October 2006 Prayer Letter
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Dear Friend,

Forgive us for not sending a prayer letter in September. The last several weeks have been extremely busy as we have been filling orders for Bible Studies for our leaders who are starting their fall groups. We have also experienced some serious emergencies that needed our close attention this past month. We are so very thankful to know that even if you don't hear from us that you are remembering us in your prayers. We could not do what we do without your prayers.

A few weeks ago the Lord had us all on our knees as one of my board members husbands experienced a cardiac arrest, the next day my office managers' husband had a serious accident at work and almost lost his arm and a few days after that another staff members' husband had to have emergency surgery. It is during times like these that all we can do is take refuge in our Lord and trust that He is sovereign and in control. Everyone is safe and healing and we are so very thankful. Please pray for Doug Hansen, Stan DeWitz and Rick Chrisman as the Lord continues to heal their bodies. We are so thankful that they are healing.

Not only are we gearing up for fall groups to begin, but we are also preparing for our annual conference that will be held here in Washington State October 25-29. Leaders will be flying in from all over the US to spend time together in God's Word, worship and prayer so that they can be filled up and ready to minister when they return home. In conjunction with our national conference we will also be training new leaders. Please pray for the following leaders as they complete their homework and prepare for training.

Bernie Bezdek, Everett, WA
Cindy Cruse, Idabel, OK
Deborah Ives, Sterling Heights, MI
Randi Maas, Bloomington, IL
Sheila Pomeroy, Sun City, CA
Nicole Rust, Sagle, ID
Loni Smith, Delavan, IL
Cindy Stashenko, Durham, NC
JoAnn Wilson, Sutherlin, OR
Annamarie Catanzaro, Bothell, WA
Joan Halsey, Colton, WA
Carrie Jacobs, Lewiston, ID
Donna Murgola, Bayonne, NJ
Cindy Runyon, Flanagan, IL
Laverne Santangelo, Warren, MI
Maria Smith, Lakeland, FL
Sharron Sternbergh, Trenton, MI
Karen Winget, Round Rock, TX

As always when we are preparing for training and for our national conference there seems to be much warfare. Pray that we would keep our focus, for travel mercies and that God would have his way with all of us during our time together. Pray for these trainees and their families as they step out in faith to serve the Lord through Healing Hearts.

My trip to Peru has been postponed. Both my board and I felt that this project was too important to rush so I decided not to go to Peru in October as originally planned and will go at another time. Because of the nature of this study and the age group that it will be used for it is one of the most challenging projects I have ever undertaken. Please pray for me as I truly want the Lord's heart reflected in my writing because only He can heal the wounded heart. He knows the hearts of these children and He knows what they need. Pray that the Lord would anoint me as I seek His wisdom and direction regarding the new study and a future trip.

This past month a very dear friend of mine gave me some contact information regarding an organization in Israel who is very interested in using the Russian translation of our post-abortion bible study. They have asked to review our material and if it is what they are looking for they are also interested in translating it into Hebrew. My husband and I will be taking a tour in Israel with our church in February and are planning on extending our stay a few days longer so that we can meet with these people and seek the Lord's will for this project. Please pray for us as we gather more information and seek the Lord's will for Healing Hearts in Israel.

Please continue to pray for:
  • Continue to pray for the writing of the new study “Safe in the Arms of Jesus” and for the Lord to give us wisdom regarding the trip to Peru.
  • Healing for Doug Hansen, Stan DeWitz and Rick Chrisman.
  • New trainees and for our national conference that will be held October 25-29th.
  • Israel ministry possibility.
  • Suzanna Liebman a HH leader who is in the Army and has been serving a tour in Iraq is due to come home sometime within the next two months. Please pray for her safe return.
  • HH Prison ministry: 21 women completed a summer group. Pray for inmates Carrie, Heather, Willette, Vicky and Tammy, who are being trained to minister so that we can reach more women in the prison.
  • Pray for all HH leaders as they prepare for fall classes to begin. Pray that God will use them to bear much fruit for His kingdom.
  • Continued prayer for the transition of our ministry in the Ukraine. Pray for Valentina, our Ukranian leader, that she will be encouraged as she takes the lead in this vibrant, growing ministry.
  • Pray for our E-Ministry. We are making some new revisions to our web based ministry that will go into affect after our national conference. Pray for Sally our webservant that she would have Gods wisdom and guidance as she works on this and many other important projects. Pray for all of our E-Counselors and for the clients that they serve. We pray that God will save and heal many for His glory.

Thank you again for your prayers and for your financial gifts. May the Lord bless and keep you always.

In His Love,

International Director

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    "Binding Up
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