Irene Pizzimenti’s Walk for Freedom

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My name is Irene Pizzimenti, and I have been involved with Healing Hearts Ministries International since 2019. And this year, in light of how different life has looked for so many of us, I am thinking outside the box! And walking outside the box!! Starting on January 25th, I began a virtual trek from my home in Westland, Michigan, to Rio Rancho, New Mexico, the home of Healing Hearts…and I am planning to walk 1548 miles by December 31, 2021. Every day, I will be tracking my mileage, recording it on my desk calendar, and giving a weekly update on my Facebook page about the progress I’m making, giving a visual guide for my latest point of arrival. And these miles I am walking are dedicated to Healing Hearts…I’m not just chalking up my steps each day, but this is distance and time dedicated specifically for this purpose. I know it seems like a BIG undertaking, and it is, but I believe that the work of Healing Hearts is a BIG undertaking and well worth every step, every hour I spend, as the ministry leaders seek to bring the forgiveness, healing and abundant life that Christ offers to every broken heart and life affected by sin, grief and shame. I am walking and praying for the wounded that walk among us, who need to hear the news of an amazing God Who reaches down with love to the brokenhearted.

Would you consider ‘joining’ me as I walk along? Would you help me raise awareness and funds to help get gospel tools into the hands of the hurting, reaching across this country and around the world? Production, technology and staff keep the ministry working, but the need is always great in order to meet the costs we encounter. Although there is no way to specifically pledge per mile, donations can be made at any time between now and December 31.

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Helen Hountras

$25.00 June 23, 2021

Steven Onken

$50.00 May 25, 2021

Keep up the great work, Irene!


Sheri Prush

$30.98 May 7, 2021

I'm so grateful for you introducing me to healing hearts and helping me. Keep up the great work!!


Anonymous Anonymous

$50.00 April 26, 2021

Peggy Walcott

$50.00 March 29, 2021

Teresa Pizzimenti

$102.56 March 22, 2021

Diane Kirkman

$50.00 March 22, 2021

Michael Winblad

$50.00 March 10, 2021

The Winblads say great job.


Bernie Mcmahon

$51.43 February 15, 2021

Marlene Henderson

$25.87 February 15, 2021

Great job!! Keep it up!!


Tonya Jones

$10.00 February 5, 2021

God is amazing! You are amazing!



$500.00 February 4, 2021

You are a beautiful gift from God


Bonnie Schippling

$10.53 February 2, 2021

Peace on your journey and love to you. Miss singing with you!


James Onken

$25.87 February 2, 2021