First Love – Part 1 Media

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Video #1

stevekwan9. The Awe Factor of God-Francis Chan. You Tube. April 28, 2008.

Video #2

Video #3

"The Fruit of Sin" video (Worship House Media) – The Fruit of Sin by YouthMinistry 360

Video #4

JoshuaGenChurch.  Passion of the Christ – Whipping Scene (Third Day)YouTube.  March 15, 2008.

Video #5

"That's Real Love" video (Worship House Media) – That’s Real Love by CentralFilms

Video #6

"Good-o-meter" video (Worship House Media) – Good-O-Meter by CentralFilms

Video #7

tenthavenuenorthVEVO. You Are More. You Tube. Nov. 10, 2010.

Video #8

Chan, Francis. The Holiness of God. YouTube. April 22, 2011.