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Dear Partnering Church Thank you for inquiring about hosting a mother daughter conference in your area. We are very excited about what the Lord is doing through our Walking Together conferences bringing moms and daughters together to see what Gods Word says about the heart of their relationship. Only His Word has the power to truly restore families and change lives. Please read through the enclosed information on becoming a partner church. If you have any questions please let us know. We are looking forward to ministering with you In Jesus Love Sue Liljenberg International Director 253-686-4592 About The Conference 2 THE NEED Todays teens need strong parental bonds and support more than ever. Mothers and daughters have a unique relationship. When things are going great between them it is smooth sailing. But throw a conflict into the mix and things can get rocky really fast. How do they deal with conflict Even in Christian homes moms and daughters can easily resort to eye-rolling mumbling snide remarks giving the cold shoulder or slamming doors when they disagree. Fear anger or a demand for perfection are the most common heart-issues driving mom and daughter further and further apart. Is there a way they can live in harmony at home Yes there is The Walking Together conference brings to light critical truths from Gods Word about how mothers and daughters can both repair and promote healthy God-honoring relationships with one another. 50 of high school seniors regularly drink alcohol6 and do not think its harmful to try crack cocaine or heroin.7 See Footnotes on page 20 46.4of Sunday school attendees said No. The church is not relevant for my needs. 9 we can change these HEART-BREAKING FACTS 90 67 xxx 81 FAT Every TW hours...1 ...120 babies will be born to teen moms. ...720 teens will contract an STD 4 millionyear. ...960 teens will inflict self-injury. ...120 teens will become runaways. ...480 teens will get high on prescription drugs. ...97 girls will be raped. By age sixteen will have been exposed to pornography online.3 say they know how to hide online activity from parents.4 46 say they have contemplated suicide.5 of 10 year olds are afraid of being 1in3 victims of sexual abuse by age 18.2 girls will be 8 About The Conference 4 THE ANSWER Walking Together Mother Teen Daughter Conference emphasizes the importance of a healthy mother and daughter relationship in a special one- day event of teaching worship and fellowship. Using Gods Word attendees will be equipped with real-life answers for todays challenges. TARGET AUDIENCE Mothers and Daughters ages 13 Pastors youth workers womens leaders anyone working with momsteens KEY TOPICS 2 Corinthians says We walk by faith not by sight. Sessions focus on key biblical principles of Walking in Faith Not Fear Walking in Peace Not Anger Walking in Grace Not Perfection BREAKOUT SESSIONS Following the main sessions moms and daughters breakout into peer groups for hands-on application. Breakout 1 healinghearts.orgtickets 39 adult 25 youth 13-19 About The Conference 5 I just want to say THANKYOUI thought my daughter and I could benefit from this conference and that it would help us bond... Since Walking Together we have become so much closer. We have developed a respect and bond that has been really good We are all talking more as a family. I feel that broken pieces of misunderstanding and confusion are gone Glory to God. He is so AMAZING - Christie G. Texas BEYOND THE CONFERENCE Moms and teen daughters are encouraged to build upon the conference teachings and dive deeper together using the Healing Hearts First Love Embracing a Love that Lasts study. This unique 3 part discipleship study helps momsmentors guide young women to discover how to receive and give true love -- providing real answers for real life issues transforming relationships through the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Conference Agenda Saturday 7 SAMPLE 830 930 Check In 930 1015 Welcome Worship Speaker Testimonies 1015 1035 Introduction Walking Together -- move to breakout sessions -- 1040 1110 Breakout Session 1 -- return to main session -- 1120 1140 Walking in Faith Not Fear -- move to breakout sessions -- 1145 - 1220 Breakout Session 2 1220 130 Lunch 130 210 Walking in Peace Not Anger -- move to breakout sessions -- 215 240 Breakout Session 3 -- return to main session -- 250 315 Walking in Grace Not Perfection -- move to breakout session -- 315 340 Breakout Session 4 moms daughters 340 350 Closing Worship 350 430 Ministry time Book Table open Roles Responsibilities 8 As a Partnering Church you will... Assign a Point Person to work with Healing Hearts to plan the event and act as the liaison between the partnering church and Healing Hearts. Provide church facility setup and tear down. Provide volunteers see Job Descriptions page 14. Promote within church and community including announcing from pulpit at least 2 weeks prior. distributing Save the Date cards flyers posters. encouraging participation of other churches. promoting use of the supplied online and printable promo pieces within your church other churches. arranging local radio interviews for event speakers. Strive to meet the minimum of 300 attendees. e.g. 150 adults 150 daughters Pay 5000 booking fee to cover base expenses of the ministry team or secure sponsors to underwrite see Corporate Sponsorship booklet. Full Payment is due with signed contract and is non-refundable. Provide hospitality station with complimentary coffee and water for conference attendees. Accommodate Saturday schedule 830500. If your church has Saturday evening service please ensure that this