September 2023 Prayer Letter
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Dear Friend,

At Healing Hearts, we work hard to provide thorough, Bible-based training to those in leadership positions. Equipping is a key pillar of our ministry’s model—being committed to take what God has taught us through His Word and entrusting it “to faithful people who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim 2:2). After we EVANGELIZE and HEAL, training is the stage where we EQUIP and then SEND.

This month, as you pray for our ministry, we’d like to invite you to pray in particular for our training efforts in the following areas:

Did you know that every one of our Healing Hearts Certified Biblical Counselors has completed a rigorous training process? When a former Bible study participant enters Healing Hearts leadership training, they work hard to learn the principles of Biblical Counseling and effective ways to get ministries started in their home churches. Their training includes reading books, writing essays, watching videos, and practice counseling sessions—all under the careful mentorship of a Healing Hearts Trainer. Our leadership training process can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete. As you can see, this is no small commitment! Currently, we have 26 trainees diligently working through their leadership training.

PRAY WITH US that each trainee would be disciplined with their time; that they would grow in their knowledge and ability to minister to others; that they would do this through the Lord’s strength, not their own; and that their local church would be an encouraging place for them to minister.

Did you know that we plan a Healing Hearts National Conference every year to provide our leaders with continued training and encouragement? Each September, we come together to lift one another up and learn more about how God’s Word applies to specific counseling topics. This year we’ll be gathering to continue some special teaching sessions by Rev. Chris Moles on topics of abuse. Our own Ed Maloney (Men’s Director) will be walking us through the book of Habakkuk to consider for ourselves what it means to “rejoice in the Lord” even when evil seemingly has its way and peace is hard to find. 

PRAY WITH US during the conference days of September 20-24th that all of the technical details (travel, setup, technology) will go smoothly for everyone, and that it will be a great mix of encouraging and challenging for our leadership as we grow together. This is always a special time for everyone.

Each year at our National Conference, we take special joy in recognizing our newest leaders, all of whom have graduated from our Certified Biblical Counselor training. We invite you to celebrate them with us!

Please pray for our newest leaders as they begin ministering with Healing Hearts in their communities as well as for our relocating leaders as they reestablish their ministry:

We continue to invest in growing our ability to train and support Spanish-speaking leaders. If you’ve been following our prayer letters for the last 2 years, you’ve likely read about some of the exciting ways the Lord has been opening doors for us to invest in building support for Spanish-speaking leaders, both here in the US and abroad. So much progress has been made in translating our adult and youth Bible studies, our online E-Ministry, and the core of our training program into Spanish. We recently launched an “offline” training program to serve remote areas, like Cuba. Our incredible “dream team” of translators is putting the final touches on our 4 adult studies, so we hope to publish them soon. We are thrilled to already equipping new Spanish leaders through our training program (2 in the US and 8 in Cuba)

PRAY WITH US that God would protect the health of our Spanish Director, Laurie Beltran del Rio, and our translators, providing them time to do their work effectively. Pray for our development team as they implement the necessary programming to support a secondary language. Pray for the timing, that we would be able to release this program precisely when God wills us to. Lastly, please pray for the waiting Spanish trainees, that they would be encouraged even as they wait. We need God’s strength to sustain every person participating in this monumental effort!

Thank you for praying, giving, and serving with us to advance the Gospel in your churches, communities, and throughout the world, one heart at a time. As we work to fulfill our mission to EVANGELIZE > HEAL > EQUIP > SEND, we are honored to have you partnering with us. We could not do this without your prayers and donations.

God Bless You,

Sue Liljenberg
President/Intl. Director

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