May 2024 Prayer Letter
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Dear Friend,

¡Bendiciones hermanos en Cristo!  (Blessings, brethren in Christ!)

Thank you for continuing to pray for our Spanish translation team as we work to bring the gospel-centered, grace-driven discipleship ministry of Healing Hearts (a.k.a. Sanado Corazones) to the Spanish-speaking communities across the globe.

If you’ve been on this journey with us since the beginning, you know how long it has taken to reach this point. At what “point” on this journey are we, exactly? Good question! Perhaps a word picture will serve best…

Imagine standing on a ridge overlooking a valley. In the middle of the wild terrain, your eye lands on a freshly plowed field—good, rich soil divided into neat rows. From where you stand, you cannot see much of anything growing there yet, but all the signs say that one day soon, this field will be full of good produce to harvest. How did that field get there? It wasn’t by chance that it appeared; judging by the size of the rocks and mature trees surrounding it, this plot wasn’t carved out easily or quickly.

This is an apt illustration of where we are standing today with the Spanish Ministry—overlooking a nearly-finished plot of land prepared for planting and harvest. All of the hard work of translating 35 years’ worth of materials, support tools, and systems is nearing its end, and the season of planting is about to begin. We long to see fruit from the intense labor that has been required to clear this land for a healthy, sustained crop of growth!

During this season of development, we’ve also gained a clearer vision from the Lord as to how He will grow our Spanish Ministry. Due to the nature of our upper leadership structure, office, and support staff being English-only, it is imperative that we build a foundation of strong bilingual leaders before adding Spanish-only leaders. Since recognizing this need, our prayers have been refined, and already we are seeing some fruit in this direction. Healing Hearts has always been a ministry built on individuals who were first healed through the studies, then clearly called into the same discipleship ministry that they received. We do not want to “recruit” bilingual leaders, but are trusting God to duplicate what He has already done in our English ministry.

With this in mind, we are inviting you to pray with us that the Lord would bring bilingual individuals into the studies and call them to pursue training. We know the Lord wants this to happen organically, in His timing, and not by our recruiting of bilingual individuals. We are eager to see how He will accomplish this! Please pray with us.

In the meantime, I’d like to close this letter by celebrating the fruit that we continue to see from some of the early seeds we previously planted in Cuba.

Spanish Leaders’ Training & Discipleship Progress

Cuba: Elia Isabel & Yusimin – In August 2022, we adapted our online training into an “offline” Spanish document to support training in Cuba, where there is only intermittent electricity and internet access. Elia Isabel is the president of the Women’s Ministry Leaders for Los Pinos Nuevos Seminary Churches across the island. She is now taking local pastors’ wives and women’s ministry leaders in her city through El borde de su manto (The Hem of His Garment) with plans to train them for ministry duplication in their own denominations. Yusimin will help with leadership training of post-abortive women using Vendando a los quebrantados de corazón (Binding Up the Brokenhearted). They hope to plan a week-long conference at the seminary soon to compensate for difficulties in spreading training to distant locations with no internet/cell service.

Elia Isabel recently shared, “I had exposure to the El borde de su manto study ever since it was introduced in Cuba, but only ever as a leader. I’ve since discovered that I also needed healing! Now, taking part as a participant in the study and discussing each chapter with my mentor has brought healing to areas of my own life that have never been touched before. My understanding of how broken we all are grew, but more importantly, I have seen how the ‘Balsam of the Lord’ has healing for everyone! As a pastor’s wife, I needed the confidentiality and personal connection I received as I let the Word and the Spirit wash over me anew. I am going to invite all pastors’ wives from my city to take this study and learn to disciple others with it.”

Montreal, Canada: Felipe & Rayda, previously from Cuba, were able to receive refugee status last year in Montreal. God is so amazing! He has placed them in membership in a French-language Baptist Church, and Felipe is now on staff, training to run the Food Pantry and Outreach ministry, which connects with immigrants from many countries. In God’s grace, many are Hispanic and hungry for the healing touch of Jesus! Rayda completed training and is now a Healing Hearts Certified Counselor. She is in the process of affiliating with the local church to begin leading Spanish studies through the outreach ministry and at a small Hispanic church in their neighborhood.

Washington/Texas: Jacqueline Perez had a busy year moving to Texas, starting a new family business, and taking several trips out of the country for family crises. Even so, the Lord has enabled her to faithfully meet each week for many hours during this unique stage of final proofreading, while also helping me to train Yusimin remotely.

PRAY WITH US: For Laurie and others who are finishing the translations of our studies in Spanish; for the support staff preparing the final files for print and programming the interface translations; for our Spanish trainees in Cuba and US; for bilingual leaders to be added to our ministry; for wisdom as the Lord expands our Spanish ministry in His timing.

What a joy to be partnering with you in this good work! A Dios sea la Gloria (To God be the glory)! Thank you for praying, giving, and serving with us. To learn more about our current needs, please www.healinghearts.org/donate.

Que Dios le bendiga (May God bless you),
Laurie Beltran del Rio
Director of Spanish Ministry

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