

I accepted be Lord before starting this journey. I knew there were 'weights' in my life that kept tripping me up as I followed Christ.

I never realized that I had shackles of burdens of sins, ungodly belief, unforgiveness and shame/resentment at my ankles. I was like the run-away slave; after the emancipation was in effect.

Going through this biblical journey I not only saw the light of God, I felt his hand take my head and lift it upward to his and kiss my painful tears. I felt the presence of my Savior kneeling and breaking the shackles and pushing them away out of my presence so that I will not trip or fall over those sins.

I know his hands were upon me and the anguish and frustration of being a failure was washed away and replaced with the presence of his fruit, a peace that surpasses all my comprehension.

He loves me, made me see He loves this individual not because I am a child or grandchild of a preacher; He didn't received me because I was left and no one wanted me. He said I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Savior. Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee. Isaiah 43:3-4 and He showed me this throughout my walk.

He taught me to forgive.

Heidi-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Oct. 2009
God broke through

I went in to this bible study with a lot of doubts. And my biggest issue was with God. The suffering in my life was unbearable and I didn't think anyone could help me or that they would even want to help me -- especially given that I wasn't paying them anything to help me. I'm glad that I can now say that I was wrong about God and many other issues in my life. He really got through to me during this bible study and that in itself was a miracle.

Ronne-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Sep. 2009
Learned to truly forgive

This study came to me in perfect time and was a direct blessing from God. I started the study after making the commitment to forgive and work through issues in my marriage.

Not only have I been healed from the pain and learned to truly forgive, but I also was healed from areas in my past that I never considered needed to be dealt with.

Those issues were pulled out of the closet and put on the altar before God and he has released me from the grip of the sins and lies that my heart was telling me.

I thank my wonderful counselor for her sweet words of encouragement and bible based support. I pray that every woman can find this study and be as blessed as I am now. Thank you all and God bless!

Lorraine-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Sep. 2009
Rationalization to freedom

I must say, this is the most comprehensive bible study I've ever experienced. I stumbled upon it (well, the Lord led me to it) as I was looking up verses on healing on the internet for my son. From the first page to the last I was enriched by the truths taught in each lesson and truly feel set free from some of the sins that I have been holding on to for years. The main thing was learning how to break free from the sin of overeating by learning how to face the shame and truly receive forgiveness. I have rationalized the sin for years and found out it was a symptom of not dealing with some anger I had toward my husband and God. I learned too that it is in crying out to the Lord, that He hears us, and sent us His Word (Jesus) who will save us from our distress!

Jen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Aug. 2009
My problems haven't changed, I have

When I first started this study I thought that all my problems were because of other people but as I went through it I began to realise that they are not the problem at all and that the real problem is sin. It showed me the sinfulness and bitterness of my own heart and the mercy of God in sending His Son to pay my penalty. It has given me a Hunger to know Him more and also to learn to please Him in obedience to His word. The problems of the past haven't gone but the hurts, unforgiveness and bitterness are fading. The problems of the present haven't gone either but through doing this study, I am learning to deal with them without hate, anger and bitterness. I am glad I did this study an would recommend it to all.

Jacqueline-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Aug. 2009
Press into the study!

Healing Hearts, a study that reveals the truth and nothing but the truth.

In life we are taught to be a nice person and forgive all of our debts. But we are not taught to be like Jesus, living in humility, un-selfish, loving, caring, forgiving. We think we are doing everything right, till we can't take the burden any longer. We search for help, and we can't find it. We read the word, but somehow we just don't get it. Well maybe is because it took so many years to walk in a way that you feel comfortable with, putting a bandage on every hurt to only feel the pain again when the bandage falls off. You try and you try and you fail again and again. I was searching for help, guidance... I prayed about it to the Lord and He led me to Healing Hearts.

This study reveals the painful truth, a truth that will set you free from the bondage that you didn't even know you had. God is with you by your side as you're doing this study.. Healing Hearts drew me so much more closer to Jesus, I so fell in Love with Him. He is my everything, my redeemer, my supplier of all needs.

All I can say is that this study really help me break a lot of chains and I feel free. Be ready to enter into a journey that can be painful but worth it. The pain is a symptom of healing. At first you don't understand, but I just kept pressing on and the more I pressed on the more power and healing I received. GOD BLESS HEALING HEARTS..... THE LORD WILL BLESS THOSE WHO FEED HIS CHILDREN, AND THAT IS WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING. FEEDING US GOOD FOOD! AMEN!!!!

Angel A-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Jul. 2009
Are you in bondage to anything?

This study came to me at a time when I felt so alone and beyond repair. I would encourage anyone who is in bondage to ANYTHING to take the plunge and begin the healing process. No issue is to big for our God to repair, restore, heal and forgive. He cares so deeply about what we go through...for his word reminds us "Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and make HIM our hope and confidence". BIG THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE THIS AVAILABLE!

Sara-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Jul. 2009
A new future

This study came at a time when I was so depressed that I feared for my future. The study and my wonderful teacher helped me to see God's infinite love and forgiveness for me and how he heals, loves and guides his children.

Angie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Jul. 2009
God's Word at work

God is so Good. When I went through with the abortion almost fifteen years ago, I carried such self anger, grief and shame. The teaching of the Gospel truly set me free. I know that I am forgiven, set free, made a new creation, made righteous in Christ. How awesome it is. This study has helped me to look within myself and into my relationships and locate areas where I was not completely free. By the Holy Spirit working with my counselor and the Power of God's Word, I am free and free indeed. Thank You...

