February 2024 Prayer Letter
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Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt stuck—unable to move forward because something was holding you back? Certainly a lack of motivation or opportunity, opposition from others, and possibly your own fear, are common culprits.

But what about…pride?

We invite you to consider the life-changing message God revealed to Karan when she sought His help to get “unstuck” by walking through our Binding Up the Brokenhearted study with one of our counselors:

“God has used this entire Bible study to reach the areas deep within me that needed to be cleansed by Him. Just a few years ago, I had asked God to use me more. He clearly answered that He couldn’t do that until our work was done. I had no idea what my Heavenly Father had in store for me. It was a journey that God Himself took with me, step by step, gently, day by day.

I was very damaged and traumatized by the events I had experienced growing up. I had buried my capacity to feel human emotions so deeply that I had no self-awareness concerning how my choices, sins, and actions impacted others, much less grieved the heart of my Creator. I acted like a victim. It was about “the terrible things” that happened to me.

God showed me that my deepest sin and greatest pain were buried beneath the sin of pride. I had blamed my mother for my abortion, but God set me free when He called to me and asked me to be accountable for becoming pregnant when I had chosen to sin outside of marriage. That was never God’s design for any of His daughters. He loves us so much that in His Word He gives us instructions in order to protect us from the harm and consequences of sin! It’s all there out of love.

As I stood naked before my Creator, realizing what I had done, setting the dominos falling, I accepted the truth that I had sinned.  I had NO idea that my sin of pride, and playing the role of victim, had kept my feet stuck. It was as though my feet were in cement. I couldn’t move forward, and I didn’t even know why. After showing me what I had done, my Holy Father fully forgave me.

How great God is to have rescued me from my own foolishness, ignorance, and sin. To God be ALL the glory, for I deserve none!”

Oh how great is the love that the Father has poured over us! It is such an encouragement to witness the moments when God sets someone free and the healing begins. We echo Karan’s words: “To God be ALL the glory!”

This is exactly the kind of life-changing hope and healing that you are part of bringing to the world through your support of Healing Hearts Ministries. This is why we continue to offer Bible-based healing, develop new materials, train and equip new counselors, and support the churches where God sends them—so that people like Karan can be rescued by the Gospel-centered, grace-driven message we carry, that Jesus died to rescue them from a life that might otherwise be stuck in shame, bitterness, or fear. He is ready to pull them out of the pit, cleanse and heal them, and set their feet on the solid rock of God’s Truth.

Last month (January) was Sanctity of Life month across the United States, and 2024 is a presidential election year. The fact is that there will be a greater than normal public focus on the topic of abortion rights and pro-life messages. An often forgotten effect of the abortion debate is how these conversations particularly impact post-abortive men and women, and even their family members. These are the ‘living victims’ of abortion. For them, each headline or conversation about abortion can act as a painful reminder of the devastation they’ve personally been part of. And for those who have not rightly received and applied God’s forgiveness, there is no relief—nowhere to hide from the guilt and grief. Thank the Lord, they do not need to be left there…

Please do not forget to pray for the healing of post-abortive individuals. Be prepared to be ready to share the hope that is waiting for them in God’s Word, and let them know that there are compassionate, trained men and women waiting to walk with them through the process of healing. We’re here, ready to serve at healinghearts.org/get-help-now! It’s as easy as pointing them to that webpage. They will find information on each study we offer and how they can connect with a local group or take our studies online. You are a critical part of this ministry and we are so glad to have you standing with us.

PRAY WITH US: For men and women like Karan who need freedom from their past. Pray for the Holy Spirit to cause them to be hungry to seek the answers in God’s Word so that they can encounter His healing there. Ask the Lord how you can help encourage them to take a Healing Hearts study. And pray that God will grant each study participant the perseverance needed to face the tough questions and receive His mercy and grace during their time in the study.

Your prayers and financial support make our ministry possible. We invite you to visit healinghearts.org/donate to learn more about our current needs and project goals. We look forward to how the Lord will supply for the year ahead.

Thank you, friends!

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