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Testimonies of Hope and Healing

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R-study: The Good Fight
24-Nov. 2023
lived for myself

I am so glad I did this study. I was saved by God through my girlfriend. However, I spent most of my life living for myself. I watched porn everyday of my life for 15 years straight. My girlfriend made it clear to me that porn had no space in our relationship. It was a huge change because I had treated it like a drug for so long, but with the help of this study, I have learned so much about how Jesus loves me and how he wants me to be faithful to my future wife. I`m happy to say we are looking at rings now. I have dedicated myself to fighting the influence of all sexual content so that my future wife can know how much I love her.

WW-study: The Good Fight
20-Oct. 2023
struggled with past and present sin

When I started this study, I had no idea that it would cause me to bring up the past and present sins and obstacles I have and was currently struggling through and with. I am extremely grateful for the walk with God and grateful for my mentor, Ed. I have learned what was and is deep inside me and ways to cope with things better by using The Word Of God. He is the answer to all the questions that we may have in life. I strongly recommend this study for anyone because there is always an obstacle in your life and this study will help you recognize and recover from that. Thank you.

CLI-study: The Good Fight
25-Sep. 2023
wandering eyes

I entered the Healing Hearts course thinking that it might be a good opportunity to ``learn`` how to more effectively counsel. Little did I know that rather than my learning to be the counselor, I needed to be the counselee.

I`ve been in ministry for over 24 years, preaching and counseling. But as I took the Healing Hearts course and began to answer the personal questions, I realized that there were many areas in my past that I had not dealt with, especially in the area of sexuality. I became aware of my tendency to have ``wandering eyes`` which brought conviction to my heart. Now, through much prayer, confession, and gaining accountability partners, God has brought forgiveness, understanding, strength and direction in dealing with my sin. So, for this, I thank you.

MB-study: The Good Fight
15-Mar. 2023
life changing

This study has been life changing for me. It has removed the veil from my eyes to allow me to see clearly the wrongs I have been doing and not seeing it. God has a special way of showing us what we are doing wrong and giving us the way out by repenting of our sins and breaking the chains that bind us. With the walk through this study, we can all benefit from His gentle and loving hand of guidance. If we all love like Jesus, the world would be a better place. Lord, help me to love like you.

Chris C-study: The Good Fight
28-Dec. 2022
nothing to everything

I grew up like a lot of other people have, in a broken home because of divorce and all that comes with that. I heard on a regular basis that I was good for nothing, and would amount to nothing. My self confidence never really developed, but the bitterness in my heart sure did, one failure after another.

I did as I saw my Mom do, blame everyone else for my problems. After years of abuse and fighting, my mother decided it was best for her and my brothers and sisters that I go into foster care. Foster care can be good for some, but not for others. I was in the latter. I just burned through one relationship after another.

When I was 31, I met my amazing wife. It was very difficult for a long time, and we almost didn`t make it, BUT GOD. You see, it was a blessing that I went into foster care because that`s how I ended up coming to church, and eventually coming to Jesus.

I wish i could say it was fantastic after that, but God had some house cleaning to do in my heart. I look back and can see how He was with me all along, caring for me, protecting me, but also allowing me to learn from my decisions. I made a lot of bad decisions, and am still quite capable of making more, BUT GOD had me, and still has me in His arms. He understands me better than I or anyone else could.

When I finally came to Healing Hearts the first time, God was able to crack my hardness, and remove my fake smile. I didn`t want to play church anymore. I struggled with hating myself, and therefore was afraid of people seeing me the way I saw myself. God patiently softened my heart more, while exposing more in my heart that He wanted to heal.

I returned to Healing Hearts for a second time and new study called, ``The Good Fight``. I figured I`d be through this one much quicker than the first one. Boy, was I wrong.

God was able to expose a root He wanted to take away that had a tight grip around my neck. I still believed what my Mom said to me so many times, ``You are good for nothing, and you will amount to nothing``.

The fact is, without God, we are worse than good for nothing. We are lost to Him. Nothing we accomplish, or fail to accomplish will matter at all if we wander through life bitter at God for what we have experienced and separated from Him and all that is good.