JDL-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jul. 2009
What I have learned

I can not express how grateful I am that the Lord led me to this website. I did not rush through the lessons but took every nugget and allowed God to use it as He would. In this process I have grown in forgiveness.

I have learned that if we have roots of unforgiveness every time something happens to us it just shoots another sprout in the tree of unforgiveness in our lives until it is a tree so big it overshadows everything else in our life.

I learned through this study that I can not forgive myself. I take every thought that comes up to this day and if I feel shame, remorse or guilt... I take it right to the Lord. I do this every time the thought comes up instead of stuffing or justifying the action away. I have learned to take captive every thought and bring it into the light. I know it is a process and I've allowed the process to happen through the Holy Spirit instead of doing the study and staying... ok, I'm healed.

I've spent some precious time with the Lord and learning so much about forgiveness. It is because of this study, my patient counselors, and the Lord that I now walk in forgiveness with my life. In every aspect: past, present, and now anticipate the future with hope.

I so desire that the Lord use me to help other women in some aspect of abortion ...to this I continue to give my life to the Lord. Thank you Healing Hearts Ministries for your vision and fullfillment of our Lord's work.

MSC-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Jun. 2009
God didn't want me to conceal it

I didn't understand why I could feel so close to God yet feel so much anger whenever I came in contact with certain people or events. I had been forgiven, God was doing a mighty work of restoration, yet why did I still feel the guilt and shame of my sin. This study opened my eyes and peeled back the layers of anger and bitterness that I tried so hard to conceal. God didn't want me to conceal it. He wanted me to release it to Him. His desire for me was to be free of this stronghold that Satan had control over, free to become His humble servant. In this freedom alone can God continue the work He began in me so long ago, to be His "oak of righteousness". His love and grace would abound more and more as each page of this study was turned and applied to my life. He is my all in all!

Anon-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-May. 2009
Learned a lot

This study was very helpful to me and strenghtend my relationship with God. I learned alot about forgiving others and forgiving myself. I took this study as an online course because I was unable to meet with a group. I had a wonderful counselor that answered all my questions and was very encouraging.

Joyce-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-May. 2009

I have been a Christian since 1976 and over the years I learned that I must always keep the Lord first in my life so when problems come my way I will be strong in my faith knowing the Lord will see me through every situation.

Then I went back to work after the kids grew up and I got very busy and very tired. I would skip one day without spending time with the Lord then one day would lead to another and another. I always made excuses for myself in order for me to justify it, saying the Lord understands how I feel.

So, when the problems and trials did come my way my focus was off the Lord and onto the problems which made the problems look bigger than the Lord. (That was a big mistake)

I forgot everything I have learned over the years. I felt the Lord was so far away and that He wasn't hearing me when I called out to Him. He did not move, I did.

I shared my problem with my friend Donna and she suggested that I go through this Bible Study because it would help me to get my Christian life back on track. It taught me how to release my anger, bitterness and pride and lay it at the foot of the cross.

I found out that I had some deep, deep hurts in my heart that was buried there for many years and if I didn't confess it to the Lord and ask Him to heal my heart I would never experience the life the Lord has planned for me.

I'm glad I dealt with it and I'm still dealing with it but this time I see how big my God is and how much He loves me. I'm looking forward to my future and to see what the Lord has planned for me, I know it is all good. We serve a big and wonderful GOD! Praise the Lord!!

DG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Apr. 2009
No more fear

When I first began this study I was completely shattered. Thinking that no one or thing could ever put me back together. But, God began to work in me through this very study. I began to feel loved and most of all forgiven. I did things in my life that I thought could not be spoken of to anyone, I should never let anyone ever know my past. So I thought or better yet I allowed myself to believe those lies. But God told me something different through this study He told me just how much He has always loved me. He took away the fears that tormented me in my life most of all my marriage. The fear to freely love.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts our fear " ( 1John4:18 )

That's what the Lord showed me through this study. I truly praise God for Healing Hearts. It has been an awesome experience. Glory be to God.

A.D.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
31-Mar. 2009
My life is better

This is a great Bible study, and I believe that it can help the hardest of hearts, that have gone through anything. It shows you how to be a good Christian, as well as how to get past some of the hurts in your life that are holding you down. It has taken so much anger and unforgiveness of my heart and just made my life much better. I recommend it for anyone that has hurt or anger in their life. Even if you don't have any major problems in life, it is good just to read about how you can live your life for Jesus and how He can change and make you a better person.

Annie-G-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Mar. 2009
God is not mad at me

I am glad and thankful that God led me to this study... After taking it I now have a different idea about God. At first, I thought of Him as a cold, distant father, always mad at me, never satisfied with me, but now things are different: I can see Him as a Loving, Merciful, Caring Daddy. This study helped me to see that and to accept his love and forgiveness, as well as to experience his comfort and presence during hard times. Thanks to Mary and Julie for their patience, their prayers and support. May God bless you.

Michele B-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Mar. 2009
Trust in Him alone

I am going through one of the roughest times I can remember, but through this study I have grown so much closer to Jesus. I have peace in my heart knowing how much Jesus loves me and cares, and that He will never leave or forsake me, no matter what. I trust in Him alone to carry my burdens for the outcome is already His. He has blessed me so much by giving me my counselor Marion, who has guided me and prayed for me. Every step of the way brings a new blessing and a new sense of peace. May God richly bless every person whose broken heart leads them to this very, very special ministry.