event will not impact the service time andor worship team practice. Roles Responsibilities 9 As the Presenters Healing Hearts will... Collect all registrations through the Healing Hearts web site. All proceeds from event will go toward financing Healing Hearts Youth Division. Produce and purchase custom promo materials including promo video PSA radio spot web banners slides bulletins flyers and posters. Be available to promote the event on local radio interviews arranged by churchs Point Person. Fulfill leadership roles including the Keynote Speaker Emcee Worship Leader and Breakout Session Facilitators see pages 16-19. Make all travel arrangements for ministry team. Provide a unique unforgettable interactive experience for your communitys momsmentors and young women to connect to Christ and each other Planning Your Event 10 Conference Booking We recommend booking your event with us 12 months in advance with a minimum of 6 months after contract is signed to properly promote it. Booking availability is limited to 5 events per year. Facility Requirements Due to conference format of breakout sessions mothers and daughters split up for further interaction with conference speakers facility requirements include Main Sanctuary - complete audiovisual equipment seats minimum of 300 theatre style 2nd Room - close by used for breakout sessions seats minimum of 150 theatre style Registration Tables - set up in main entrancelobby Four 6 or 8 Tables - for book sales and ministry displays set up in sanctuary or main entrancelobby Complimentary coffeewater - hospitality area Scheduling Requirements Conference content requires 7 hours start to finish with additional setup check-in and tear down. The facility must be available for 10 hours on day of event see sample Conference Agenda page 7. Planning Your Event 11 Registrations All registrations will be collected through the Healing Hearts website. Healing Hearts Event Coordinator will work with your churchs Point Person throughout the planning process making sure that the church has all of the information that is needed including the final registration numbers. Attendance Requirements To make this event effective we require a minimum of 300 registrations. e.g. 150 adults 150 daughters 300 Volunteer Team Point Person AV Techs Hospitality Table Greeters Friday Set Up Team Registration Book Table PhotoVideographer optional For every 300 registered partnering church will be provided with up to 10 free admissions for volunteer staff must register 30 days prior to event with coupon codes. We recommend you recruit volunteers that do not have a daughter attending the conference keeping moms with daughters helps them receive the maximum benefit. Planning Your Event 12 Promotions and Materials Before a conference is approved the Point Person and the partnering church should collaborate with Healing Hearts regarding promotions and marketing. Radio PromotionsCamille Cates Youth Division Director and Sue Liljenberg International Director are available for radio interviews. Radio promotions and Public Service Announcements should air 15-30 days prior to event. Save the Date Cards2500 cards 4.25x5.5 will be provided to the partnering church to circulate 3-4 months in advance in conjunction with other events at local churches youth conferences womens conferences womens luncheons Bible studies home group activities etc. PostersFlyers20 posters 11x17 and 50 flyers 8.5x11 will be provided to the partnering church to display in windows at local bookstores and coffee shops. Digital DownloadsAdditional promotional materials including Announcement Slides Bulletin Inserts Radio PSAs Promotional Video Facebook and Twitter posts will be made available online at to download print and display. Higher quantities available for larger venues Planning Your Event 13 First Love Bible Study Sales Conference SalesHealing Hearts will be introducing our First Love Bible study for young women and their momsmentors. Participants will be encouraged to purchase a copy at the Book Table to continue the work they began at conference. Post-Conference SalesIf your church has a bookstore and would like to purchase First Love studies to sell after the conference weekend contact the Healing Hearts office to place your order. Partnering churches will always receive 40 wholesale case pricing for case quantities only. Planning Your Event 14 Volunteer Job Descriptions Point Person 1Liaison between the church and Healing Hearts Event Coordinator manages all volunteers main coordinator of the conference must be in direct contact with the pastorelder or church staff member able to make financial and logistical decisions on behalf of the church. AudioVideo Techs 2 minimumPre-event setupsound check Friday eve. and day of event production Saturday must have strong working knowledge of the church sound system and be able to troubleshoot any problems that might arise works closely with Healing Hearts Tech Coordinator. Registration Table 4Check-in registrants hand out Welcome bags give directions. Book Table 3Handle credit card sales and handle cash sales must have computer experience and some experience dealing with money. Greeters 1Greet attendees at entrance doors with a big warm smile give directions or answer questions regarding the facility. Number depends on the size of the church facility. Hospitality Table 1Serve coffee water and snacks if applicable must have gift of hospitality. Training support will be provided. Planning Your Event 15 GETTING STARTED Ready to host a Walking Together conference 1. Submit Application for Consideration at www.healinghearts.orgmdcapplication Once application has been received and details confirmed a simple contract will be mailed to the partnering church for an authorized signature. 