In God`s eyes we have so much worth. He gave His only begotten Son to be sacrificed on the cross for OUR sins. How many of us would consider giving up someone we love, for someone who hates us? God did, because He loves us. We have worth in His eyes. We can have a new identity in Him.

I have been saved for a long time, but I never exchanged my identity I received from my mother`s opinion of me, for God`s truth about me. I am a new creation. I can do all things through Christ, according to His will for my life.

I never thought that God could use my brokenness that He is healing, as a tool to connect with others who are hurting. I`ve watched Him use this study, what I was learning, and my story, to lead other men to this study. This was while i was still completing this study.

I`m watching Him change and heal my heart daily now, as I seek Him. This is not easy. Man, the enemy is ticked off and is really trying to get back the territory he has lost and is continually losing. BUT GOD has me, and will never leave me, nor forsake me.

I`m thankful for something else too that God is doing. He isn`t building up my self-esteem, He is building up my faith in Him! They don`t compare at all. Faith comes from God, not from us. Self-esteem is a close cousin to selfishness. Self-esteem is about ourselves, and no one else. Faith is about God, and not ourselves.

When we take our eyes off of ourselves, and fix them on Jesus, see Him for who He is, worship Him, and allow Him to bless others through us, we will receive all that we need from God.

Mark-study: The Good Fight
28-Dec. 2022

When I started this course, my divorce was almost finial. I was hurt, angry and feeling unloved. With my counselor and his God given guidance, I was able to separate the sin from the sinner in both my ex-wife and in me. It was not an easy path. I know it is a daily struggle. I now read scripture asking what it means to me personally. This is now a life habit. I feel better about myself and my journey with God is fulfilling as I daily pray for grace and wisdom.

S M -study: The Good Fight
6-Nov. 2022
opportunity to grow

This study is a phenomenal way to pull back the layer of what society says a man should be and to dive deep into what God calls men to be. You will be met with the opportunity to grow in your relationship with Christ as this opens us to the healing, grace and love of God.

Kevin-study: The Good Fight
10-Oct. 2022
Changed Life

This study helped uncover some areas in my life I didn`t know I needed the LORD`s help in. I came into this study expecting it to be about healing from a divorce and found it helping me in some other tough situations and family relationships as well. I can honestly say I was unprepared and now have an overwhelming sense of peace that words can`t describe. Take the time to work through this study with the LORD. It could change your life in ways you can`t imagine. It did mine!

Mark-study: The Good Fight
28-Aug. 2022

With this study I have gotten back to remembering that God loves me and that I only need to rely on Him for my value, peace and joy. It really helped me realize how wrong choosing anger is and that unrighteous anger is a sin. I have recorded many passages that I read daily to keep me grounded and remembering to not allow anger back in my life. I have made this a habit to read daily.

Matt-study: The Good Fight
11-Mar. 2021
restored estranged relationships, brought freedom and joy

During and since the completion of this study, I have recommended it to several other men struggling with faith and issues of the past. I had no experience with abortion. However, I found myself consistently blowing up in anger at my wife, and sometimes turning to sexual sin to salve my hurt and calm my anger. As I walked through the study, I was reminded afresh of the sacrifice of Christ on my behalf. I had forgotten. On page 61 the study states, “We forget that flesh and bone hung by nails on a cross. We forget that every nerve in Jesus` body was excruciatingly aware of every move He made against the rough bark of the cross He hung on. We forget the beatings and the scourging by Roman soldiers that marred Him, leaving Him unrecognizable as a human being. We forget that the only One who could again breathe life into man, could breathe only as He pushed against the spike piercing His feet. Most importantly, we forget the incomprehensible horror and the shame He endured as He bore the sins of mankind, past, present, and future.” As the One who bore my sin, guilt, and shame, Jesus was the only One who could set me free. He brought me through many places of pain in my soul to set me free through the process of forgiveness and repentance. He has restored estranged relationships, brought freedom and joy, and a new desire that He be glorified in my life. There is still a battle with my flesh every day, but He is at work, and I am grateful. As the words of a worship song by Cody Carnes say, “My heart found a surgeon, my soul found a friend. So I run to the Father, again and again and again and again.”


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