Kristy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Mar. 2009
The Lord gives life

I started this study confused, feeling alone in the Lord and ANGRY! Now I feel it is so much easier to forgive, I strive daily to have peace, and the greatest of all, my husband and I took the steps and were saved on 2/18/09! Then, three days later, he was nearly killed in a serious accident. We did NOT blame the Lord. Instead, we found that we felt Him and saw the miracles that are responsible for him being alive today. This study is awesome, and I would recommend it to anyone.

A.S.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Mar. 2009
So grateful

I am so grateful for the opportunity to study "The Hem of His Garment," and for Vikki taking the time to help me through the study. I have been challenged to look beyond just what I know and to understand better how to live with Christ in me and show His love despite my trials and circumstances.

Sharon-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Jan. 2009
Deeply wounded

I was deeply wounded in my first marriage by my husband's repeated adultery, deceit, and criminal activity, much of which I suspected but could not prove until ten years after things appeared wrong. Even though God rescued me from that marriage and terrifying life and gave me a godly husband, I still suffered from nightmares about my first husband. Every time he called, I trembled. There were other relationships that hurt me, too, some of which I was unaware of until I went through this study. Because of Jesus' work on the cross, I became profoundly aware that I could forgive the people who have hurt me and that I could really be like Jesus. This was freeing! The healing of deep wounds occurred through this Bible study and the prayers of my counselor and others who prayed for me.

Kathy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
20-Jan. 2009
It's a journey

I have really enjoyed this study because it has called me to lay down any idols I hold onto, isolation, fear of man, control, etc. and to allow the Holy Spirit to come and reveal sin and at the same time, reveal the heart of the Father, loving, slow to anger and full of compassion. I'm also very thankful for the emphasis on living a life of forgiveness. It's a journey and one that leads us to be more like Jesus. Thanks for all the encouragement by my counselor. What a kind and helpful friend along the way!

Terry-study: The Hem Of His Garment
7-Jan. 2009
Closed, locked boxes

When I went into this study, I wasn't quite sure where it would take me. I believed that I had a good relationship with God and had held many conversations with him over issues that had come up over the years. I soon found that all the little boxes in my mind with the closed and locked doors would be blown wide open for better examination by myself and God. Those closed boxes contained the hurts, pain, resentments, bitterness, and anger that I had accumulated over the years. Today, as I complete this study, I have no closed, locked boxes. They have been opened, one at a time, and dealt with either through repentance or prayer. By being carefully led through this study with God's guidance, I have been able to become free of all these things. The heavy load on my shoulders is much lighter and I am now able to face today's issues with a better understanding of how to deal in God's way with each one. So, no more closed, locked boxes; only open communication with God, open ears to hear what he tells me and open eyes to see where the problem lies.

Anon-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Dec. 2008
Accepting forgiveness

I feel so much better now then from the very start of both these two studies. I will not forget the mistake I made, but most importantly, I will not let the mistake control my life and my thoughts in a negative way that could hinder my walk with the Lord. This study has taught me to accept Christ's forgiveness so that I can continue to live my life without a deep heaviness in my heart or burden on my shoulders.

Laurie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
5-Dec. 2008
Warmth and Light

Human rejection has always such been a big part of my life story. "The Hem of His Garment" has helped me to deeply understand and believe that God's ways aren't our ways, and that man's rejection doesn't mean that I've been rejected by God, too. He accepts me whether or not anyone else does... I have been set free from years of anger, envy, and bitterness over a lifetime of unmet expectations, mistreatment, and rejection. I have learned that if I feel left out in the cold, it is because I'm putting myself there, afraid to come into the warmth and light of both human love and God's love, too... Most importantly, and most unexpectedly of all, I have found hope again for what I thought was a failed marriage that was beyond even God's help. Bless you for this ministry!

Liz-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Aug. 2008
Filled with peace

Today, I write this as a free woman. I am filled with awe for my God, who not only rescued me from my hand-dugged pit but has filled my life with peace and answered prayer. Today, I understand that all things happen on God's timetable. Today, I know that I am here to serve Him and Him alone. My fear of my past is gone, the blood of Christ took care of that 5 years ago when I accepted Him as master of my heart and soul.

Nanae-study: The Hem Of His Garment
16-Aug. 2008

I am thankful God directed me to this website and to this study. I have learned a lot, I've let alot go and embraced the truth revealed in this study by the word of God which sets me free. I know God has used this site and the people who minister through it to help me heal. He is faithful to bring through to completion the good work He has begun. I am thankful and I know what's been done bears eternal fruit.

Victoria-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-Jul. 2008
Studied God's Word for years

The Hem study has had an incredible impact on my walk with the Lord. I have to say that it is not enough to just study the Word of God. I have done that for many years. At this point in my life, I needed FRESH REVELATION from the Spirit and that only came when I opened up every nook and cranny of my heart to ALLOW Him, through His Word, to PENETRATE my heart! That is when true change came. Yes, it is painful to be totally honest about the dark areas of our hearts, but God knows them already and when we come into agreement with His Word, we truly are set free from all that 'ails' us! I know I am! I have truly touched the hem of His garment, He has seen my affliction and has extended grace and mercy to me and healed me. Thank you, Lord.

