March 2018 Prayer Letter
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Dear Friend,

I have been a group facilitator with Healing Hearts for fifteen years. I usually lead two to three groups a year and every time I start a new group the first two meetings are always the hardest. Typically I don’t know the women well or their stories, and they don’t know each other.

Healing Hearts is not like any ‘typical’ bible study group or individual counseling session. It is so unique, as are the women who come to the group; their reasons for coming are unique, and their personalities are unique. That is the beautiful thing about counseling with the Word of God through this study--it speaks to every heart, personality and issue. The study is the same, but every group I lead is different, and God challenges and changes me in a new way every time.

This past year, I co-led a Hem of His Garment group with Tara Maier. We had two ladies, one who had been unfaithful to her husband years ago and one who was reeling from the recent discovery that her husband had committed the same sin. At this point, I was really wondering what God was up to and why He had put these two ladies together in a group. Would they be able to study together, knowing each others’ struggles and past? I always tell the ladies God is the one who puts these groups together, to assure them, but mostly to counsel my own anxious heart!

These sweet sisters made it through, together, the whole 10 weeks. Tara and I guided them as they wrestled with the texts each week, growing and loving each other through the process. At the end of the group, one of them wrote a poem as her summary of what Healing Hearts had done for her. Her situation remains the same, but her focus has now changed to honor and glorify Jesus in and through her situation, even if it doesn’t change. The beautiful, heartfelt poem that she wrote is included in this letter for you to enjoy and share with other women. It would make a wonderful introduction to Healing Hearts Ministries.

I am always in awe of how God ministers to women through this study, and I’m thankful for Healing Hearts and the forever healing through God’s Word that took place for me as a client sixteen years ago. That same Word heals and changes hearts today and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you for your constant prayers for the women in our studies, and for your financial support of a ministry that continues to change lives... one heart at a time.

Friends, I can never express strongly enough my appreciation for the dedicated women and men who lead our Healing Hearts Bible studies. It is no small or easy task to start with a fresh group of individuals, all from different backgrounds and circumstances, and create a safe and loving environment for them to learn, grow, and find healing.

The story of this group--the comfort and support that took place and the overflowing of one woman’s heart into a lovely poem--gives you an idea of the fruit that can be borne through a study like The Hem of His Garment. But it can’t happen without well-trained leaders who have found their own healing through God’s Word. These leaders depend heavily on grace and guidance from God, which can only come through constant prayer. Please pray for our leaders--for wisdom, discernment, and empowerment by the Holy Spirit. They depend on your prayers!

In fact, for all the work we do at Healing Hearts, we are dependent on your prayers--but also on your financial support. In order to continue to develop and print biblical materials, train counselors, do outreach, and assure our visibility at conferences and online, we need faithful donors who believe in what we are doing.

Now more than ever, hurting, lost and broken men and women need to hear our message. Please consider a monthly donation of $10, $25 or $50, or a one-time gift to Healing Hearts. Your gift today can change someone’s eternity!

In His Love,

Sue Liljenberg
President/International Director

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    "Binding Up
    The Brokenhearted"
    Isaiah 61:1-4


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