Healing Heart Pendants


Handmade glass bead pendant in sterling setting.
Average width = 1.25″, Average height = 1.75″ (Size may vary).


Product Description

Each heart bead is handmade by lampwork bead artist, Annie Shook, of Holland, Michigan and is a unique piece of art. Lampworking or flame working is the art of melting and manipulating glass in very hot precise flames. Glass rods are melted and wound on a steel rod in the flame. The glass is shaped into hearts with many different types of tools or gravity. The hearts are then placed in a kiln to anneal. This is so the bead won’t crack.
Annie Shook glass-blowing
Mary Lorence then takes the lampwork hearts and handwraps them in sterling. This represents Healing Hearts Ministries’ message from Isaiah 61:1-4 “Binding up the broken hearted”. Most of the pendants also have three Swarovski crystals that represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You are a unique gift from God. Enjoy this unique piece of wearable art.

10% of all sales will go towards funding of Healing Hearts Ministries International.