DF-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Jul. 2008
Was missing the joy

I began this study in denial of some of the post-abortive issues in my life. I have been hurt by many people and am still in the process of being hurt by them. This study has helped me on my journey to forgiveness & unconditional love. I have learned through this study some of the things the Lord wants to do through me. He began using me in ways I never expected since I began this study. I have joy again. It was something missing from my life for so long. There was a heart searching that occurred deep down, in places that hadn't been touched for years. I still have so much more growing to do, but this was an awesome place to start.

Carol-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Jun. 2008
Exactly what I needed

I have participated in numerous Bible studies but this one was awesome. It is truly anointed. The opportunity to learn and be ministered to at your own pace gives the Holy Spirit time to dig deep into hidden places where secret sin has given the devil foothold to torment. I have often confessed "He who the Son sets free is free indeed." but I never felt it and didn't know why. This study was exactly what I needed. It was the answer to years of searching and prayer. I feel so honored that God led me to this website. I appreciate beyond expression the dedicated women who have made this website possible.

Annette-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-Jun. 2008
With love from Amsterdam

Healing Hearts helped me to start reading the Bible more frequently. Realizing that God is sharing a lot with us through His Word. It is beautiful to notice in the beginning the story about the bleeding woman and that God made her whole, body, soul and mind. I am longing more of that too and I give God the glory that I could see His miracle while I could pray a couple of weeks ago for a bleeding woman and she got healed. Praise to God! I want to grow in the destiny God has for me. Bringing hope and healing to the broken ones, in specific the women. If women know who they are, the devil is going to run, because we won the battle already in Christ. With pioneering a counseling ministry right know, I hope to see that women will discover their identity in God, their Father, Who doesn't stop loving them. I loved it that there was a personal counselor walking with me through the study. It encouraged me and motivated me to share and to go on with the study. Really amazing that I could be me towards her as well, she not only accepted me, but really loved me for being me. The Bible is a treasure book for me and I want to learn more from it. I love to embrace Gods gift to me more and to step out in having spiritual eyes. I want to be a warrior for Him, beautiful, precious and deeply loved By Jesus. Thank you for helping me, bringing me back to my first Love. With love and blessings from Amsterdam, Annette

Tinika-study: The Hem Of His Garment
21-Jun. 2008
Push on through

This study is for anyone that wants to truly walk in the freedom God has given you. This study will walk you through a personal revival and loose chains that have been plaguing you for years. God's word is the tool that is used and the Holy Spirit will guide you through and give you supernatural enlightenment. Take a chance, push beyond yourself and go through this study to the end. You will not be disapointed, just blessed.

AB-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jun. 2008
God's Love

God has used this study in my life to show me that he does love me, and that he loves me deeply. I can either accept that and actually grow in my abundant life with him, or, I can turn away from the gift of love in unbelief or feelings of guilt and shame and forever be a slave to unrighteousness. I accept his love and I pray that many others who have had difficulty accepting that love will learn how through this study, and be encouraged to know that people are praying that they will know the peace and joy that comes from the love of God!

Linda-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Apr. 2008
He is the answer

This study has taught and carried me through so much. I have learned and gotten to know God more in these few weeks then in 28 years. I would recommend this study to anyone that is looking for a way to cleanse themselves from their past and prepare themselves for God. I was sent heavenly angels that got me through this study. Mary and Lesley I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and encouragement and for not giving up on me even when I gave up. It seems like I was sleeping and now I see everything in a new light. Things that I thought were so important are not and the things that I took for granted I now realize that those are precious gifts. Thank you for showing me that there is always an answer with God and that He is the answer.

LD-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Mar. 2008
Fear and intimacy

One of the biggest things I found from this study was that I really don't let myself deeply love my children due to losing my first baby 5 minutes before she was born. I am now trying very hard to let myself be closer to them. I also have no fear of another failed marriage if it were to come along because if I go into it with God I will not have to fear it.

Sherry-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Feb. 2008
A wonderful resource

This Bible study helped reveal areas in my life that were still in need of healing even though I had received forgiveness. It also reaffirmed areas. I have been healed and walk in freedom; no longer sitting silently, suffering in guilt and shame. It was a wonderful resource for me, and it is a wonderful resource that I have introduced others to; men and women. This ministry has been a great blessing to me. My relationship with Christ is deeper and my understanding of His love for me encourages me.

T.H.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Dec. 2007

God has truly spoken to me, healed me and blessed me through this study. I knew that it would be a good, but I didn't realize just how much it would change me. I feel as though He has walked me through the issues of my past and taken me to a new place of healing and peace. I am so thankful for Sue, and that she was willing to share the healing she has found through God with others. And I'm also so thankful for Michelle, my prayer counsellor who has walked through this with me. I pray that God blesses you all mightily!

JP-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Dec. 2007
I recommend it

I would recommend this study to anyone with a burden of any sort of past hurt. I truly feel released from the bondage of bitterness I had harbored for so long. This study has helped me to get past my past and look to God for help from now on and into the future.

Terri-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Nov. 2007
Deeper freedom

I found this study while looking for ministries dealing with abortion. I have felt for a couple years that God was trying to work in my heart on my past and lead me to help other women who have been through the trauma of abortion. This study has brought me healing, strength and a renewed desire for God's will in my life. It was not just my abortions that were still affecting my spiritual walk and my relationship with my husband; it was my past experiences and sin. Through this study I have finally let God dig deep within my self and free me from my past. Thank You!