2. Return Contract with 5000 booking fee and signature of an authorized representative from partnering church at least 6 months prior to event date required before event promotions can begin. Summary of Contract Terms Upon signing the contract partnering church agrees to Promotional Materials Distributionat least 3 mo. prior. Minimum Registration300 registrants. e.g. 150 mothers 150 daughters 300 Cancellation PolicyThe 5000 booking fee is non- refundable. For cancellations due to unavoidable acts of God Healing Hearts will work with church to re-book the event. Friday Set Up Team 1Set up displays registration area and book table the night before. About The Presenters 16 KEYNOTE SPEAKER Camille Cates 19-year veteran of youth ministry brings her experience and wisdom gained from life with teenagers to audiences and readers alike. She has served with Healing Hearts Ministries International as a trained lay-counselor since 1999. In 2010 she became the Youth Division Director for Healing Hearts and co- authored the Bible study First Love Embracing a Love that Lasts a discipleship study written for young women ages 13 and older. Camille has served as an abstinence educator in the public school system where she has witnessed first-hand the everyday struggles of thousands of students. As a public speaker she has been the keynote presenter for various Pregnancy Care Center events as well as womens ministry events. She is currently completing her biblical counseling certification through ACBC Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Camille and her husband Troy served in full-time youth ministry from 1995 to 2010. They have three children together and currently reside in the Cincinnati Ohio metro area. 17 What the Experts are Saying About First Love... I love that the study is so focused on the truth of Gods Word. I trust God will use it to help many women and girls Lisa Chan Speakerteacher and co-founder with her husband Francis of Cornerstone Community Church Simi Valley CA I have reviewed multiple Bible studies for young women over the years but First Love is truly unique. What impresses me most about the study is that it is saturated in Scripture. Young women will learn that Christ needs to be their first love by digging deep into His Word. In a culture permeated with many false loves it is refreshing to have a study that uses Scripture to guide young women to run to and cling to their one true love found in Christ alone. Georgia Purdom Ph.D. Speaker and author Answers in Genesis Petersburg KY About The Presenters 18 MASTER OF CEREMONIES Sue Liljenberg Founder International Director of Healing Hearts Ministries International. Born out of Sues personal testimony of redemption from a pain- filled past Healing Hearts was formed in 1989 and now ministers to women and men all over the world in over thirty-one states and eight foreign countries Over the 25 years Sue has shared her story with thousands over radio television at womens conferences and in churches across the United States. Sue has authored three bible studies Binding Up the Broken Hearted and The Wounded Warrior for men and women who are post-abortive as well as The Hem of His Garment for women who suffer from other pain-filled pasts. She is also the coauthor of First Love with Camille Cates. For six years Sue hosted her own radio show on KGNW in Seattle Washington. Sue is a wife and a step mother of two grown sons the grandmother of three granddaughters. About The Presenters 19 WORSHIP TEEN FACILITATOR Ashley Pomeroy has been involved in ministry since her early teen years leading worship for jr. high and high school groups womens ministries and various services at her church in Bangor Maine. Her heart being led by the Holy Spirit is to lead Gods people into His throne room where He is to be worshiped in spirit and in truth. She was introduced to Healing Hearts in 2009 when she was attending Bible College. Through The Hem of His Garment Ashley received the love of Christ in a way like never before. She experienced immense healing from the wounds of her past and God truly gave her beauty for ashes. Since then she has taught multiple First Love groups and continues to point young women and women alike to the healing only God provides. Ashley is eager to continue to be a part of Healing Hearts Ministries for the purpose of furthering His kingdom. 20 FOOTNOTES Heart-breaking Facts page 3 1. VoiceaRevolution. Teen Statistics in 2 Hours. Youtube. Web 18 Aug. 2008 2. Good-TouchBad-Touch Safety Tips for Parents. Web. 18 Aug. 2008 3. Youth and Internet Pornography. Enough. Web. n.d. n.p. 29 Aug. 2014 4. Thomas Taylor. 30 Statistics about Teens and Social Networking. Toptenreviews. Web. n.d. n.p. 29 Aug. 2014. 5. Did You Know High School Facts and Figures Statistics about Teens and Mental Illness. Stageoflife. Web. n.d. n.p. 29 Aug. 2014 6. 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance. Web. pg. 13. 12 Sept. 2011 7. Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration. National Survey on Drug Use and Health Summary of National Findings. Results from the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Accessed February 25 2014 8. Mellin L. McNutt S. Hu Y. Schreiber G. B. Crawford P. Obarzanek E. 1997. A longitudinal study of the dietary practices of black and white girls 9 and 10 years old at enrollment The NHLBI growth and health study. Journal of Adolescent Health 201 27-37. 9. Ham Ken and Britt Beemer. Already Gone Why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it. pg. 43. Green Forest AR Master Book Publishers. 2009.