Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach you?

By email
By phone: (360) 897-0022

How do I register to Walk?

Simply Click Here to go to our Walker Registration page and register to walk in your own community, park, trail, or even beach! Walk after work, or even on vacation.

How long/far do I need to walk?

We ask that you walk for 30 minutes or more. During the walk please pray for your church, the wounded in your neighborhood, and for God to bless this ministry with more leaders, with success in outreach efforts, and funding, so that we can continue to grow! The demand for our services nationwide is growing and we desire to meet this demand. It is exciting to ponder how these prayer walks will impact our ministry!

How do I gather pledges?

After you have registered, send your friends and family an email with the link to your personal Walk Sponsorship Page. When they visit your page, they are given an opportunity to sponsor you on-line. After you register, visit your Sponsorship Page to see a sample email that you can use. There are no pledge cards or paper forms to fill out or send in.

Why is my name not listed on the Walk home page yet?

Your registration will be evaluated and approved before it can appear on the site, as a deterrent to spammers. After you register, it should take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours to have your name appear on our Walk home page. Once approved, you will receive an email containing your password that you can use to log in and add a custom message, a $ Pledge Goal, and set other preferences for your Sponsorship Page.


How do I qualify for prize incentives?
  • In order to qualify for prizes, a walker must collect at least $150 in pledges.
  • Donations must be received by 30 days after the walk to be counted towards the prize.
  • (Healing Hearts Leaders: click here to learn about your walk incentives.)

    What are the prizes?
    Pledge Gathering Incentives:
       $150 - Offical Healing Hearts Walk T-Shirt, Ball Cap, or Visor
       $250 - $25 Gift Card
       $500 - $50 Gift Card
       $750 - $75 Gift Card
       $1,000 - $100 Gift Card
       $1,500 - $150 Gift Card
       $2,000 - $200 Gift Card
    Gift card selection is available on the walker's Walk Admin page.
    See the full list of gift cards here.

    Say I walked, but have not heard anything about prizes yet...
    Because donations up to 30 days after your walk count toward a prize, you will receive an email 30 days after your walk letting you know what prizes you are eligibile for. A link in this email will take you to a page that will allow you to make a prize selection.


    Where can I find more information about Healing Hearts?
  • Visit our "About Healing Hearts" page
  • Read our Newsletters
  • Read our Statement of Faith (this link will open a new window)

    I am a Healing Hearts Leader. Where can I find Leadership FAQ information that will help me?
    Try the leader's-only website. Click the Walks link.

    If you are registered to walk, be sure to log in to your Walk Admin page to leave a custom message for your sponsors and email your invitation! The more people you email, the more pledges you will see on your page!

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