T.L.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
29-Nov. 2007

This study has been a challenge at times. It brought me to humility before God and enabled me to lay down the weariness from mistrust, anger, bitterness, etc. In the place of all those things, God is teaching me freedom, forgiveness, and trust in him. I know he loves me and his love moves me to love others. The greatest tool that I have to rebuild is the tool of God's word; his truth continues to set me free.

J-study: The Hem Of His Garment
13-Oct. 2007
Coping is not the same as Healing

When I started this study I was at a very hard point in my walk with Christ and in my marriage. I was carrying around baggage and it was hurting everyone around me. I've been saved for years and have always tried to follow Christ except for this one area. This study was recommended to me by my mom and it has opened my eyes to how I was trying to cope with my own problems instead of letting the ultimate healer do His healing. This study helped me to see that I was being disobedient to the Lord by not listening to His word when it came to sex and my marriage. I now know that I have to submit everything to Him to allow Him to heal me. This study was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling in this way.

VF-study: The Hem Of His Garment
23-Sep. 2007
God draws me nearer

I started this study wanting something different in my life. I felt so guilty, hurting, bitter, angry, you name it. I felt like God was helping and loving everyone else and keeping me at a distance. Working through this study and dealing with areas of my life that I had closed off to myself and everyone, I began seeing a God who loves me so much and has placed me in positions to learn and grow and love Him. It's so amazing that God took the time to save me and grow me up in Him and love me through everything.

Cheryl-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Aug. 2007
I have grown so much

I am so thankful to our loving Heavenly Father for the opportunity to have a closer walk with Him through this study. He is always there for us and ready to open a new door to us for whatever we need. He gave us His Son for our salvation, then He gave us His Holy Spirit to guide and help us and finally He prepares a place for us to spend eternity with Him. I have grown so much in these past weeks with learning to handle my anger correctly and how to forgive others in God's way not my way and also how to improve my marriage. What a loving God we serve and I do want to be an oak of righteousness so He can be glorified as I walk in His light.

Angela-study: The Hem Of His Garment
17-Aug. 2007
I began thinking there was no hope

This study has changed my life! I began thinking there was no hope and that I would never be able to overcome the things in my life that plagued me. But here I am at the end of my study with so much joy and freedom!! I just hope that anyone who does this will experiance the same thing that I have!

Alison-study: The Hem Of His Garment
12-Jul. 2007
Perseverance pays off

I started this study hoping for healing, but not really thinking that it would happen. I've read so many books, done many Bible studies, but, when the material got uncomfortable I stopped. I had no accountability. My abusive past continued to haunt me and took so much emotional strength from me. I completed this study, fighting with myself at times when it became difficult, but, I would wait a few days, chew on the material and get back to it. A miraculous thing happened in the process. God worked on my heart and showed me things that I was missing. I thought I had forgiven, but not everyone and not fully. I thought I had no bitterness, but found things I was holding onto that crept into my thoughts as I was praying about it. I found pieces of my life that I had stored away and even had cobwebs on them, but had to dig them out and file them away in a better place with complete forgiveness. Praise God. I am finally free.

Tracy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Jun. 2007
His Word has new meaning

The Hem of His Garment came at a time when I have been suffering from depression and feeling I would never get out of this hole. This study has shown me the Truth that Christ Jesus died on the cross with His blood and forgave me all my sins and brought such healing to my life. My eyes have been opened to see God's Word and His love for me as I never have in the 15 year walk I have had with Jesus. I now have a peace and confidence that God not only hears me, He is walking with me, and through the Holy Spirit guides me. His Word has new meaning to me. It is like a new treasure that is such a blessing to me. I have taken many Bible Studies, but God will meet you right where you are and He will be glorified through this study in your life.

Lourne-study: The Hem Of His Garment
16-Jun. 2007
Less of me, more of Him

I began this study with bitterness (though it took me a while to really see it!). I was still very much stuck in the victim mentality and perhaps was still silently running from others and even my own self...but self - with limitations and inadequacies - will always be with me, and that's okay, because God is sufficient. Through the study, I found my focus to become less about me and more about my Lord and Savior, Christ. Chapter four - describing His suffering - opened my eyes, and helped me consider much. In gratefulness to God, it is my desire to be used of Him to love and serve others - especially those who I once considered my worst abusers (physically, sexually, emotionally). I ask, in the name of Jesus, that He would give me the wisdom and guidance needed to live in such a way that my life would always bring honor and glory to Him.

T-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Jun. 2007
Closer to Jesus

I am very thankful for this bible study, it has brought me closer to Jesus. It has also given me a desire to continue another bible study and to move closer and closer to Jesus. I am thankful for the healing I have received. I appreciate my counselor Lesley for all her love, prayers, encouragement, and patience with me.

Lisa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
27-May. 2007

The Hem of His Garment course has enabled me to finally allow God to hold me in His arms and for me to at last hear His true words. Thank you especially to Judy, my wonderful, wise counselor and friend.

J-study: The Hem Of His Garment
15-May. 2007
New Hope

Guilt and shame have continued to lurk in the shadows of my life regarding past sexual sin. There was a wall that kept me from experiencing the forgiveness and freedom that Christ desires for me. This study has helped me to sort out truth from error and gave me a renewed sense of hope as I move forward in my relationship with the Beautiful Savior.

