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*DISCLAIMERS: Media links provided include websites which are not under the management of Healing Hearts Ministries International. As such, we have no control over the continued availability of those links and from time to time certain links may become broken or missing. Please check back occasionally to see if the problem has been resolved. Additionally, while we believe these selected media clips uphold biblical truth and adhere to the integrity of God’s Word, their inclusion is in no way meant to endorse any particular ministry or organization in its entirety.

Video #32 – Pictures of Grace by CentralFilms

Video #33

LifeChurchtv. The Spirit Filled Life. YouTube. November 16, 2009.

Video #34

mattmahermusic. Matt Maher: “Turn Around” Lyric Video. YouTube. July 28, 2011.

Video #35

Hester, Jason. “Hindering the Spirit.” A Life to Give. June 30, 2011.

Video #36

nydipcc. Me Linebacker. YouTube. December 16, 2008.

Video #37

Ziezio1. He Is.m4v. YouTube. Sept. 18, 2010.

Video #38

CentricityMusic. Jason Gray – Remind Me Who I Am (Official Music Video). YouTube. July 27, 2011.

Video #39

thepost7. not a fan – Sermon Intro. YouTube. Oct. 3, 2011.

Video #40

Brandon VanBeek. Francis Chan – Jesus More Than a Savior. YouTube. Sept. 30, 2009.

One True God by Paul Washer

Video #41

The Way We Pray by The Skit Guys – Preview version – to purchase this video, please visit

Video #42

sariously13. Overcome – Desperation Band. YouTube. Feb.18, 2010.

Video #43

P4CM. P4CM Presents Ready or Not by Featured RHETORIC Poets Ezekiel & Janette IKZ. YouTube. Nov. 11, 2011.

Video #44

Nate Hanson. What Are You Living For? – Francis Chan. YouTube. April 1, 2010.

Video #45

“If You Don’t Have Love” by Holly Starr –

Video #46

tenthavenuenorth. Tenth Avenue North – “Healing Begins” Video Journal. YouTube. April 6, 2010.

Video #47 – One Life by CentralFilms

Video #48

WaterBrookMultnomah. What Part of the Gospel is Optional? YouTube. May 4, 2010.