April 2007 Prayer Letter
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Dear Friend,

I'm sorry that we didn't get a prayer letter out in March. My husband and I didn't return from our trip to Israel until March 5th and then it was off and running just to catch up with everything the two weeks that I was gone.

After our church tour of Israel was over Gary and I rented a car and headed back to Tiberius to meet with some people who do pro-life work there and to discuss with them the possibility of using the Healing Hearts Russian study in their ministry. Due to the large number of Russian Jews that are moving to that area they have a need for Russian materials to use in their ministry. One of the volunteers that works at their Crisis Pregnancy Center there is from the Ukraine. Her name is Oxana, she is post-abortive and feels called to minister to other Russian speaking women. She speaks Russian and Hebrew fluently. When I presented the Russian study to her tears welled up in her eyes and she held it tight to her chest as she has not seen any literature in Russian since she left home almost two years ago. She was very excited to start working through the study. Maayan, who is the coordinator of the center is going to help Oxaha work through the study. This will be a very interesting endeavor. Maayan only speaks Dutch, Hebrew and English and Oxana only speaks Russian and Hebrew. So, Maayan is going to do the study in English, Oxana is going to do the study in Russian and they are going to discuss it in Hebrew. Is God amazing or what? Please pray for these two ladies as they work through this material. The Enemy will try to de-rail this situation any way that he can. There is much warfare there when it comes to spreading the gospel. We also made contact with a pastor and his wife in Tel Aviv. I'm looking forward to future communication with them to see how we might work together to reach hurting women for Jesus.

Missions - Healing Hearts is currently undergoing tremendous growth. Please pray for us as we prioritize what we can and can not do in regard to Foreign Missions. We have been bombarded the past few months with numerous requests from South Africa, South America and Israel. Because our resources are limited it is difficult to tell people that we are not able to help at this time or that they need to wait. We are working hard to prepare Healing Hearts for such expansions in ministry but it will take time and we must trust the Lord in the meantime and do a good job with what He has already entrusted to us.

Training - It looks like this is going to be a huge training year for us. We have two trainings scheduled but it looks like we may have to add a third. Please pray for the following ladies who will be trained April 26-28. Our next training is scheduled for September 20-23rd.
Rita Emery, Holland, MichiganLisa Mills, Everett, Washington
Tracee Iseman, Everett, WashingtonRuth Girlie Pascua, Madison Heights, Michigan
Debra Johnson, Trenton, MichiganCathy Plouff, Marietta, Georgia
Patti Lozano, Seattle, WashingtonNicole Rust, Sagle, Idaho
Ellie Martin, Stanwood, WashingtonTanya Thomas/Amstutz, Canton, Georgia

E-Ministry - Our E-Ministry is running at full capacity at all times. We always seem to have more clients than we have counselors available. The maximum clients we can take at any given time is approximately 110. Please pray that more leaders will be available to do e-ministry. Pray that God will touch all of our e-clients in a very special way. Pray for salvation for those who do not know Jesus.

Group Ministry - Many of our trainees from this past Fall are getting their ministries started in their churches. We have heard great reports of God filling groups as soon as they are available. Please pray for these new leaders and their churches. That God will abundantly bless their obedience to follow His calling on their life.

Golf Benefit - We have made changes to our Golf Benefit this year and have moved it to Saturday, June 30th. If you would be interested in helping us raise much needed support for Healing Hearts, please register through our website at www.healinghearts.org/golf/. Your participation would be a blessing.

Regional Mentor/Annual Meeting - July 12-15 we will be holding our Regional Mentor retreat and our annual board meeting. Please pray for both these meetings. Our 6 Regional Mentors work hard to disciple leaders throughout the year so this is their time to be ministered to and filled up so they can minister to others. Please also pray for our Board that through prayer we will receive wisdom from the Lord regarding our plan for 2008.

Please continue to pray for the following:
  • International Trademark - The trademark has been filled, please pray for its approval.
  • Ministry Facility - Pray as we search for a facility to meet our needs.
  • Retreat Facility - Please pray for us as we try to find a facility to hold our National Conference in for 2008 in Colorado Springs. It's difficult to find a facility large enough with good rates.
  • Peru - Prayer for much needed time for me to work on the new study "Safe In The Arms of Jesus".
  • Pray for our web development. Please pray for Sally Lancaster as she continues to develop our web-site. Pray for wisdom, direction and good health for Sally.

I would like to leave you with a few words from one of our E-Clients:
    What an amazing journey. I went from avoiding pain to exposing it. I was very confused about my sin since so much sin had been committed against me. I was blinded by denial and self pity. Through this study all of who I thought I was began to slip away. This was very painful but also liberating since it caused me to cling to the Lord and Trust in him. He IS FAITHFUL. He is also so merciful. He gently showed me my sin, my disobedience, my unfaithfulness, and as He showed me He cried with me. Because he bore all of my sin on the cross He understood the pain of it all too well. During this intimate time He held me and encouraged me and then called me daughter and in that instant the stain of those past labels disappeared. I became His, appointed, preordained and selected one. Not because of anything I did but because of who He is and His infinite Love for me. My whole life was spent searching for something or someone, to fill that hole in my heart trying to change the outside hoping that I would feel different on the inside. The insanity was doing the same things over and over expecting different results. He is Sufficient! I am medication free, living in the grace that has been given me offered to all and experiencing the joy of forgiveness. "CL"

Thank you again for your prayers and for your financial gifts. May the Lord bless and keep you always.

In His Love,

International Director

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    "Binding Up
    The Brokenhearted"
    Isaiah 61:1-4


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