Beth-study: The Hem Of His Garment
9-Apr. 2007
God wants to work

This study has helped me remove all the roadblocks that I had placed in Jesus' path. It has cleared the way for Him to work in areas I never would have imagined that He'd be interested in.

ALM age 17-study: The Hem Of His Garment
26-Mar. 2007
ALM age 17

wow, this study has made me realize that many women go through abuse, but very little do anything to help themselves. God has shown me an amazing way to help myself, and its all through him. Thank you! And Thank God for all he has done for the women of the world!

Lisa-study: The Hem Of His Garment
24-Mar. 2007
Defined by Christ

After many years of dealing with the burden of shame and guilt from my past sins, this study was recommended by an old friend. Through this study and my wonderful e-counselor Judy, God has been able to open my eyes to the root of my sin and stuggles for so many years and start me on this journey of healing. I realized that all these years had not really trusted God and therefore had not truly believed that I was forgiven. I allowed the lies of Satan to alter my perception of who I was/am which of course affected all areas of my life. I can now see that although I may not always feel forgiven, I AM. I have to make a conscious decision to choose to believe and trust God. Without trust there is no real relationship with God or with anyone for that matter. Daily I must make that conscious decision to die to self and believe that I am defined by my relationship with Christ and NOT by my past/sins. A special thanks to: our Lord for His infinite love and mercy, Michelle for recommending this study, Judy for her patience,prayers and godly wisdom, and the to creators of this wonderful study. 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3

anonymous-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Mar. 2007
prayed that Someone would love me

Thank you! thank you! thank you! To put into words a spiritual transformation is simply said HE IS SUFFICIENT!

I grew up in a violent alcoholic home feeling very much terrified and alone in trying to cope. I quietly prayed for a way out. My life was spent anticipating the next disaster and trying to avoid pain at any cost.

In our small town, I became very much aware of the labels people used, as I could see on the faces the pity and shame when they looked at my Mother's black eyes. Somehow all of this seemed to sink into my heart and I spent much of my life trying to hide or trying so hard to present a different image, yet the stain of those labels would not come off my heart.

Sadly, all my years of perfectionism and "works" left me exhausted, angry, depressed and unable to control my emotions. Therapy, medication,and all efforts wich were many and exhaustive left me feeling very damaged and hopeless, doomed to a purpetual numb in order to function.

Through this the Lord began to speak to me through the messages at our church quietly whispering "TRUST ME." To me this was unimaginable as I had never been able to trust anyone, but I began to search for a spiritual solution, trusting that the Lord is the great physician. What an amazing journey. I went from avoiding pain to exposing it. I was very confused about my sin since so much had been done to me. I was blinded by denial and self pity.

Through this study all of who I thought I was was wiped out. It had been eroding for a long time, and everything that I held on to began to slip away. This was very painful but also librerating since it caused me to cling to the Lord and Trust in Him. He IS FAITHFUL. He is also so merciful. He gently showed me my sin, my disobedience, my unfaithfulness, and as he showed me he cried with me as he bore all of it upon his flesh on the cross; he understood the pain of sin all too well.

During this intimate time, he held me and encouraged me and then called me daughter and in that instant the stain of those labels disappeared; I became his, appointed, preordained and selected. All not because of anything I did but because of who he is in his infinite Love for me.

My whole life was spent searching for something, someone, to fill that hole in my heart, trying to change the outside hoping that I'd feel different on the inside. The insanity was doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

As a little girl I prayed that someone someday would Love me completely, deeply, wholly. The Lord has more than answered my prayer and I realized that he always has, it was my disobedience that caused my pain not a lack of Love. He is Sufficient! I am medication free, living in the grace that has been given me offered to all, experiencing the joy of forgiveness.

Pam-study: The Hem Of His Garment
18-Mar. 2007
Sins of my father, sins of mine

I was physically and emotionally abused by my father until I married and moved out at age 19. For my entire life, until this study, I carried around unforgiveness and hatred for him and the things he had done to me. I even was able to blame him sometimes for my abortion, even though I knew it was a choice I made. One morning during this study the Lord revealed to me that while the things he did to me were very wrong, I am no different than he. I killed my child, he never had a chance to live. You see, my sin or my father's sin, we both need the blood of Jesus to wash us clean. Praise the Lord, I am free.

MLG-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Mar. 2007
He is enough for me

I have learned that forgiveness is a must, to let hurts and wounds and offenses go, let them drop, give them to God once and for all. I have learned that God is trustable and that I should not keep a death grip on burdens I am not designed to bear, that Jesus wants to carry my burdens. If I cling to burdens instead of to Him, I am putting logs in the stream of life, the living water, that flows from His throne! I am saying to Him that His sacrifice wasn't enough for my sins, that I know better than Him what is right and good for my life. I learned that His grace is enough for me, that He is enough for me, that the knots and tangles and webs of life will easily beset us, but that refocusing on Jesus, giving Him our troubles and woes and trials and tribulation and burdens sets us free to love and serve Him with all that we are.

