March 2016 Prayer Letter
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Dear Friend,

Every day we are blessed to see God's hand at work in the lives of broken women, men, and families. What a joy to share these stories with you, our partners in the ministry of His amazing gospel!

Our testimony this month concludes a two-part testimony series on how God has been transforming the lives of women at Seattle's Union Gospel Mission's 'Hope Place', a women and children's shelter where Healing Hearts counselors Susan Owen and Susie Alicandro have faithfully shared Christ's message of healing for the last 12 years.


Kristy was a young woman who had "attitude." She wasn't too sure she liked us or trusted us. The questions in the study were "too personal." After the chapter on "The Consequences of Sin" a totally different woman came to group. I had to ask her, "Who are you and what have you done with Kristy?!" Then God took her to the Cross and showed her how much He loved her...how much He had suffered for her.

Here are Kristy's own words...

"My name is Kristy Olmstead. I found the study of God's heart for me [through 'The Hem of His Garment' Bible study] to be a wonderful journey of healing. It was helpful in so many ways. I learned how intensely God loves me, I learned that my identity is in who he says I am, and most of all I learned that he has gone through everything I've gone through.

My biggest breakthrough, I'd have so say, was when I realized Jesus knows just how I felt during the abuse I endured throughout my life. When I stopped and really pictured the horrible things Jesus experienced on the cross, I wept. I wept because I too have had my face spit on, been beat to the point of death and humiliated at my deepest level. Knowing that He and I have this in common really helped me connect to Him it such a deep way. I knew at that point that I was never alone, not ever. 'The Hem of His Garment' gave me an understanding of who Jesus is, in such a way that I'd never known before.

It was not always easy and at times I was quite resistant to the probing questions this study asks, but my instructors were patient and loving. I am so grateful I was blessed with the opportunity to take this study and I thank God for the healing I have received. I feel like I was afforded the opportunity to touch the hem of His robe and I am so grateful."

After leaving Hope Place, Kristy went back to work as a hairdresser, but she is now the office manager for a commercial landscaping company. She has not stopped there; she is currently working with Union Gospel Mission to start up a not for profit cosmetology school program for the homeless and disadvantaged. She is giving back. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but shines the beauty of Christ within.

To honor the God who saved her, Kristy wrote a song titled "Walk on Water" that tells of her journey. It has so touched my heart and she has graciously allowed us to share it with you.

I love seeing how God has taken both Kristy and Annette Smiley (last month's testimony) beyond the despair and brokeness that they came into Healing Hearts with, to give them new hope, a new purpose, and a powerful witness to share the Gospel truth with others. This is truly the transforming power of God's Word at work in their lives.

Isn't it beautiful to behold how God can turn the ashes of our pasts into praise for his glory?

Thank you for being a part of changing Kristy's life through your faithful prayers and support
of Healing Hearts!
- Susan O.

PLEASE PRAY WITH US: for the outgrowth of ministry in Kristy's life as she serves among the homeless; for continued growth of outreach opportunities through organizations like the Union Gospel Mission, women's shelters, prisons, and pregnancy centers; for protection and strength for each of our leaders ministering in these fields; for an increase of gospel-minded administrators in those facilities.

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We thank God for your partnership in carrying this gospel-centered, grace-driven ministry of hope & healing through God's Word to people, like Kristy, who have been broken by sin.

Healing Hearts, healing families...one heart at a time.

Sue Liljenberg
International Director

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    "Binding Up
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