Kathy-study: The Hem Of His Garment
10-Dec. 2006
Discipleship Material

First of all, I want to thank Marion - for her quick responses and her wisdom and friendship. She made the study enjoyable and meaningful. I really like the format change so that the counselor can respond right where you have posted your notes. The study is wonderful and the best one that I have done in the almost 25 years that I have walked with the Lord. As a person who came to a knowledge of Christ through Christian radio, no one felt responsible for my discipleship. My husband and I have discipled each other with some helpers along the way. This is really good discipleship material and I will recommend it to anyone that I lead to the Lord and to anyone that I meet who is struggling with her Christian walk. I hope that you put together a similar study for men based on the issues that they face. I want to thank all of you at Healing Hearts and Marion for this blessing in my life.

djbt-study: The Hem Of His Garment
30-Nov. 2006
God has great plans

Healing Hearts has helped restore my faith in God and how God has shown me grace in my sinful life and today as well. I have taken both studies and feel that the impact that they create in one's life can and will be transforming. As a sinner of two abortions - I had great shame and guilt to overcome. God has great plans for all of us and He does not anyone to stay in "bondage" of sin. As I become a adoptive parent for the 3rd time - I see how God has had His hand in my healing from the start of my great sin. God has a purpose for your life and it will be revealed to you in His time!

B-study: The Hem Of His Garment
14-Aug. 2006
Past buried? Dig deep into God's Word

For many years I suffered through the pain of my abortions. I held on to unforgiveness and the shame of what I had done. I tried hard to keep it all buried deep inside, but my wounds were deep and infected and it manifested through different areas of my life. Through the help of this study, I have found greater help, hope and healing and most of all greater strength to continue to grow and allow God to make me the woman He created me to be. This study has caused me to dig deep into His Word and learn why it is so important to turn to God. He loves me no matter what I have done, and He wants the best for me. I am forgiven and made whole, which is a wonderful gift. I will recommend this study to all those I know who are in need of healing, to those who need just to touch the Hem of His Garment.

WE-study: The Hem Of His Garment
28-Jul. 2006
Deeper understanding of His deep love

God is faithful and has blessed me with all of His awesome agape love, kindness, and grace through this study! He has healed my heart through some things that I had hidden deep in my heart in darkness, now revealed in the light. My marriage, relationship with family and mostly relationship with Him is deeper...I am forever thankful to Him and so in awe of His love for me...I'm forever thankful! And forever thankful for Healing Hearts!

Le Ann-study: The Hem Of His Garment
4-Jul. 2006
Do not believe the Lie

I came to this study to equip me to serve single moms whose lives are bruised and broken. I came so incredibly healed from my childhood sexual abuse that, though I knew there were still some areas of frustrating bondage, I had grown to accept a lie, "your abuse will always leave a scar that won't completely heal." Through this study, I experienced some of the strongest holds of the enemy loosed. I am living breathing proof that when God begins a healing work in your life, He will complete it. It can only be done through the Word and I praise God for my counselor and the author of this study. May God bless the socks off ya through your continued ministry to the brokenhearted!

Marion-study: The Hem Of His Garment
8-Jun. 2006
More of Him in me

Thank you Lord for being so close at hand, for not being a God far off, but an ever-present help in times of trouble and need, a God nearer than breathing! Thank you Sue for being the receptacle into which God poured this beautiful work! This Bible study has enriched, corrected, nourished, comforted, assured, strengthened and filled a longing in my heart for more of the Lord. My relationship with Him feels even closer. I hear more of Him in the decision making process and when I talk to Him I sense His presence more because in my mind and heart, He is with me more. My prayers and worship are deeper and I want to please Him more, I want to praise Him more, I want to serve Him more. It's more about Him and less about me. Yes, thank you. I am blessed

Connie-study: The Hem Of His Garment
2-May. 2006
God has the answers

This study has helped me to put many old issues into proper perspective, and to know that only God has the answers to all of our problems. We need to go to Him with humility and gratitude and let Him help us and heal us.

C.R.-study: The Hem Of His Garment
3-Apr. 2006
Seeing new things

I just want to say thanks again for offering this study. I have now completed both studies that Healing Hearts offers for women. I had previously done other post-abortion studies, but the studies offered through Healing Hearts have both been exceptional. I feel there is much more emphasis placed scripturally and historically. I am a Bible college graduate with a bachelor of arts in theology; so these, by far, appealed to me more than the others that I had done. It is obvious that the anointing rests heavily on the author. Although this study was supposed to be, as I've said numerous times, a tying up of the loose ends, God had a greater purpose. I feel that this study has helped me to see some things that I was too blind and / or stubborn to see; and though it has been painful to face the truth, I'm thankful for this ministry and to the Lord for bringing me to it. I have several friends who would greatly benefit from the studies offered at Healing Hearts and I will definitely recommend that they check them out. Thank you, again, for your love and ministry to those who are wounded by abortion, sexual sin, abuse, etc. I'm positive that I will refer back to this study for the rest of my life. The lessons on the cross, the love and forgiveness of God are ones that I will never forget. Thanks, Lue! Thanks, Lesley! Thank you, Healing Hearts!

Shirl-study: The Hem Of His Garment
22-Mar. 2006
God really does love us

This is an awesome study about love, forgiveness, and most of all God's Grace toward us!!! He gave His all when we couldn't do or give anything. He is wonderful! Why would anyone give all he had for a person like me that doesn't deserve it? Only a loving and compassionate God can answer that one. He alone is the one that does it for us!

Ellen-study: The Hem Of His Garment
Former Atheist and Psychologist

I became a believer about 17 years ago after a lifetime of living for self.

I was an atheist, and a follower of humanistic psychology. I worked professionally in that realm until I realized that I could no longer do my job and follow the Bible at the same time.

There were many obvious changes in me, like giving up my career that I did love and had achieved great success at, and just the fact that I went from non-believer to believer literally over night.

Through the years I have served in many ministry capacities. The last few years before I moved to CA were spent in leading a Home schooling support group, mentoring young moms, and leading women's Bible studies on a variety of topics like marriage and weight loss.

I ended up writing my own weight loss 'program' and ran that for quite some time with what seemed like good success. We dug deep in to the issues surrounding being overweight, and all of us lost a good deal of weight.

Then God moved me away from that ministry, and I proceeded to gain that weight back. I have heard that many of those women have gained weight back, too.

In the first months of living back in CA, I struggled a great deal with discontent. I began to think that it was time to bring that weight loss study to our church and once again lead ladies to grow deeper in their walk.

But it became clear to me that I first needed to figure out something. I felt as if something was 'missing' from that study and from my life that I could not minister to others until I had it figured out. That led me to meet with Julie where we sat over lunch and talked about Healing Hearts. She invited me to join the Hem of His Garment study, and I found myself agreeing without even knowing what was about to hit me!

One thing the weight loss study I wrote did do for me was to define when it was that I first started misusing food, and what triggered me to continue to do that. God revealed to me profoundly that I was carrying much guilt in my heart.

I felt guilty about the death of our first baby 23 years ago. Rationally I knew it was not my fault, but part of me held on to the idea that an x-ray I could have refused may have caused the genetic defects that killed her. I did not even know I carried that thought or guilt until I sought God and asked Him to show me what it was that was between Him and I, keeping me from living victoriously.

I also felt guilty about so many things regarding being a mom. Our oldest adopted son is currently in jail and I often found myself thinking "what did we do wrong there." Another son we adopted has huge struggles with so many things. I had thought we could 'love' these behaviors out of these kids we adopted - but it did not always turn out that way. A myriad of other things like finances also worried me constantly and left me feeling guilty.

I tried for the past few years to overcome that guilt. I knew it was a fact that Jesus died to forgive all our sins. But why did I keep feeling guilty? I decided I needed to forgive myself.

It was through the Hem study that I learned that I have, for years, thought myself to be fully surrendered to God and yet all the while trying to 'play God' in my own life. That was the sin of pride, and this study showed me it was time that I let God reveal more of His TRUTH to me. I did not yet realized I needed HIS forgiveness, not my own forgiveness. I had some psychology still caught up in my thinking that God wanted to show me, and He sure has!

So, through basic Bible teaching that is offered in this study, God showed me several things I needed to fully repent of. He granted me the faith to do that and brought our relationship to a level that I never believed was for me before because I was so 'guilty.' I am free of that bondage of guilt now. I still have my struggles - we all will - and yet applying God's TRUTH to my life has become more and more 'second nature' and it has given me hope in all circumstances.

Each lesson prompted me to 'dig deeper' beyond the externals. For example, I thought the main sin I needed to repent of was overeating. Well, yes, that did need to happen but could not happen until I saw the sin for what it was that was underlying that bad habit of turning to food instead of God. I needed to repent of wrong-thinking, and allow Jesus to take my guilt away and then BELIEVE He did that, and then I would be free to go about the physical effort of taking off years of piled up 'weight' that was just a symptom of my unhealed heart. I am currently losing that weight, with some hard effort and focus, but it is just a matter now of stewardship of my body for His glory - and no longer do I define myself as 'someone with the sin of overeating.' The physical process is coming easily for me now, because God healed my heart of what 'really was eating me.' What I am currently dealing with physically is the consequence of sin....sin that I know now that Jesus made the provision for on the cross. I am forgiven. My understanding of GRACE has grown to a level I never thought possible.

Others struggling with the sin of overeating, or any other habitual sin or struggles of any kind do not need a study or support group to focus on that one issue..I can see that now. They need to learn to apply Truth to their whole life, and then as they walk with Christ they will have all that they need to have victory. Sin is sin, and so categorizing ourselves in to one type of need or other separates us and puts the focus on that one sin, instead of on Christ alone. We all have sinned, and so it does not matter whether our sin is alcohol abuse or overeating or whatever...the path to healing for ALL is the same, and that is through a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ!!

I fully received this healing during the Hem study..God chose to use it as a tool in my life this way. It will be a different experience for each individual - He has made us all unique and wants to grow us uniquely as well. It is not a 'guaranteed 10 week plan toward healing' but it is a start, and God will use it as He sees fit if you surrender and yield to Him and trust Him.

So many women have a need for the healing that Christ has offered. So many think they are responding Biblically to their daily struggles, and yet so many are not applying Biblical principals as so much humanistic and psychology-thinking has crept in.

It is my passion and desire to show others this hope that is within me.so that they, too, will seek that deeper relationship with the Savior and live as if they believe what they say they believe. That is why I went through the Healing Hearts training to be a leader of this study and to disciple women who want to grow in their faith and improve their relationship to God.

The emphasis is on BIBLE only -----Biblical solutions to any struggle or hurt in life, without humanistic thinking or psychology watering down that Truth. The training in Biblical counseling as been excellent for someone like me, who thought she had rid her thinking of all psychology only to find that it still muddied up her thinking too often!

Having learned so much and grown in faith as I have as a result of doing this study has prompted me to pass on that hope that is within me to as many other women as God brings to me. I am very humbled that He would want to use me in this way, and very excited to have the privilege to see Him do the same awesome work in other's lives that He has done in mine!!


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